Thursday, 2 October 2014

Turkey and Israel Are Directly Supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda Terrorists In Syria

The Jerusalem Post reports that an ISIS fighter says that Turkey funds the terrorist group. Turkey is a member of NATO and a close U.S. ally.

A German news program – with English subtitles captions – shows that Turkey is sending terrorists into Syria:

Opposition Turkish lawmakers say that the government is protecting and cooperating with ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists, and providing free medical care to their leaders.

According to a leading Turkish newspaper (Today’s Zaman), Turkish nurses are sick of providing free medical treatment to ISIS terrorists in Turkish hospitals.

According to Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh and leaked phone calls between top Turkish officials, Turkey also carried out the chemical weapons attack which has been blamed on Assad, and has planned other “false flag attacks” within Turkey.

Foreign Policy documents that Israel is also treating ISIS terrorists for free in its hospitals:

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UK Launches First Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

British warplanes have carried out airstrikes against ISIS positions in Iraq. Two Tornado GR4 aircraft were used, which are now based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. For more on the bombing RT is joined by Paul Craig Roberts from the think-tank Institute for Political Economy.

The UK aircraft destroyed a machine gun post and a pick up truck? ISIS apparently has artillery and armoured vehicles and there does not seem to be much action against that equipment.

The guest here is Paul Craig Roberts who points out that the drawn out situation with ISIS helps to justify military spending and keep the terror threat alive. After many years of war and intervention the situation in the Middle East has become worse not better.

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Did the Fed Steal Ukraine's Gold?

In this edition of "Questions For Corbett" James answers questions on the U.S. constitution, the 9/11 insurance cases, censorship in the media, the DTCC conspiracy, bitcoin, global warming, the drug war, whether or not the Federal Reserve stole Ukraine's gold reserves and much more.

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Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal

The movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply has been growing in recent years, with evidence coming out against the additive from several sources.

Now, a report from the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin, in the same category as arsenic, lead and mercury.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Obama’s Fake Pretext: “Going After the Super-Evil Khorasans Who are About to Attack Us”

Agence France-Presse reports:

The US says it has hit a little-known group called “Khorasan” in Syria, but experts and activists argue it actually struck Al-Qaeda’s affiliate Al-Nusra Front, which fights alongside Syrian rebels.

In announcing its raids in the northern province of Aleppo on Tuesday, Washington described the group it targeted as Khorasan, a cell of Al-Qaeda veterans planning attacks against the West.

But experts and activists cast doubt on the distinction between Khorasan and Al-Nusra Front, which is Al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch.

“In Syria, no one had ever heard talk of Khorasan until the US media brought it up,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The US attacks against ISIS are half hearted with attacks being made against Syrian State infrastructure like oil refineries and grain silos. The goal is regime change with ISIS used as the cover for this operation.

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ISIS Trained Like ‘Monster’ to be Unleashed Against Syria, Iraq, Lebanon – Syrian FM

The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem addressed the UN General Assembly on Monday, September 29, during a fifth day of debate as UN member states convened for the assembly’s 69th session.

He's appealling against the state sponsorship of these extremist groups. He names the US as benig part of the support network. The problem faced by Syria is the proxy war.

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Washington’s Secret Agendas — Paul Craig Roberts

One might think that by now even Americans would have caught on to the constant stream of false alarms that Washington sounds in order to deceive the people into supporting its hidden agendas.
The public fell for the lie that the Taliban in Afghanistan are terrorists allied with al Qaeda.

Americans fought a war for 13 years that enriched Dick Cheney’s firm, Halliburton, and other private interests only to end in another Washington failure.

The public fell for the lie that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” that were a threat to America and that if the US did not invade Iraq Americans risked a “mushroom cloud going up over an American city.” With the rise of ISIS, this long war apparently is far from over. Billions of dollars more in profits will pour into the coffers of the US military security complex as Washington fights those who are redrawing the false Middle East boundaries created by the British and French after WW I when the British and French seized territories of the former Ottoman Empire.
The American public fell for the lies told about Gaddafi in Libya. The formerly stable and prosperous country is now in chaos.

The American public fell for the lie that Iran has, or is building, nuclear weapons. Sanctioned and reviled by the West, Iran has shifted toward an Eastern orientation, thereby removing a principal oil producer from Western influence.

The public fell for the lie that Assad of Syria used “chemical weapons against his own people.” The jihadists that Washington sent to overthrow Assad have turned out to be, according to Washington’s propaganda, a threat to America.

The greatest threat to the world is Washington’s insistence on its hegemony. The ideology of a handful of neoconservatives is the basis for this insistence. We face the situation in which a handful of American neoconservative psychopaths claim to determine the fate of countries.

Many still believe Washington’s lies, but increasingly the world sees Washington as the greatest threat to peace and life on earth.

