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Results of Russian Military Campaign in Syria: Sep. 30, 2015 – Oct. 20, 2016

On September 30, 2015 Russia announced the start of anti-terrorist operation in Syria and the Russian Aerospace Forces begun to deliver air strikes on terrorist targets, with especial attention to Jabhat Al-Nusra and ISIS, across the country. During consecutive year, the Russian military deployed additional contingent of military advisers and increased military supplies to assist the Syrian government forces.

To speed victory I would recommend that both the Russians and Chinese deploy significant numbers of their own artillery units and supporting equipment (including force protection) to assist with Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah ground operations.

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BUSTED! Smoking Gun Evidence Project Veritas Videos Are NOT FAKE

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Judge Jeanine Pirro DESTROYS Geraldo Rivera on Project Veritas Exposing Democrat Plans of Incitement  

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All 6 Trump Accusers Debunked - 3 Alleged Victims Defend Trump Against Media Lies!

ALLEGATION #1 REFUTED: [Rowanne Brewer Lane] (Alleged Victim Defends Trump After New York Times Twists Her Words) -
4:38 -

ALLEGATION #2 REFUTED: [Jessica Leeds] Trump Camp Puts Forward Witness to Refute Sex Assault Claim

ALLEGATION #3 REFUTED [Jill Harth]: (Second Alleged Victim Offers To Help Trump Campaign Praising Him For His Positive Message Towards Women) -
29:55 -

Remember the Swiftboating of John Kerry in 2004 and the Project Veritas hidden cam expose showing a huge dirty tricks campaign by the DNC

Thanks to the Trump is Right blog for the story.

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US Election Rigging Confirmed By Court Cases. Michael Rivero

Why independent polls differ so much from US Corporate Media’s.
Guest's website:


Same Mini-Teleprompter Rigged Podium Used For Clinton In First And Third Debates

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Obama 2008 Ad "[Hillary Clinton] Will Say Anything and Change Nothing" - Plus Hillary is a Liar

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Decision 2016: A Guide for Hillary & Trump Voters

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Catherine Austin Fitts - Clintons Addicted to Privilege, Trump is Molotov Cocktail You Can Throw on Crooked System

So, what needs to be done to fix the economy? Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts contends, “The big issue in 2017 is how the government is going to get people to pay their taxes if the government is not viewed as legitimate? . . . We have a win/lose relationship between human productivity and labor productivity. If we want to get more labor productivity, and if we want a stronger stock market, then we need to change those models to win/win. The problem is you have folks like the Clintons who only know how to play in the win/lose model. They only know how to slap out government money, and they are deeply corrupt. They are very vested in the current model, and they don’t want to change. They think if you change the model, you are going to have to change to different kinds of people, which is true. You are going to need engineers instead of lawyers. They (Clintons) are not willing to change. They are not willing to bring more transparency to the system. They are basically addicted to privilege. The question is how do we change the leadership? It now appears the leadership is not willing to change without a crisis.”

Catherine Austin Fitts is voting for Trump.

(Expanded headline taken from Investmentwatchblog.)

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hillary’s War Crime — Paul Craig Roberts

Today, October 20, 2016, is the fifth anniversary of the murder of Muammar Gaddafi by forces organized and unleashed by US President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Remember the killer bitch’s performance, with gleeful laughter, on CBS “News”: “We came, we saw, he died.”

Muammar Gaddafi was the most progressive political leader in the world. Gaddafi used Libya’s oil wealth for the benefit of the Libyan people. He lived in a tent, a nice tent, but not in a palace, and he did not have collections of European exotic cars or any of the other paraphernalia associated with the ruling families in Saudi Arabia and the oil emirates that are Washington’s Middle Eastern allies.

In Libya, education, medical treatment, and electricity were free. Gasoline was practically free, selling for 14 US cents per litre. Women who gave birth were supported with cash grants and couples received cash grants upon marriage. Libya’s state bank provided loans without interest and provided free startup capital to farmers. 

Gaddafi’s independence from Washington is what brought him down. Earlier in life Gaddafi’s goal was to organize Arabs as a bloc that could withstand Western depredations. Frustrated, he turned to Pan-Africanism and refused to join the US Africa Command. He wanted to introduce a gold-based African currency that would free Africans from American financial hegemony.

Gaddafi had Chinese energy companies developing Libya’s energy resources. Washington, already upset with Russian presence in the Mediterranean, was now faced with Chinese presence as well. Washington concluded that Gaddafi was playing ball with the wrong people and that he had to go.

