Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mad Scientists at Kenema Unleash Ebola Epidemic

I presented the case for the Kemena bio-lab as the source of spreading the Ebola outbreak in Saturday’s post, and I had to circle back and debunk the debunkers. It states on the hospital consortium’s own website that it is involved in research on lethal diseases at Kenema. The trump card, or the rest of the story, is in this post.

Indeed, starting in January, the consortium running the Kenema lab inked a $140 million deal with Department of Defense and a pharma company called Tekmira to conduct Phase I Ebola vaccine trails at Kenema on humans [see "Tekmira Doses First Subject in Human Clinical Trial of TKM-Ebola" press release].

The information provided begs the question: Where did they get the human subjects?
By Aug. 1, there were 450 confirmed cases in Kenema, and the locals got out the pitchforks and torches. The government of Sierra Leone closed the bio-lab and put it under guard.

Unlike the lapdog, script-reading western media, which whitewashed all this with a story about “a crazy nurse at Kenema starting a rumor,” the reality was that the mad scientists used poor protocols to protect regular patients in the hospital. From there, the Kenema Ebola pandemic got out of the bag and spread throughout West Africa.

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Mystery of American Journalist Killed in Car Crash in Turkey... Just Days After She Claimed Intelligence Services Had Threatened Her Over Her Coverage of Siege of Kobane

An American journalist has been killed in a car crash in Turkey just days after claiming she claimed the Turkish intelligence services had threatened her over her reporting of the siege of Kobane.

Serena Shim, who worked for Iran's state-owned Press TV as Turkey correspondent, died in the city of Suruc after the car in which she was travelling reportedly collided with a 'heavy vehicle'.
Shim's death came just days after she spoke on camera of her fears of being arrested, claiming Turkish intelligence agents had accused her of spying after one of her reports suggested ISIS militants were being smuggled back and forth over the Syrian border in the back of aid vehicles.

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Press TV journalist accused by Turkey of spying dies in border car crash

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WPost’s Slimy Assault on Gary Webb

Jeff Leen, the Washington Post’s assistant managing editor for investigations, begins his renewed attack on the late Gary Webb’s Contra-cocaine reporting with a falsehood.

Leen insists that there is a journalism dictum that “an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof.” But Leen must know that it is not true. Many extraordinary claims, such as assertions in 2002-03 that Iraq was hiding arsenals of WMDs, were published as flat-fact without “extraordinary proof” or any real evidence at all, including by Leen’s colleagues at the Washington Post.

A different rule actually governs American journalism – that journalists need “extraordinary proof” if a story puts the U.S. government or an “ally” in a negative light but pretty much anything goes when criticizing an “enemy.”

If, for instance, the Post wanted to accuse the Syrian government of killing civilians with Sarin gas or blame Russian-backed rebels for the shoot-down of a civilian airliner over Ukraine, any scraps of proof – no matter how dubious – would be good enough (as was the actual case in 2013 and 2014, respectively).

However, if new evidence undercut those suspicions and shifted the blame to people on “the U.S. side” – say, the Syrian rebels and the Ukrainian government – then the standards of proof suddenly skyrocket beyond reach. So what you get is not “responsible” journalism – as Leen tries to suggest – but hypocrisy and propaganda. One set of rules for the goose and another set for the gander.

The Contra-Cocaine Case

Or to go back to the Contra-cocaine scandal that Brian Barger and I first exposed for the Associated Press in 1985: If we were writing that the leftist Nicaraguan Sandinista government – the then U.S. “enemy” – was shipping cocaine to the United States, any flimsy claim would have sufficed. But the standard of proof ratcheted up when the subject of our story was cocaine smuggling by President Ronald Reagan’s beloved Contras.

In other words, the real dictum is that there are two standards, double standards, something that a careerist like Leen knows in his gut but doesn’t want you to know. All the better to suggest that Gary Webb was guilty of violating some noble principle of journalism.

But Leen is wrong in another way – because there was “extraordinary proof” establishing that the Contras were implicated in drug trafficking and that the Reagan administration was looking the other way.

When Barger and I wrote the first story about Contra-cocaine trafficking almost three decades ago, we already had “extraordinary proof,” including documents from Costa Rica, statements by Contras and Contra backers, and admissions from officials in the Drug Enforcement Administration and Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council staff.

