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ISIS Takes Over Major Iraq Oil Refinery, Blockades 150 Troops Inside

More civilians are fleeing their homeland as jihadists take control of more ground in Iraq despite ongoing coalition bombings there. They seized half of an Iraqi oil refinery near the norther city of Baiji over the weekend. It's a key strategic point accounting for more than a quarter of the countries refining capacity. Some 150 local soldiers are trapped inside.

ISIS is advancing because they are acting as a proxy army for western interests in the Middle East. In Yemen there have already been thousands of airstrikes in a few short weeks, yet in Iraq and Syria we have seen just over three thousand strikes in 6 months(!) with a highly questionable list of targets. Notice the 259 oil infrastructure sites at the link just provided. This is the destruction of State facilities, not ISIS facilities. Hitting such targets is part of the western attack being undertaken against Shiite States in the Middle East.

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The Covert Origins of ISIS

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Ukraine Crisis News. Latest News of Ukraine, Donbass, Odessa, Russia 02.05.2015

Kiev forces based in the Opytnoe village have opened fire on the territory of the embattled Donetsk airport more than 140 times over the past 24 hours, DPR military spokesperson Eduard Basurin stated. Ministry of Defence of DPR registered shellings from 120 mm artillery system, 120 mm and 82 mm mortars by the Kiev forces. Inherently, Kiev forces have increased activity following an interview of Self-proclaimed President Petro Poroshenko in which he said that the war would end when Kiev regained Donbass and Crimea. This speech has become a signal to the pro-Kiev military to increase provocations and violating of the ceasefire.

Ukrainian authorities have taken unprecedented precautions for the anniversary of the events of May 2. Up to 2,800 police, in addition to 500 personnel from other security organizations and volunteer units are being mobilized in the city. Armored cars and infantry fighting vehicles are set to reinforce them. Governor Ihor Palytsa told press that "we will respond firmly, and sort out whether the detention was lawful or not later. Those who might look even a little similar to the faces on wanted lists will face checked, so its best to carry [your] passports." Ministry of Internal Affairs Chief Ivan Katerynchuk added that anyone wearing St. George Ribbons will be detained.

On May 2 last year, the Ukrainian radicals set fire to the Trade Union House in Odessa, killing 48 and injuring over 200 activists, who refused to recognize the coup imposed government in Kiev, clashed with pro-Ukrainian football fan and radicals, including Right Sector nationalists. Some of the victims burned to death, while others suffocated from smoke or jumped out of the building's windows. Many of those who did jump out were strangled or beaten with bats by the attackers. Officials have already arrested 12 persons listed as "terrorists" ahead of the anniversary, including 54-year-old Lyubov Davidchenko, mother of Antimaidan activists Anton and Artem Davidchenko, who have fled to Russia, along with opposition journalist Artem Buzila.

Meanwhile, Moscow has called on the international community to put pressure on Ukrainian authorities over investigation of last year’s Odessa massacre. “With a deep concern we have to state that one year, the Ukrainian justice system did not take any tangible steps toward an objective, independent and impartial investigation of this horrific crime in order to bring the perpetrators to justice,” the statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Moscow urged the international community, including human rights NGOs, to “decisively and honestly” demand Kiev stage a fair investigation into the Odessa massacre and correct the “glaring flaws” in Ukrainian judicial system.

The 48 people killed Odessa last year was a clear instance of mass murder which Kiev, and the western media, have portrayed as some sort of accident. The truth is that the aggressors of the Ukrainian conflict have come from the coup government in Kiev.

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How Fukushima May Be A Greater Threat Than Monsanto’s GMOs

Anthony Gucciardi goes into GMOs (genetically modified organisms), the new GMO apple, and how we are unknowingly consuming GMOs within our diets on a daily basis. Ultimately, Anthony touches on his 'Fukushima Nightmare' presentation and covers the latest developments on the nuclear disaster

In the face of corrupt corporations and the governments that work with them, we have to become a force for change. The first step is to share information so that we are ALL on the same page. The cover-up society must end. (Exposing all manner of covert activities will help burst the bubble - from 911, to covert assassination programs, the UFO situation, and other data.)

What needs to happen with Fukushima NOW, is a huge concrete containment wall needs to be constructed around, over and under the facility - in order to keep the radiation confined to that location. Chernobyl has a containment dome, and so should Fukushima.

Real action is needed, not the bogus fiddling with robots and pumping water into the ruined buildings theatre. The propagandists who work to cover up secrets, and those keeping big secrets in Government need to speak out and reveal vital information that can literally save the planet. The secrecy culture has to end. 