Washington organized mercenaries, termed them “rebels” as in Syria, and sicced them on Libya.  When it became clear that Gaddafi’s forces would prevail, Washington tricked naive and gullible Russian and Chinese governments and secured a UN no-fly zone over Libya to be enforced by NATO. The express purpose of the no-fly zone was to prevent Gaddafi from attacking civilian targets, which he was not doing. The real reason was to prevent a sovereign state from using its own air space so that the Libyan Air Force could not support the troops on the ground. Once the gullible Russians and Chinese failed to veto the Security Council’s action, the US and NATO themselves violated the resolution by using Western air power to attack Gaddafi’s forces, thus throwing the conflict to the CIA-organized mercenaries. Gaddafi was captured and brutally murdered. Ever since, Libya, formerly a prosperous and successful society, has been in chaos, which is where the Obama regime wanted it.

All sorts of lies were told about Gaddafi and Libya, just as lies were told about Saddam Hussein and are told today about Syria and Russia. A British Parliamentary Report concluded unambiguously that the Western peoples were fed lies by their governments in order to gain acceptance for the destruction of Libya, and that Libya was destroyed because Gaddafi was regarded as an obstacle to Western hegemony.

Note that none of the presstitutes have asked the killer bitch about her guilt under the Nuremburg laws for this war crime prepared on her watch. Note that the oligarchs who own the killer bitch and their press prostitutes intend to make this war criminal the next president of the United States.

Related Info with Rep Trey Gowdy talking about how no one was held to account about what happen in Benghazi, including the lie cover-up excuse about a violence inciting video:

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Donald Trump - GETTYSBURG - Trump Blows Your Mind In Six Minutes

Amazing how the real Donald Trump comes out, when he's not being interrupted constantly by paid hecklers, or totally biased Clinton Foundation worshiping moderators, or having his words taken out of context by a malicious press out to get Corrupt Hillary in at all costs. Hillary Clinton is too corrupt for my tastes. I respect Donald Trump's courage and tenacity throughout the election season, and he'll be getting my vote.

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SR1285 – Trump's Gettysburg Address - the 100-Day Plan

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Lindsey Bruce for Liberty Writers reports, Trey Gowdy is one of the few people left in our government who actually cares about finding the truth. When four brave men were killed in Benghazi, he stepped up and fought against a corrupt government and a corrupt media.

Hillary's own emails proved that she knew the attack was pre-planned and that it was not the result of a spontaneous protest because of a video. Nevertheless she lied by pushing the disinformation.

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Dear Mainstream Media

You fucking suck balls.


THIS is What Happens When You Tell the Truth About Hillary on MSM

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Media Exposed: Donald Trump Did NOT Make Fun of a Disabled Reporter

The truth about Donald Trump and his comments about reporter Serge Kovaleski.

This is a MUST SEE, MUST SHARE video that exposes how the dishonest media has unfairly vilified Trump. This example is a wake up call to all the other concocted material the media has pushed.

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5 Big Fat Lies Hillary Told at the Final Presidential Debate

We know, we know, there were more than five... but who wants to sit and listen to Hillary for 90 minutes to find them all? And if she lies this much in just one 90-minute discussion, can you imagine how many lies the American people will be subjected to in four years under Madam Hillary's rule?

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Jimmy Kimmel Children's Book for Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump Parody

Jimmy Kimmel sure likes to lampoon but only for one side, well we think fair play is called for in this election. We whipped up a little Children's Book of our own for everyone's favorite political gangster, ole Machine Gun Clinton.

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Keiser Report (E983): Double Government

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the 'double government' and the Wikileaks that exposed it to be true. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Dr. Michael Hudson about his new book, “J” is for Junk Economics and about the U.S. presidential candidates.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

From Anthrax to Iraq

Robbie Martin of joins us to talk about his research into the anthrax attacks of 2001. We discuss how false information claiming an Iraqi link to the attacks was sowed via the mainstream media and how the story largely disappeared when the anthrax traced back to the US government's own bioweapons labs. We also update the case and talk about some of the legitimate suspects in the attacks.

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The Video That Puts Hillary in Jail!

The classified email crimes of Hillary Clinton.

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Top 5 Clinton Scandals You’re Missing Due to Media Bias

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Identity Politics is the Left's Only Issue

Apparently, in America, accusations of prejudice weigh heavier than continuous policies of actually killing people.

It really is a rigged system. Hillary has backed one war after another, bailed out Wall street, aids Al Qaeda and ISIS and wastes trillions of dollars but none of that matters. Trump has been media branded as offensive and prejudice. Well I am offended by that prejudice. Who could take rude words to be worse than systematic killing sprees? Only a cult member could and that's what leftist are. They are the religion of virtue signaling, tolerant of death rape theft and lies. Just don't accuse them of an ism.

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Undercover Tape Shows Democrats Plotting To Cheat - Hannity (FULL SHOW 10/18/2016)

Undercover Tape Shows Democrats Plotting To... by debunkerbuster

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