Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Jerome Corsi Rejects Mueller Plea Deal

Jerome Corsi, who is a close confidante of Roger Stone, says he has been offered a plea deal from special counsel Robert Mueller. He sat down with One America's Chris Carter for an exclusive interview in New York City.

1. OAN EXCLUSIVE – Mueller extends plea bargain of a SINGLE COUNT OF PERJURY to author Jerome Corsi for what Corsi says is a faulty memory, not willfully and knowingly lying. Corsi calls Mueller’s tactics “GESTAPO” like.

2. OAN EXCLUSIVE – Investigative Journalist Jerome Corsi is preparing to file a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against Mueller’s Investigation with acting Attorney General WHITAKER.

3. OAN EXCLUSIVE – Corsi expected to REJECT Mueller’s extended single count of perjury. Expect the 72 year old Corsi to respond with a soon to be released book highlighting special counsel Mueller’s “GESTAPO” tactics.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, November 27th, 2018.]

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