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Coronavirus: The Pandemic Is Accelerating Worldwide

Outside of the lockdown within China, covid-19 cases are accelerating across the globe.The virus has truly jumped the defense line. It's now a true pandemic, with countries all over the world reporting huge percent increases in the number of infected cases.

We already know it has reached 'endemic' status in Japan and South Korea. But overnight, new cases have been declared by the US, Italy, Iran, Lebanon, the UAE and Israel, among others.

And within China, reports of patient "re-infection" are starting. We've been talking about the adverse metabolic response a second covid-19 can cause. Are we starting to see examples of that? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the markets are begrudgingly waking up to the severe damage China's broken supply chains are inflicting on world trade.

How much worse will it get? Again, time will tell...

Make preparations for being quarantined - have plenty of food and drink. The end of this video points out the trouble of having globalised trade where one part of the interlinked network fails.


Coronavirus Update: CDC Japan Watch, Temperature Checks Useless, 31 New Korea Cases, 3 In Iran (Styx)

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Kevin Shipp – Brutal Deep State War Inside US Government, Trump Frustrated About Unprosecuted Deep State Crimes

Kevin Shipp, who is an expert in the Shadow Government and Deep State, says, “Having been in there, especially between the FBI and CIA, I saw internal wars. They are brutal between agencies and the FBI, CIA and DOJ. There is a brutal war going on within the government, and ruthless stuff going on in terms of actions. . . . The one investigation I think is going to happen, and then one investigation that will lead to indictments, is the investigation into Hunter Biden and his role in Ukraine and not just Ukraine, but his role in China and the $1.5 billion given to Hunter Biden’s company. We will see some indictments there, but there is a war within the Deep State. This has been going on since Trump was elected. The Deep State is going crazy, and the rats are jumping off the ship. This is what I love about President Trump. . . . No President has confronted the Deep State in history like Donald Trump with the exception of JFK, and that did not work out well for him.”

As far as the so-called whistleblower that started the impeachment hoax, Shipp says, “Call him in. He is not a whistleblower -- period. The evidence is there that he is not. Bring him in and question him because he was an operational plant originally put in the White House under John Brennan (former CIA Director) under Obama. He was back in the White House in the Trump Administration, and they missed him, and then he engaged in an operation against the President of the United States with a false whistleblower report.”

The whistleblower’s boss, CIA Director Gina Haspel, is in on the operation and impeachment hoax, according to Shipp. Shipp says, “Haspel would have taken administrative penalties against him. She would have come out publicly and decried what he did, and she has done none of that. . . . In my opinion, it indicates she is supporting it, yes.”

This may be close to what's actually happening or else this whole thing is an elaborate theatre designed to distract people while the globalist agenda keeps going forward. However it seems more likely that there are nationalistic forces pushing back against globalist ones. Both sides are corrupt and controlled by special interests of various sorts, but it seems the slight difference in overall agenda is a real thing and is causing tensions. Not everyone is ok with endless CIA wars and selling out the country to the highest bidder.

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Schiff Is Laying Groundwork for Tying Up Trump’s Second Term in More False Charges (PCR)

There is no evidence that Russia is interfering in the 2020 US presidential election in order to reelect Trump.  Nor is there any reason for Russia to prefer Trump, who has done nothing for Russia. Indeed, Trump has imposed sanctions and endangered Russia by withdrawing from arms control agreements.  The claims of interference reported by the New York Times come from unnamed sources, described as “US intelligence officials,” in a recent briefing of the House Intelligence Committee organized by Rep. Adam Schiff.  We do not even know if such claims were made or whether this is another of Schiff’s many inventions planted on the New York Times, Schiff’s partner in crime and fake news.

Schiff is the highly partisan chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who was a driver of Russiagate and the subsequent effort to impeach President Trump.  He is a known liar, having been caught in numerous lies and misrepresentations.  Schiff arranged these new claims of Russian interference in order that, in the event of Trump’s reelection, the Democrats can tie up Trump for the entirety of his second term with bogus charges just as they did Trump’s first term. In that way the Democrats, the political party of racial minorities, sexual perverts, and immigrant-invaders, can prevent Trump from politically organizing white Americans whose lives, careers, and safety have been harmed by global US corporations transferring their jobs abroad and by the increasing attacks on white Americans as racists and “white supremacists.”  Despite the First Amendment, white Americans are losing the right of free speech, because if they “offend” a protected category of person when they exercise their free speech right, they risk being fired from their job and being investigated for a “hate crime,” a crime that can only be committed by white people. White Americans are slowly being marginalized, and, rightly or wrongly, they see Trump as a protector.