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'Bought Journalism': German Bestseller Reveals CIA Pay Western Media for Spin & Bias

The media is a key tool in the battle for hearts and minds. But a new bestseller by a German author reveals some details on journalism that would be considered too outlandish, even in a spy novel.

An important and revealing admission coming out of Germany that the CIA pays journalists to spin the news. Controlling information is one of the primary missions of the CIA, something we can extrapolate from its OSS origins in World War 2 plus from 1970s revelations about Operation Mockingbird.

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Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Another New War!"

"US home sales tumble in August, Mario Draghi wants to impose larger stimulus measures in Europe & the beginning of US airstrikes upon Syria. Trends Journal subscribers got the first hint of a possible Syrian airstrike more than 7 weeks ago!"

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS? - Corbett Report

As bombs start dropping in Syria and Iraq, the world is once again being asked to cower in fear of a shadowy terror group that most people hadn't heard of just a few months ago. But even the most cursory examination of ISIS's past, its connections, and the actors populating it reveal a very different story than the one we are being asked to believe in. Fake terrorists. Foreign backers. False flags. Meet the new boogeyman, same as the old boogeyman.

Excellent background information that contains information going back to the insurgency in Iraq and names countries, with documentation, that include the USA, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. The important thing to understand is WHY. The clip explains the why. Make sure to watch the video or play it as 'radio noise' while you do other things.

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Ron Paul on Illegal Syria War, Terror Blowback and the Tea Party Hijacking

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin speaks with former Congressman and three time presidential candidate, Ron Paul, discussing his views on the ramifications of expanding the war against ISIS into Syria, how US foreign policy has exacerbated the growth of Islamic extremism, the hypocritical partnership with Saudi Arabia, and the marginalization of alternative views outside of the two party system.

An excellent interview with Ron Paul - a strong opponent of the establishment.

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The Geopolitics of the Syria Conflict and the Lack of Information in the Mainstream Press: A Letter to CIS

The following is a letter sent to the Centre for Independent Studies in response to one of their analysts appearing on the Australian ABC News network. The matter relates to Australian participation in the attack on ISIS.


As someone in the public eye, with the ear of the ABC, I hope that you and CIS might like seriously challenge the present discourse on the Syrian conflict.

Months ago when ISIS started to gain control of large areas of northern Iraq I commented on my own geopolitical news blog that nothing would be done to stop this group as it was being used as a tool to unseat the Maliki Government and to wage war for regime change in Syria.

Nothing was done. This was despite repeated requests from the Iraqi Government. It was only until ISIS began to threaten the Kurdish oil interests in the north - host to US corporations - that token measures were taken to discourage them in that area.

Presently ISIS have redirected their efforts towards Syria and are now being used as cover to continue the western attack upon Assad’s secular Government – after the chemical weapons ruse failed earlier this year.

The recent round of airstrikes against the oil facilities in ISIS occupied Syria were not intended to damage the extremists but to undermine the Syrian State. There was no reason to destroy the facilities, especially since the SAA was poised to launch a counter offense in the area. Complimentary airstrikes from the west, targeting the extremists themselves and their equipment, would have been sufficient. Also the increased funding and arming of the FSA is another clear sign of the illegal western strategy for regime change in the country.

I have been sharing the following video, labelled The Covert Origins of ISIS, that provides a good summary of the situation regarding the proxy war in Syria.  

The video contains a lot of good material but it is not exhaustive. There are other points to add to the clip that I’ve archived since 2011 – particularly the fact that the original ‘armed gangs’ that hijacked the democracy movement had been staging out of the NATO base at Incirlik in southern Turkey.

I regularly make complaints to the ABC about their outstandingly poor coverage of foreign affairs issues that involve the USA. It is like they have no critical thinking ability when it comes to dealing with Statements (or actions) made by US leaders. They do not challenge, neither do most of their ‘expert’ guests challenge, the factually incorrect statements put out by US officials especially rhetoric such as “Russian aggression” or assertions that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons - whereas all indications (from the UN, Russians, and MIT scientists) show rebels being responsible for every instance.

Please watch the video link above and take up some of the issues.

Some things to consider airing are:

1. The war in Syria is a proxy conflict. There would have been no war if not for a western military alliance that involves the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan and Israel.
2. This alliance has been arming and funding the rebels since the beginning in 2011. According to ex-French foreign minister Roland Dumas, UK officials had approached him in 2009 to help change the Government in Syria.
3. Assad’s Military did not use chemical weapons in the conflict.
4. The earlier Homs massacre was conducted by rebels not the SAA.
5. People have fled the country because of the extremists, that include the FSA, rather than because of the SAA (although not exclusively) according to peace activists who have toured the refugee camps.
6. ISIS was given training in anti-tank weapons use by US, UK and French advisors according to Der Spiegel and The Guardian newspapers.
7. Extremist fighters have stated in TV interviews that they were taken to Qatar for training where they were instructed by US personnel.
8. The USA, via their officials, including the President and their Secretary of State, have repeatedly told deliberate lies about the conflict in order to escalate their own involvement.