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Celente: Americans Brainwashed into Believing 'Russia is Enemy', Even in Business

The global economy is going through what's already being dubbed an oil price war. The commodity's value has dropped to a four-year low, seeing major oil exporting countries begin to fret. Gerald Celente from Trends Research Institute believes Washington puts politics over the economy.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Way To Stop Ebola Discovered! is calling for a general strike across the United States in response to the federal government’s botched response to the Ebola outbreak and the Obama administration’s refusal to block flights coming in from West Africa.

The way is the CLOSE the borders, plus BAN flights from impacted regions, and have a quarantine system for essential travel.

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US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn

It is not merely hyperbole when it is said the US created terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or the so-called “Islamic State.” It is documented fact. The current conflict in the Middle East may appear to be a chaotic conflagration beyond the control of the United States and its many eager allies, but in reality it is the intentional, engineered creation of regional fronts in a war against Iran and its powerful arc of influence.

It is not Western policy that indirectly spurs the creation and perpetuation of terrorist organizations, but in fact, direct, intentional, unmistakable support.
This support would manifest itself in perhaps the most overt and bizarre declaration of allegiance to terrorism to date, US Army General Hugh Shelton on stage before terrorists of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) and their Wahabist counterparts fighting in Syria, hysterically pledging American material, political, and strategic backing. MEK was listed for years by the US State Department as a foreign terrorist organization, but has received funding, arms, and safe haven by the United States for almost as long.
General Hugh’s speech titled, “Making Iranian mullahs fear, the MEK, come true,” was most likely never meant to be seen or fully understood by Americans. In titled alone, it is clear that US foreign policy intends to use the tool of terrorism to exact concessions from Tehran. If the true nature of America’s support for terrorist organizations like MEK were more widely known, the current narrative driving US intervention in Iraq and Syria would crumble.
To this day MEK terrorists have been carrying out attacks inside of Iran killing political opponents, attacking civilian targets, as well as carrying out the US-Israeli program of targeting and assassinating Iranian scientists. MEK terrorists are also suspected of handling patsies in recent false flag operations carried out in India, Georgia, and Thailand, which have been ham-handedly blamed on the Iranian government by the United States and Israel.

MEK is described by Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Ray Takeyh as a “cult-like organization” with “totalitarian tendencies.” While Takeyh fails to expand on what he meant by “cult-like” and “totalitarian,” an interview with US State Department-run Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty reported that a MEK Camp Ashraf escapee claimed the terrorist organization bans marriage, using radios, the Internet, and holds many members against their will with the threat of death if ever they are caught attempting to escape.

US Has Been Eagerly Supporting MEK Terrorists For Years

Besides providing MEK terrorists with now two former US military bases in Iraq as safe havens, the US has conspired to arm, fund, and back MEK for years in a proxy war against Iran.

Covert support for the US-listed terrorist group Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) has been ongoing since at least 2008 under the Bush administration, when Seymour Hersh’s 2008 New Yorker article “Preparing the Battlefield,” reported that not only had MEK been considered for their role as a possible proxy, but that the US had already begun arming and financing them to wage war inside Iran

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War, Media Propaganda and the Police State - Prof. James F. Tracy

Modern propaganda techniques utilized by the corporate state to enforce anti-democratic and destructive policies routinely entail the manufacture and manipulation of news events to mold public opinion and, as Edward Bernays put it, “engineer consent” toward certain ends.

Such events include not only overt political appeals, but also acts of seemingly spontaneous terrorism and militarism that traumatize the body politic into ultimately accepting false narratives as political and historical realities...

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Media Ninja: Max Keiser Launches Unofficial Revolution Against Fox News Propaganda

Almost 5,000 dollars were raised on-line to put up huge signs pointing out what an idiot Sean Hannity is. The billboards accuse the Fox News host of intellectual terrorism. Max Keiser who helped produce the crowdfunded project and Russell Brand have launched an unofficial revolution against Fox News propaganda, pro-war agenda and ties with corporations and media.

The fight against mainstream media terrorism.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Globalization of War. Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Major military and covert intelligence operations are being undertaken simultaneously in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Far East. The US military agenda combines both major theater operations as well as covert actions geared towards destabilizing sovereign states.