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Scientists Warn of Chemicals in Pizza Boxes, Carpet Care

A group of environmental scientists issued a warning Friday about commonly used chemicals known as PFASs.

The chemicals, which go by the longer names of polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl, are found in everything from pizza boxes to carpet treatments, reports the New York Times.

"If you got a pastry with your coffee this morning, a PFAS substance probably even lined the waxy paper it was served on," writes Lynne Peeples at the Huffington Post. (In the case of the pizza boxes, the chemicals help prevent the boxes from getting soaked by grease.)

The warning came May 1 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, whose coverage included a statement signed by 200 scientists from 38 countries urging restrictions. (It's here, known as the Madrid Statement.)

A previous type of PFAS, popularized by DuPont years ago in Teflon products, is no longer in use because of concerns the chemicals lingered in bodies and raised the risk of cancer.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Kiev’s Poroshenko Vows Continued War

He lied agreeing to Minsk ceasefire terms. He violated them straightaway.

He has no intention of observing them. Washington won’t permit it. Obama wants escalated conflict. He’s readying Ukrainian forces to launch it full-scale.

He deplores peace and stability. So does Poroshenko. He’s beholden to Washington controlling his geopolitical agenda.

On state-controlled television, he said “(t)he war will be over only when Ukraine regains control of Donbas and Crimea.”

“It will take as much time as it takes. The country’s territorial integrity must be priority number one.”
“We will use every way possible. We will be uncompromising on that matter.”

Crimea is Russian territory. It won’t be handed back to Ukraine. Crimeans won’t tolerate it. Nor should they.

Donbass rejects Kiev fascist rule. Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Parliament Speaker Denis Pushilin said Poroshenko’s comments “are aimed at escalating the conflict in Donbas.”

“This once again confirms the fact that Kiev is not ready to implement all the conditions of the Minsk agreements.” It wants war, not peace.
In April 2014, Donetsk and Lugansk declared themselves sovereign states. After their May 2014 referendums, they created the Union of People’s Republics, Novorossiya.

It bears repeating. They reject fascist rule. They want real democracy. They’ve risked life and limb fighting for it.

They intend defending what they won. They deserve universal support.

Low-level war continues daily. In the 24-hour period ending April 30, Ukrainian forces shelled Donetsk 37 times – using heavy artillery and mortar fire.

According to Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin, Kiev continues waging war on Donbass.
A Final Comment

America’s propaganda machine never rests. On Friday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest lied saying:

“Unfortunately, we see that the Russians continue to fail to live up to the obligations they have made in the context of the Minsk agreements.”

Fact: The whole world know Russia scrupulously observes Minsk terms to the letter.

Fact: Washington and Kiev blatantly violate them daily.

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‘Clean War is a Myth which the West Always Uses’

US-led airstrikes have killed 52 Syrian civilians in one day, Syrian Observatory for human Rights refers to it as a ‘massacre’

The war in Syria is sponsored by the west in order to bring about regime change.  The airstrikes are unnecessarily hitting infrastructure rather than just the extremists.

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Keiser Report (E752): Never-ending Baltimores

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the winter of our discontent as neoliberal policies and relentless fraud by banks results in never-ending Baltimores. In the second half, Max interviews Satyajit Das, author of Extreme Money, about how this debt addicted world could go the way of the Mayans.

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No to ‘Fast Track,’ No to Trade Treachery

"A call to action to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade agreement. It's been called NAFTA on steroids and will put the final nail in the coffin on American trade."

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ukraine Crisis News. War in Ukraine. Donbass, Chernobyl, USA, Romania 30.04.2015

Novorossian militia claim that Kiev troops are planning large-scale provocations for May 8 and 9. Meanwhile, the Defence Ministry of Ukraine has become annoyed with what he describes as the “OSCE mission falling to report all attacks on Ukrainian forces”.
Smoke from a forest fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is capable of spreading contamination across great distances even after the fire has been stopped, ecology experts believe. In December 2014, the US Senate Intelligence Committee issued a study on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, and found that the Agency tortured suspected terrorists in a brutal and mismanaged program that produced little valuable intelligence

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Is Merkel a CIA Asset ? (Washington's Vassal States in Europe)

The claims that Merkel’s government knew about German state intelligence spying on behalf of the Americans against the country’s own industrial interests raise disturbing questions about the integrity of German government leaders.