Please inform the public. What we are facing will be US mission creep in the air campaign and the continued support of extremists (including the FSA) that are set to take over in Syria – which would be a disaster for the various minority groups living there.

Thanks for Your time,


Ps. I can point to numerous videos put out by other geopolitical (alternative media) analysts predicting the events unfolding presently. It’s not hard to work out what is going on here.

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Bill Black, Former Financial Regulator, Explains How to Rob a Bank (and get away with it)

William Black is an associate professor of economics and law at UMKC. He has held many prestigious positions, including executive director for Fraud Prevention. He recently helped the World Bank develop anti-corruption initiatives and served as an expert for OFHEO in its enforcement action against Fannie Mae's former senior management. He is a criminologist and former financial regulator.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

US to Become Al Qaeda's Air Force?: U.S. Considers a No-Fly Zone to Protect Civilians From Airstrikes by Syria (NYT)

The Obama administration has not ruled out establishing a no-fly zone over northeastern Syria to protect civilians from airstrikes by the Syrian government, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Friday.

Mr. Hagel and General Dempsey indicated they are open to considering the request of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey for a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border, where tens of thousands of Syrians have sought refuge. Mr. Hagel said, “We’ve discussed all these possibilities and will continue to talk about what the Turks believe they will require.” He said 1.3 million Syrian refugees are now in Turkey.
General Dempsey added that “a buffer zone might at some point become a possibility,” but he said it was not imminent. Creating a buffer, or no-fly zone, would require warplanes to disable the Syrian government’s air defense system through airstrikes.
The mission creep to support regime change is underway. The FSA rebels are also getting more weapons. Air strikes in Syria are illegal. The strikes against ISIS are the gateway to attack the secular Syrian State.

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Is Iraq War 3 Really Illegal Syria War? 9/11 Truthers 'as Dangerous as ISIS'?

War in Iraq: Rushanara Ali MP steps down from Labour front bench in protest at military action

Pretty decent podcast or radio broadcast dealing with UK involvement in Syria with the guest pointing to British special forces training of extremists in Turkey and Jordan. The Jordan training info was reported in the international press in 2012. Also pointed out is direct Saudi and Qatari  funding and support of ISIS - as opposed to the misleading view they are self funding through individual donations and oil sales. The war 'against ISIS' is just cover for a western regime change attack on the secular Syrian Government.

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US Biodefense: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

In The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, author Graeme MacQueen ties together a considerable breadth of evidence related to both the attacks of September 11, 2001 and to the subsequent anthrax letters, weaving together a tapestry which is compelling and logically coherent.

The anthrax letters, also known as the anthrax attacks or “Amerithrax,” were put into the mail in the weeks following 911. The letters, which contained anthrax spores, were sent to both media offices and also to two Democratic U.S. Senators, killing five people and infecting seventeen others.

MacQueen has a Ph.D. in comparative religion from Harvard University and stepped down from his position at McMaster University after over thirty years in order to pursue his activities in justice and peace work. He promotes a thesis that the anthrax letters were perpetuated by a well-coordinated US government conspiracy, implemented by the same parties who were behind the events of September 11. His documentation is compelling in its use of open source material to reveal a pattern and inherent design behind the seemingly chaotic events of that time period.

MacQueen’s logic, in which he not only cogently supports his viewpoint but also shoots down possible alternative explanations for the same events, leads the reader, step by step, through a maze of news reports, disinformation campaigns and perpetrator hypotheses with the studied deliberation of a seasoned detective on the trail of an arch-criminal. In this case, the arch-criminal would be a group of U.S. government insiders — neo-cons — whose power to exert their collective will on the international and domestic stages has left a trail of tell-tale clues.

The author demonstrates that there was fore-knowledge of the anthrax attacks by a number of Washington insiders, including not only the resident of the Oval Office, President Bush, but also members of the Washington DC press corps. And in the face of such a shocking claim, MacQueen delivers, citing instance after instance, including the 2008 admission by
Washington Post
columnist Richard Cohen, in which Cohen reveals he was advised to procure Cipro (the antibiotic of choice to combat anthrax) around September 11, before the anthrax letters were even mailed.

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Keiser Report (E659): Black Hole of Debt

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the the supermassive black hole of debt at the center of the UK economy from which nothing escapes: Wealth, jobs, hope are all sucked in and still the hole grows. In the second half, Max interviews Ben Dyson of about the UK deficit and mounting debt and about the monetary ignorance of most Members of Parliament.

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Is The US Targeting Oil Refineries To Stop ISIS or Assad?