The “Communist threat” of The Cold War era has been replaced by the worldwide threat of “Islamic terrorism”. Whereas Russia and China have become capitalist “free market” economies, a first strike pre-emptive nuclear attack is nonetheless contemplated.

Ironically, China and Russia are no longer considered to be “a threat to capitalism”. Quite the opposite. What is at stake is economic and financial rivalry between competing capitalist powers. The China-Russia alliance under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) constitutes a “competing capitalist block” which undermines U.S. economic hegemony.

In Asia, the U.S. has contributed under its “Pivot to Asia” to encouraging its Asia-Pacific allies including Japan, Australia, South Korea, The Philippines and Vietnam to threaten and isolate China as part of a process of “military encirclement” of China, which gained impetus in the late 1990s.

Meanwhile, war propaganda has become increasingly pervasive. War is upheld as a peace-making operation.

When war becomes peace, the world is turned upside down. Conceptualization is no longer possible. An inquisitorial social system emerges. The consensus is to wage war. People can longer think for themselves. They accept the authority and wisdom of the established social order.

The Global war on Terror is based on Deceit. The war is a concoction that allows foreign intervention throughout the world and acts as a replacement for the Cold War. Geopolitical analyst Prof Chossudovsky pretty much nails it here in a fairly long clip indicating that western intelligence has been supporting extremists. We know this from whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds, and mainstream news stories that mention support for 'Syrian opposition groups'. The Taliban did not attack the US on 911 if we are to believe the official story - it was Al Qaeda. The lies about Iraq's chemical weapons were delibrate. The uprising against Gaddafi in Libya was supported by the west from the beginning, as has happened in Syria. If you don't do any research ya gonna be fooled.
Geopolitics 101.

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George Galloway MUST SEE About ISIS

A very good explanation of events occurring in Syria at the moment. Also covers corrupt actions by members of the United Nations - like illegal wars and police actions. The UN Security Council needs an overhaul with regional representation, not a select group of five nations.

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Slacktivists vs. Activists

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Keiser Report (E668): Punk Rock Gobbing via Central Bank

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Johnny Rotten challenging Russell Brand and offer the show as a platform for a debate between the two. Max notes that quantitative easing is the central bank equivalent of punk rock gobbing. They highlight several of the many market distortions similar to the insanity leading up to the 1929 market crash - including $140,000 AUD cats. In the second half, Max continues with his interview of Professor Antal Fekete of about how the 1921 bond market collapse led the US Federal Reserve and Treasury conspiring to illegally introduce open market operation, leading to a situation in which profits in the bond market are risk free while profits in the commodity market are NOT risk free.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

False Flags and the US War Against Islam with Sibel Edmonds

False flags and corruption by the CIA, FBI and US Government to create an endless war against Islam, plus the financial gains for the elite interested in conflict in the middle east are discussed with Sibel Edmonds. Where is the conspiracy coming from, and what is behind fear mongering over ISIS in Iraq and Syria? We look at the new domino theory, 9/11 conspiracy, The Lone Gladio and Edmonds’ history as a whistleblower in this full length Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

This is a seriously excellent interview with whistleblower Sibel Edmonds who explains what she actually did when she worked with her FBI counter intelligence team.

Basically, the FBI had wire taps revealing all manner of corrupt dealings with politicians, lobby groups, CIA, and State Department officials (etc) that involved running terrorist groups. The FBI never acted on the info because they used it for their own blackmail purposes (same goes for the NSA spying programs).

Make sure to check out this clip and share.

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No, There's Still No Evidence There Was an Active WMD Program in Iraq

C.J. Chivers of the New York Times has a long piece today about chemical weapons found in Iraq after the 2003 invasion. A few dead-enders are now gleefully claiming that Bush was right after all. Iraq did have WMD!

This is ridiculous enough that—so far, at least—the savvier wing of the conservative movement is staying mum about the whole thing. There are three main reasons for this. First, most of these weapons were rotting remnants of artillery shells used during the Iraq-Iran war in the 80s and stored at Iraq's Muthanna State Establishment as well as other nearby sites. Murtaza Hussain of the Intercept explains what this means:
The U.S. was aware of the existence of such weapons at the Al Muthanna site as far back as 1991. Why? Because Al Muthanna was the site where the UN ordered Saddam Hussein to dispose of his declared chemical munitions in the first place. Those weapons that could not safely be destroyed were sealed and left to decay on their own, which they did. The site was neither “active” nor “clandestine” — it was a declared munitions dump being used to hold the corroded weapons which Western powers themselves had in most cases helped Saddam procure.
In other words, these shells weren't evidence of an active WMD program, which had been George Bush's justification for the war. They were simply old munitions that everyone knew about already and that were being left to degrade on their own.