The apparent betrayal of German national interests by Chancellor Angela Merkel is not only evident over the recent industrial spying scandal on behalf of America, the slavish pursuit by Merkel of Washington’s anti-Russian policy over Ukraine — in contradistinction to her country’s national interests — also cogently suggests that the chancellor is serving a foreign master.

Recent reports that German state intelligence was spying on behalf of the Americans against the country’s own industrial interests are bad enough, but then added to that are claims that the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel knew about the espionage — and turned a blind eye.

This raises disturbing questions about the integrity of German government leaders, and primarily Angela Merkel. Is Merkel an asset for American intelligence, serving the geopolitical interests of Washington rather than the good of her own nation, or the wider good of Europe?

The news story in question refers to reports in the German media last week of how Germany’s Federal Intelligence (BND) collaborated with the US National Security Agency (NSA) in spying on multinational European defence companies, including EADS and Eurocopter. The specific eavesdropping on these firms — in which Germany has major national economic interests — reportedly dates back to 2008.

It is inconceivable that the highest levels of German government, including Chancellor Merkel — did not know about the industrial espionage. Yet Merkel appears to have countenanced the illegal activity, even though such activity would have vitiated German national interests, affording advantage to American competitors.

First of all, the idea that German state intelligence is thoroughly penetrated by American secret agencies is not an outlandish theory.

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Misinformation About the 28 Pages

Get your story straight. Step 1 learn what we know we already know.

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Keiser Report (E751): Fighting Algorithmic Bots

In this Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss cartels and trust-busting in these days of algorithms engaged in ‘horizontal collusion’ and ‘conscious parallelism.’ They look at the health care industry that is exempt from the Sherman Antitrust Act and what future it portends in a day of big data monopolies, oligopolies and cartels. In the second half, Max interviews activist and author, David DeGraw, about Russell Brand’s Revolution, the Occupy movement and about his new book, “Freedom in a time of mental slavery.”

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Global Warming Propagandists Make "Breathtaking" Adjustments to Arctic Temperature Record

Burton's key point is this: where Cowtan claims that all NOAA's adjustments have done is increased warming by a modest 3 per cent, in actuality they have increased it by 35 per cent. So, far from Cowtan's assessment that these adjustments are "inconsequentially tiny", they are in fact quite massively distorting.

Might it be that they reached such wildly different conclusions by using different data? Er, no. Burton reached his conclusions by creating a spreadsheet with decadal data digitized from the exact graph used in Cowtan's video.

Now I appreciate that in the context of the broader climate debate this might seem a trivial dispute. But I've been at this game long enough to be able to assure you that these faux rebuttals like the one offered by Cowtan are absolutely integral to the ongoing survival of the alarmist 'consensus.'

As far as the warmist propaganda machine is concerned it really doesn't matter two hoots whether or not Cowtan has got his facts right. What matters is that whenever the inconvenient subject of doctored temperature data crops up again, the alarmists have their ready-made get out. From a proper actual scientist. So he must know - right?

You can be sure that, if it hasn't already, Cowtan's dodgy rebuttal video will soon be linked to by the usual warmist sockpuppeteers in the comment threads below every relevant article. What none of them will mention, of course, is the Burton counter-rebuttal to the Cowtan rebuttal. Integrity has never been these people's strong point. It's winning the propaganda war that counts.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the case for a
fraud trial against the climate data record gatekeepers seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

Paul Homewood, the blogger who noticed the discrepancies with the Paraguay temperature records, has now turned his attention to the
Arctic region. His conclusion after studying the charts before and after is that the scale and geographic range of these adjustments is "breathtaking."In nearly every Arctic station from Greenland in the West to Siberia in the East, the data has been adjusted to make the warm period in the 1930s look cooler than it actually was. This, of course, has the effect of making the Twentieth Century warming look much more dramatic than the raw data would suggest.

The key to understanding which way the overall temperature is headed is the raw data. The Earth is supposed to be warming, with sensitivity at the poles, and yet we have increasing ice in the Arctic, record cold temperatures in the Antarctic, record cold winters in North America, and in Europe, over recent years. Some instances of hotter than normal temperatures have occurred, but on balance it seems there are more instances of colder temperatures. Nevertheless, the extreme cold at the poles is not an indicator of a warming planet. If the ice continues to build in the Arctic then we will have confirmation that the primary driver of temperature variation on Earth is the Sun, not carbon dioxide. At the moment the sea ice extent in the Antarctic is at record levels.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Horrors of Wall Street’s ‘New Libya’

The world, including the US press, is looking on in horror at recent events in Libya. Libya is now a center of human trafficking, with human beings packed into ships bound for Europe. Libyans are so desperate to escape their country, now wrecked with civil war and astounding levels of poverty, they are risking their lives. Ships filled with desperate human beings have crashed, and a number of corpses have washed up on Libya’s beaches.