If intelligence officials actually made the claim of Russian interference, money is the reason. The intelligence community gains more power and a larger budget the more threats, real or imagined, that can be claimed.  The intelligence community, which has badly served Trump during the Russia-gate and Impeach-gate hoaxes, is worried that they will experience cutbacks during Trump’s second term.  Therefore, they are determined to keep the “Russian Threat”  alive.

The notion of Russian interference in US elections is hilariously funny.  There is interference in US elections from many sources. Interest groups interfere with massive amounts of money. The Israel Lobby is the most notorious.  Even if the Russian government went all out to interfere in American elections, Moscow could not possibly match the influence of the Israel Lobby.

Powerful private interest groups also interfere. Candidates who stand for election need their campaigns financed by Wall Street and the banks, the military/security complex, the extractive industries (energy, mining, and timber), agribusiness, the pharmaceutical corporations, real estate interests, and so on.

The political parties themselves interfere by rigging electronic voting machines, by making voting difficult for supporters of the opposite party by such means as culling voting lists and providing an insufficient number of voting precincts for all to vote.  Democrats have also been noted for voting grave yards by stuffing ballot boxes with votes of dead people.

Many US elections are simply stolen.  Many Democrats believe, not without reason, that the US Supreme Court stole the 2000 presidential election for George W. Bush.

The obvious conclusion is that even if Russia tried to influence the election, Russia’s efforts would be insignificant compared to the many powerful forces interfering in American elections.

So what is the purpose of stressing Russian interference?  Moreover, the complaint of interference doesn’t set well coming, as it does, from the US, whose government has massively interferred in foreign elections—recently Hondorus, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil—and invades and overthrows governments—recently Serbia, Georgia, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and almost Syria— when election interference is not possible.  

Schiff might succeed in tying up Trump’s second term.  Trump’s patriotic American base has been successfully brainwashed by neoconservatives to view Russia as a dire threat to the United States. This indoctrinated view of Trump supporters and right-wing talk radio, makes unfounded charges of Russian interference believable to flag-waving Americans.  The consequence is that Trump’s base is susceptible to Democrat charges that Trump has sold out America to Russia.  If you listen to Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, what you hear is: “yes Russia interferred in our election, but it had nothing to do with Trump.”  So, Schiff will ask, “why hasn’t Trump stopped Russia from re-electing him?

A country ruled by propaganda and disinformation has no capabiity of knowing what its interests are, much less how to defend the unknown interests.  A brainwashed population cannot hold on to its country. 

Americans have been brainwashed to believe that multiculturalism, that is, a flood of non-European ethnicities becoming a majority of the population, is in their interest. Americans are told that a flood of non-European immigrants are needed to provide business energy and innovation and to prevent population decline by having high birth rates.  White Americans are told that it is in their interest to become a minority that can be depossessed by the “replacement population.”

As the entirety of the Democrat Party has swallowed this line, what happens when one of them again becomes President?  Considering the virulent propaganda against white Americans, will they become endangered like Jews in Nationalist Socialist Germany?

Time will tell.

Another excellent article and warning from Paul Craig Roberts.

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Democrats EXPOSED Plotting To STEAL Election, Republicans Laugh At Chaos Inside Democratic Party (Tim Pool)

Democrats EXPOSED Plotting To STEAL Election, Republicans Laugh At Chaos Inside Democratic Party. The latest forecast model fro the Democratic primary has no one winning the nomination at the DNC.

While Bernie will likely win the popular vote the super delegate system is going to allow the overthrow of Sanders and give the nomination to one of the establishment elites.

But now the cheating has been exposed. Politico reports that Bloomberg has been quietly meeting with moderate Democrats and crony establishment types at the DNC to gain support for a contested convention strategy. The goal is to stop Bernie Sanders at any cost.

Meanwhile Republicans are not only laughing at the chaos in the democratic party but rallying against the fear of socialism rising in the US.

The entirety of the left is split from the political establishment all the way to the media establishment the chaos on the modern left is only getting worse everyday paving the way for a Trump 2020 landslide in november.