The article goes on to mention the third reason why these chemical weapons were kept hushed up, and that was because they were supplied illegally by western powers for Saddam to use against the Iranians.

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9/11 Truth Activism GET INVOLVED

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Very Encouraging. 4 out of 5 High Schoolers on a Bus Have Seen 'Loose Change' and Know the U.S. Government was Behind 9/11

I am sharing this story/information which is very encouraging to me. I believe people have to be willing to look at the truth in all matters to understand and be willing to give up their learned beliefs to understand the Truth of self.

It begins with being willing to look at the truth of history and what this government has done.

My daughter is a high school student. She rides a bus to and from school. During one of her bus rides, there were 5 students left on the bus and one began a conversation about what is happening in the U.S.. My daughter decided to ask in an off handed manner "Has anyone ever seen the video, 'Loose Change'?".

She was shocked and amazed that 4 of the 5 students had watched it and said "OH, Yeah, the U.S. government was behind 9/11. The government is the one who did 9/11, not some man in a cave in Afghanistan!"

Some of the material appearing in the first editions of Loose Change has been shown to be incorrect. Two better films that contain factually substantiated material that PROVE the attacks of 911 involved inside help are:

911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out 

911 and War by Deception

The thing about the attacks of 911 is that the evidence it was an inside job is so obvious, to anyone that looks, that it is impossible to keep fooling all of the people all of the time. The truth is getting out slowly but surely.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Obama on Ebola Travel Ban: 2+2=5

As calls grow louder for a travel ban to prevent flights or deny visitors from West Africa, President Obama remains opposed to blocking travel from the three Ebola outbreak countries.

I agree with the host that what is being done here, the lack of action to contain ebola, is deliberate.

I hate to say it but, now would be a good time to arrest the President, and others in command positions in the US Government, for all manner of crimes they have already committed, so that a proper response to the ebola threat is undertaken.

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Meet Our Ebola Czar: a Bureaucrat with No Medical Experience Who Helped Fuel the Housing Bubble

I was joking around at the possibility of our nation actually having an "Ebola czar" just yesterday, and now Obama has actually appointed one. Let's play along! [truthstreammedia]

The video presented the choice that the ebola threat is either a hoax, because of a refusal to close the borders, or they want people to be killed off by the disease. I'm pretty sure that the latter is what we face - allowing the virus to cull a large portion of the population. The US military industrial complex, with its police state cops and FEMA camps, is well set up to deal with such a situation.

And there is NO reason to expect that the corrupt people in power would want to prevent the ebola outbreak from entering the country - except if people rose up believing they were being targeted deliberately.

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Will the Real Ebola Vaccine Stand Up? Exposing a Major Cover Up

There are lat east two Ebola vaccines. One vaccine has been in development since 2004. The second vaccine, being developed by GSK, is presently in development and will be brought to market by January 2015.

Vaccine #1- GSK
To say that this vaccine is being brought to the public a little too fast would be the same as saying that Mt. St. Helens caused the earth to “shake a little bit”. The GSK vaccine will be completed from start to finish in 5 short months. Normal medical protocols dictated that this process should take from 3-5 to years. This vaccine is reckless and will endanger the public’s health upon its roll-out.

Vaccine #2- Crucell
What You Are Not Being Told: Fast facts From Crucell’s Website
Crucell is developing an Ebola vaccine in collaboration with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). It has been shown to completely protect monkeys against the virus with a single dose of the vaccine.

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Four Years Ago....Obama administration scraps quarantine regulations

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Keiser Report (E667): Trickle Down Terror!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the case of trickle down clown terror as the clowns terrorizing California behave like the central banking clowns scaring the global markets. In the second half, Max interviews Professor Antal Fekete of about deflation, bonds, and how it is that the current European depression is worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s when Fekete was a child.

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