Furthermore, the Islamic State organization, which has been terrorizing and murdering people in Iraq and Syria, is moving into action on the African continent. Libyan Christians are being executed by ISIS fighters.

400,000 people in Libya are declared by Human Rights Watch to be “internally displaced.” In 2014 alone, over 250 journalists, religious and political leaders, and judges have been

Is there any rational human being, who can argue that the Libya of today is better off than the Libya that existed prior to 2011? Can any rational, logical case be made that funding the anti-government insurgents, and the eventual US NATO bombing campaign, improved the conditions of the Libyan people?

While the US media has often played up false or exaggerated stories of Cubans fleeing to Miami on rafts, the whole world is seeing how thousands of Libyans are piling into boats, desperately trying to cross the Mediterranean. Just like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, Libya has been destroyed by a campaign of western intervention

The article points out that Libya was attacked because it had nationalised institutions.

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The Dwindling US Economy — Paul Craig Roberts

All indications are that the first quarter experienced negative GDP growth, that is, a decline from the previous quarter. However, if BEA reported a negative GDP when the financial markets were relying on positive real growth, the government’s Plunge Protection Team might be unable to prevent a substantial market decline.

Therefore, the BEA in its advance estimate reported a barely positive result that kept GDP out of negative territory. This gives financial markets a month to undergo an orderly reduction prior to the first and then second revisions of the advance estimate, or simply to forget the poor performance altogether until the second quarter advance estimate.
Maintaining stability and not shocking financial markets is now ingrained in US economic reporting. No government statistical department wants to be blamed for crashing the financial markets. So bad news leaks in slowly if at all.

Indications are that the second quarter 2015 will also have negative GDP growth, that is, a further decline. As John Williams (shadowstats.com) is likely correct that there has been no recovery from the prior recession, just bottom bouncing with stock and bond markets driven by the Fed’s outpouring of liquidity, the first half of 2015 will signal a second downturn in the US economy which is collapsing as a result of jobs offshoring and a deregulated financial system.

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The Hard Truth About The Baltimore Riots

The people have been thrown under the bus by elite leaders who have outsourced a huge number of US jobs. If we had a vote, the jobs would have stayed within the country. Economic, civil and legal rights have been drastically eroded.

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Out With the Old, In With the New World Order - The Asia-Pacific Perspective

Welcome back to The Asia-Pacific Perspective, where James Corbett of corbettreport.com and Broc West of apperspective.net bring you the latest news from the Asia-Pacific region. This month:
STORY #1: Asian and African Nations Challenge 'Obsolete' World Order http://ur1.ca/k9k3a China: New Asian bank will enhance international finance system
STORY #2: Don't Rock The Boat On The ANZAC 'Tradition'
STORY #3: U.S. and Japan Strike New Military Agreement

My view on the ANZAC tweets (from independent exposure to the story) is that such a level of harsh criticism was highly inappropriate on the day of the anniversary. One can legitimately raise questions about idolising the event, where questionable actions taken by some ANZAC elements are whitewashed along with questions concerning imperialism, but the tweets made by the sacked journalist were way over the top. The were counter-productive.

Overall, most people reflecting upon the Gallipoli events at least understand the sacrifice made by ordinary people, on both sides of the fighting, and the fact that the commanders, and the strategists responsible for the campaign, had a lot to answer for. An important lesson taken from the ANZAC day landings is actually a distrust of authority - that those directing military campaigns can be incompetent and reckless when it comes to dealing with human lives. The story from the Turkish side of the fighting, a part of the modern day commemoration, is that they were acting to defend their homeland. All of these are good lessons for today.

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Friday, 1 May 2015

The War on ISIS is a Farce

Nowhere in recent years have the contradictions of imperialism been so clear than in the West’s war against ISIS. Working people are bombarded with messages in the media of the worldwide threat of ISIS, with the aim of the messages to convince working people of the need to sacrifice their civil liberties and democratic freedoms to counter ISIS and to support more military interventions in the Middle East. If Barack Obama, David Cameron, Tony Abbot, and other Western leaders were truly interested in countering the threat of ISIS, perhaps they should follow Stephen Harper’s “strong leadership” by finding the nearest closet to lock themselves in.