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Trump's Approval Among Black Voters Has DOUBLED Basically Guaranteeing Him A 2020 Landslide Victory (Tim Pool)

Best comments at You Tube explaining what's happening at ground level:

As my lifelong democrat friend said. He voted time and time again for the same shit and nothing changed until trump got elected. He got a $7 raise and pays less in taxes. His family has had the same change in mindset. His mom said trump ain’t racist he just says shit like it is and that’s too much for weak minded people to handle. Oh he’s black btw.

Betsy B
I believe this is real. I live in Atlanta and we've had a thriving black community for almost 50 years. The city is well integrated. Lots of white collar jobs and a strong middle class. Many of my co workers are voting Trump because they think the Democrats are NUTS. They see their401ks at the highest they have ever been and they don't want government taking more of their paycheck for stupid welfare programs. Many say they think the illegal immigration is a big deal. Bottom line is "it's the economy, stupid!" They don't like socialism. The Democrats think they can just take their vote for granted. In my city you can really feel the change and it's exciting to see so many successful black folks going Republican. Even here on YouTube I've seen a dramatic increase in Black conservative/Libertarian You Tubers. They're exited and passionate about their views. The Democrats are completely unrecognizable compared to when bill Clinton was president and even Obama. It's like the patients have taken over the asylum and no one wants to say anything. Maybe they'll clean house over the next 4 years and get rid of this social democracy. They are a joke.

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Social Justice In Colleges Directly Correlates With A Majority Female Student Body (Tim Pool)

Good intentions with bad consequences. Things (SJW policies) have not been fully thought through.

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Keiser Report (E1503): #CoronaVirus Rally

In this episode of Keiser Report from Mexico City, Max and Stacy discuss the markets rallying on horrible coronavirus news as bad news continues to be the greatest news of all as investors bet that the central bank will come to the rescue with more free cash. They also look at the state of Utah sending employees all the way to Mexico in order to benefit from the lower pharmaceutical prices that the Mexican state negotiates with Big Pharma.

In the second half, Max interviews Jose Rodriguez of about the gathering of 70,000 people in Guadalajara to change the world with talent.

The lesson is you don't need workers or products to have a stock market rally.

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With Fake Data, NOAA Can Accomplish Anything (Tony Heller)

In this video, I discuss one particularly egregious abuse of climate data by NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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Hillary's War: Nine Years Later Libya Still A Living Hell

Nine years after a US-led attack on Libya and murder of its leader, the democracy and liberation promised by Hillary Clinton and her band of "humanitarian interventionists" has never arrived. Instead, the once-wealthiest African country is mired in civil war and the standard of living has plummeted. There are several warring factions and militias vying for control, none of which seems strong enough to rule the country. This is a valuable cautionary tale about the disasters of US interventionism - which is precisely why no one wants to talk about it.

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Turkish Sultan-In-Chief On Guard For Al-Qaeda In Idlib

On February 19, Turkish Sultan-in-Chief Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the Turkish military has finished preparations for an operation against the Syrian Army in Greater Idlib, and its start is inevitable because Syrian troops are not planning to withdraw from the recently liberated areas. On the same day, Turkey continued deployment of additional troops and equipment to the region, as well as directly to the frontline. The frontline areas where the Turkish military presence is especially strong is the eastern countryside of Idlib city and the town of Atarib. Turkish media outlets are enthusiastically drawing maps of a possible Turkish aggression.


Turkish War On Syria. Bluff Or Reality?

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Press Misreporting Assange Pardon Offer From Trump (Jimmy Dore)

The idea that there was a offer here is false. There was no Russian hack. It was a leak.  The MSM has been running propaganda from the get go to try to hide this fact, especially after the likely leaker, Seth Rich, was killed shortly before Wikileaks released the information in July 2016.

Note: Assange has ALREADY said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC emails.

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MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER (Tim Pool)

MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER. A new poll from Gallup has Trump at +1 approval and Emerson has him at +4 giving him the highest aggregate polling numbers of his presidency.

One of the reasons for the massive jump in approval is that Democrats are no longer identifying as Democrats and many are quitting the party.

After Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump's speech we heard many angry callers into C-Span complaining of the Democrats and her behavior. They all said they would quit the party.

Of course then we see pundits claiming Trump won last night's Democratic Debate in Nevada. The candidates are just too far left for the average American.

This is in line with other trends we have seen and campaigns like the Walk Away campaign. Media is trying to claim its just Russians and that its fake news but the data doesn't lie.