Although it is true that ISIS/ “moderate death squads” had seized control over the oil refineries in Eastern Syria and were using them for their own strategic purposes (with the help of NATO command), it is also true that, in a large portion of these areas, the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) was poised to retake control.

This is particularly the case in Dayr el Zor, where the SAA had
recently launched a major offensive against the death squads causing ISIS fighters trapped by arial bombardment and escape routes cut off by the SAA. In other words, the death squads were trapped in Dayr el Zor, the city was weeks away from being liberated, and the surrounding areas were set to be reconquered by the SAA. This, of course, would have led directly to the retaking of the oil refineries by the Syrian government. Unfortunately, that opportunity has now been lost as a result of the U.S. airstrikes which destroyed the refinery infrastructure.

It should also be remembered that most of the death squads fled these areas after being given forewarning of a series of imminent American airstrikes, thus causing the civilian casualties to be higher in number than those of the ISIS fighters the strikes were allegedly targeting. Indeed, many of these fighters
have appeared in Northern Syria on the Syria/Turkey border reinforcing other death squad battalions in efforts to reopen supply lines from Turkey.

Similar situations are found in the other locations mentioned as targets of U.S. airstrikes such as al-Hasakah where the
SAA had made significant gains alongside Kurdish forces.

Thus, as SAA forces moved in to retake control of the oil refineries managed by terrorists funded by Western powers, the United States initiated airstrikes just in the nick of time to deprive SAA forces of the opportunity to seize some of the oil refinery infrastructure it desperately needs.
It is also important to note that virtually none of the infrastructure being destroyed by the United States airstrikes was built by ISIS. It was built by the Syrian government.

The airstrikes are designed to destroy Syrian infrastructure. This is no mistake, and is part of the heinous regime change proxy war being fought here.

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General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

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'No Al-Qaeda, Islamist Fundamentalism in Iraq before Blair & Bush Invasion' - Galloway to MPs

British MP George Galloway has been met with praise and criticism for his speech given in Parliament today, where he set out his case against military intervention in Iraq.

Galloway's solution is to support the Government in Baghdad, plus the Kurds, and have neighbouring countries use their air forces to defeat ISIS. He is against the idea of Western forces meddling in these affairs. Galloway also identifies the fact that ISIS has been supported by the head-chopping regime of Saudi Arabia. He might have added that the West could also support the Government in Syria that has been fighting these kinds of extremists for the last 3 years.

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Turkish Cooperation with ISIS - A Comment Made at the Defence Blog 'SNAFU'

The following comment was made at a defence blog, SNAFU, in an attempt to help explain what is happening in Syria and Iraq:

The points about Turkey raised by "Unknown" on this thread are supported in a video called The Covert Origins of ISIS that is a collection of mainstream news reports and raw footage.

Even if one does not agree with all of the 'opinions' presented in the clip there is still a great deal of content that cannot be explained away in terms of an independently functioning extremist organisation - as opposed to state sponsored extremists.

Many other videos and reports reveal an open Turkish border and facilitation by Turkish authorities of arms and personnel into the war. There is a video (German TV) of jihadists assembling in a house in southern Turkey before crossing into Turkey, and reports of trucks full of arms being stopped by Turkish border guards and then let through under orders from higher up.

The economic news site Zero Hedge recently reported that ISIS oil was being transported through Turkey and sold in Eastern Europe.

Rather than flood the comment section with links it's better just to consider the content (incomplete though it is) in that one link above. Many people may not even bother to check it out, but it's a good starting point for those wanting to understand what is happening.

IMHO, as a geopolitical blogger, none of the present events occurring in Iraq or Syria are a mystery. They are tied to the ongoing regime change program directed at Syria and the ouster of the Iran-friendly Maliki Government. This is why months ago you could guess that no real action would be taken to bomb those lines of Toyota pick up trucks crossing the desert in Iraq. This is why nothing significant is being done now and why we have a 'reaction' to this crisis that involves further arming of the FSA rebels, who cooperate with ISIS and Al Nusra.

As a citizen whose Government 'representatives' commonly send forces into conflict zones I cannot help but be interested in the reasons why this is being done so that, if given the chance, I can voice my opposition if the mission looks to be a foolish one or a scam.

Eric Palmer has labelled the Afghanistan mission Useless Dirt presumably because the task was to rout out Al Qaeda, not spend time occupying the country to destroy the Taliban who were not interested in overseas engagements.

So is Turkey helping ISIS fighters and other extremists? Is Saudi Arabia doing the same? Does the US Government know about this and support them because of the regime change agenda push -  all the while stalling on real action and selling what is an ineffective theatre show military operation to the public as if it were being serious. The evidence based answer seems to be yes.  

Final thoughts: Covert operations do occur. Things are almost never black and white. Those that remember Iran Contra will know that backdoor channels exists, and that deals can and are made, often via proxies, with our enemies in order to serve questionable strategic objectives.

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