The rise of ISIS has its origins in the illegal occupation of Iraq by the U.S., the U.K., and other Western forces in 2003, which caused the deaths of an estimated 5% of the Iraqi population. The Bush and Blair administrations falsely accused the Iraqi regime of harboring weapons of mass destructions, of supporting al-Qaeda, and of having some connection with the 9/11 attacks. What the public wasn’t informed of was that the Bush administration had plans to attack Iraq long before 9/11 [1]. What’s more, the U.S. facilitated the rise of Saddam’s regime, supplied it with weapons of mass destruction in its war against Iran, and unlike Saudi Arabia and other allies of the U.S. in the region, Iraq was a secular state that was violently opposed to the reactionary Islamist ideology of al-Qaeda. The war, if anything, was a boon for al-Qaeda, which was never active in Iraq before the U.S.-led occupation.

In 2011, the U.S., the U.K., France, Canada, and other Western imperialist states, along with their allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar, allied themselves with militant Islamist organizations in Libya and Syria to overthrow the secular governments of Muammar al-Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad respectively.

Western imperialism invoked the ‘responsibility to protect’ (R2P) doctrine to justify NATO airstrikes on Libya, killing thousands of civilians [2]. Libya was the wealthiest and most stable country in Africa, with the continent’s highest standard of living and with universal healthcare and education for all its citizens, but in the aftermath of NATO’s humanitarian intervention, the country fell into a state of collapse as rival tribes and Islamist organizations battled to control the country’s wealth. Militant Islamists captured, brutally tortured, and murdered Gaddafi.

The NATO intervention in Libya directly facilitated the breakaway of the Azawad and the rise of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Mali. Using the “war on terror” ruse the U.S., E.U., Canada, and other imperialist states have been actively supporting the Malian regime in its war against Tuareg autonomy and AQIM, which they earlier supported in Libya along with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Libya was virtually handed to al-Qaeda by NATO.

With their success in Libya, al-Qaeda and other Sunni Islamic militants quickly mobilized to overthrow the secular government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, where the failure of Western imperialism is eerily similar to Afghanistan from the late 1970s to the 1990s and, albeit on a much larger scale, to Libya.

The U.S. policy of supporting hostile Sunni insurgent groups laid the foundation for the rise of ISIS, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and nearly every single Sunni extremist group that has appeared in the last 40-50 years. In Afghanistan, to undermine the country’s 1978 socialist revolution and spread instability into Soviet Turkestan, U.S. imperialism with its allies in the Persian Gulf and in Pakistan supported militant Islamist groups that would later form the nucleus of al-Qaeda and the Taliban [3].

The policy of supporting Sunni insurgent groups was given a further impetus following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, where an anti-U.S., theocratic Shiite regime was established. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh wrote in 2007:
“To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.”
The Islamic State was formed in 2006 when al-Qaeda in Iraq merged with other Sunni insurgent organizations. The name was changed to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or Levant) (ISIS) in April 2013 after a second merger, this time between the Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, the al-Nusra Front.

The U.S., the U.K., Canada, and other imperialist states, through their allies Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, have been supporting the “moderate” Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels with hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons as well as setting up training camps and offering free medical treatment to injured fighters. The question that begs to be asked is how ISIS has managed to defeat the FSA despite hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the West and its allies in the region?

You would have to be an absolute lunatic to believe that Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf States, all absolute monarchies run by a small clique of corrupt Arab sheikhs that couldn’t be farther from an acceptable version of democracy, would support a moderate, democratic, and free Syrian organization. Even to the corporate media in the West it is no secret that these allies of the West fund reactionary Islamist organizations whose interests are antithetical to democracy. The Washington Post reported that “Qatar’s cultivation of African Islamists, principally Somalia’s al-Shabab insurgents, has…troubled the United States,” [4] which is drone bombing Somalia in the name of the “war on terror.” Israel, the region’s “only democracy” we are told, itself supported Hamas to counter the influence of the secular Palestinian Liberation Organization in the 1980s.

These “moderate” FSA fighters that the U.S. and its allies support, if there really was an independent FSA, have en masse joined the ranks of ISIS. Dozens of outlets have detailed this fact. A Lebanese newspaper quoted an FSA commander as saying, “We are collaborating with the Islamic State and al-Nusra,” [5] and Al-Jazeera reported in 2013 that “hundreds of fighters under the command of the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA) have reportedly switched allegiance to al-Qaeda-aligned groups.” [6] The World Net Daily quoted Jordanian officials as saying that the rebels trained by U.S. instructors in Jordan have joined ISIS [7].