Not only are Democrats losing party members over far left policy but many are showing up to Trump rallies in huge numbers.

If you don't believe it's happening just remember Jeff Van Drew, a Democratic congressman who switched parties and is now a republican.

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Trump to Pardon Roger Stone after Pinning Tucker Carlson Message (HA Goodman)

The FBI lied to the FISA Court to further the Russiagate case. The entire Russiagate thing and the hacked emails (they were leaked) was a concocted narrative. Although Roger Stone claimed to have connections to Wikileaks, and he didn't, there was no underlying justification for the FBI to go forward with ANY of this Russiagate case or go after Stone in a serious way. There was nothing to obstruct here. The FBI had enough information to know their case was bogus from an early stage. They failed to do basic investigative work like look at the ACTUAL DNC servers or interview Wikileaks about where they got the emails (that showed the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders).

WATCH both the videos here from HA Goodman as he points out the fact there was no Russiagate case and the hypocrisy of Democrat/Deep State/FBI propagandists who lied under oath and were never charged:

Trump Promises to Pardon Roger Stone After Declaring Good Chance of Exoneration  

Mike Bloomberg is Paying & Paving the Way for Hillary Clinton

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the obvious theater of Mike Bloomberg's Democratic presidential campaign, and how his massive spend is meant to pave the way for another screwing of Bernie Sanders, and a second Hillary Clinton run against Trump during a brokered convention in Milwaukee.

Even the guys at The Duran can see Hillary stepping into this election.

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Based Mike Bloomberg (Sargon)

Some people actually thought Sargon supported Bloomberg. His reaction follows underneath:

Idiotic Leftists Think I Support Bloomberg (Sargon)

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Political Climate Science (Tony Heller)

Climate alarmists are getting very nervous that President Trump will put some actual scientists on board the next National Climate Assessment. This will make it much harder for them to politicize the science and commit fraud.

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Friday, 21 February 2020

Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially

The world is now watching closely to see if the coronavirus is indeed poised to accelerate outside of China.

In yesterday's video, we warned that the coming two weeks will be crucial in determining how bad the pandemic will be.

The early results are not encouraging. New cases continue to climb in the rest of Asia -- Japan, Korea and Singapore are being hit hardest.

And now we have the first two cases (and two deaths!) reported in Iran. That's on top of last week's confirmed case in Africa.

So now the virus is on every continent save Antarctica.

Also, new research provides the explanation for why those infected a second time by covid-19 are at much higher risk.

Chris breaks down the science in layman's terms to explain the nature of the danger, but the key takeaway is: while you for sure don't want to contract covid-19, you DEFINITELY don't want to get it a second time...

Cases are popping up everywhere.

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Coronavirus Update: 75000 Cases, Hubei Hospital Director Dies, 2 New South Korea Cases

Another update from Styx. The fact that a hospital director has died is again troubling. The biggest issue that seems apparent is the long incubation period for the virus and asymptomatic carriers. It may be that for many patients the time taken to perish is quite long. This is very much like fighting a subtle invisible enemy.

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Syrians Are In Desperate Race To Outrun Brutal Regime Offensive!

Syrians are in a desperate race to outrun the offensive of the brutal Assad regime. The ruthless government forces are aggressively destroying helpless mines and car bombs, treacherously restoring roads, schools and residential houses, cruelly launching road patrols, and (oh, the horror!) oppressing moderate oppositionists from al-Qaeda.
On February 18, the brutality of the regime reached a new peak with the reopening of Aleppo International Airport after the nine years of closure. According to reports, upcoming destinations for Aleppo will include Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, Moscow, and Erevan. The airlines that will be doing business with Aleppo Airport will be Syrian Arab Airways, Cham Wings, Iran Air, and the Russian national carrier, Aeroflot. Syria blatantly violated all fair-trade acts by excluding Turkish airlines from the project. In contrast to Aleppo operators, the Turkish companies had already proven themselves as safe and comfortable carriers of Idlib rebels that move to make money in Libya by fighting on behalf of Turkish-backed factions.

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Globalists Push to Imprison Matteo Salvini Over Migrant Policy

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the senators in Italy who voted on Wednesday to lift immunity for popular, nation state leader Matteo Salvini, opening the way for a trial over accusations that he illegally detained migrants in the Mediterranean Sea last year.

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