Furthermore there is overwhelming evidence that the U.S. and its allies are both directly and indirectly supporting ISIS. According to a source close to Iraqi intelligence, there is allegedly an ISIS training camp in Turkey that is in the vicinity of Incirlik Air Base near Adana, where American personnel and equipment are located [8]. NATO member Turkey is among the most staunch supporters of the rebels, a fact that an ISIS fighter detailed to the Jerusalem Post: “Turkey paved the way for us. Had Turkey not shown such understanding for us, the Islamic State would not be in its current place.” [9]

Former Iraqi Prime Minister and current Vice-President Nouri al-Maliki publicly accused U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar of bankrolling ISIS [10]. Kuwait, in particular, due to its weak financial laws, has become a financial and organizational hub for Syrian rebel groups. The Brooking’s Institute in Washington, D.C. reported “evidence that Kuwaiti donors have backed rebels who have committed atrocities and who are either directly linked to al-Qa’ida or cooperate with its affiliated brigades on the ground.” [11]

Evidence exists of direct Israeli support for ISIS fighters. United Nations observers in the Golan Heights reported to the United Nations Security Council of direct contact between ISIS and Israel, including Israeli Defense Forces supplying ISIS with unmarked crates and offering medical treatment to wounded fighters [12] [13]. An Israeli officer spoke out in opposition to the U.S. war against ISIS, claiming that in fighting ISIS the U.S. is strengthening what Israel perceives as the real threat, the Shiite alliance of Hezbollah and Iran [14].

Finally nearly all of the aid provided to the “moderate” rebels has been captured or sent to ISIS. It wasn’t long after the Washington Post reported that aid from the CIA and the State Department, which included dozens of Toyota pickup trucks, were being delivered to rebels on the Turkish-Syria border that the iconic photo of ISIS militants in a convoy of Toyota pickup trucks invading northern Iraq became public [15]. Less than four months after Obama pledged $500 million in weapons and aid to the FSA rebels, ISIS had acquired the same amount of weapons from the FSA; a Syrian fighter told Al-Quds al-Arabi that much of the aid was sold to unknown parties in Turkey and Iraq [16]. Don’t forget about the repeated “accidental” weapon drops by the U.S. in ISIS-controlled territory! [17]

The war against ISIS in the Middle East by Western imperialism is a farce. ISIS has and continues to dutifully serve Western and Israeli imperialist interests in the Middle East, causing chaos in formerly staunch anti-imperialist states that had the strength to oppose Israel, and creating a force capable of countering Iranian influence.

The reason ISIS is now a “threat” is that Western imperialism, in failing to topple the Syrian government, requires a new pretext to continue its aggressive military interventions in the Middle East, in particular to weaken Syria and the Shiite leadership of Iraq for an attack on Iran. If defeating ISIS was the real objective, the Western powers would form an alliance with Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah, which have relentlessly battled ISIS on the ground, not with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.

Working people need to realize that the real threat to the world isn’t ISIS, Iran, or Syria, it is Western imperialism.

A great MUST READ article from Global Research.

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CrossTalk: Sanction Wars

Are economic sanctions against a country a substitute for war? The record is mixed – civilian populations almost always suffer, while elites remain in power and unscathed. Western sanctions do create economic outcomes, but not political ones.

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Investigative Journalist James Corbett of the Corbett Report joins me with some very bad news about the New World Order. James says that despite the formation of the BRICS Banks, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the International Banker's plans to usher in their New World Order remain firmly in place and on track. How could that be when the evidence suggest that the world is moving away from the Dollar as wealth moves from West to East? Because, James says, "At the very top of this Bankster pyramid, the Chinese elite is connected directly in with the U.S. Western elite."

James has carefully documented the "8 Immortal Families" in his report on China and the New World Order which shows how the 8 Immortals are totally connected to Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller-Rothschikld banking elite. This is the way they will lead us into a New WORLD Order.

"The West is being engineered into a world system of governance and government that can only come about through the rise of the East. It's been puppeteered from the very start. There is no doubt that China's rise right now is something that has been long planned for and carefully engineered."

I don't necessarily agree with Corbett's views against nationalism being ineffective against globalism. It depends on what sort of nationalism we are talking about. Corbett is talking about 19th century systems rather than one which has an open government and an aware citizenry. 

I highly recommend listening to this interview that outlines the banking links between the highest levels of Government in the USA, Europe, China, and Russia (the last was not fully explained in this clip).

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