Thursday, 13 July 2017

'Inane Nonsense’: Trump Jr. Releases Russian Lawyer Meeting Emails (Lionel)

The names Trump and Russia never seem to be out of the headlines, but now it's the president's son that the spotlight's turning on. It all concerns a meeting he held with a Russian lawyer during his father's election campaign.

There's still no evidence of collusion between the Russian Gov and the Trump campaign despite what the (lying) media is pushing. Lionel the Lawyer interviewed here points out that Trump people were meeting with all sorts at the time and that the Hillary campaign was also actively looking for dirt on Trump. The Russian contact had no ties with the Kremlin. Is it a crime for Russians to have ties to Russia? Regardless of what people assume, nothing illegal happened. Apparently this is an important story while ignoring ongoing war crimes, or going back to the election, the 33,000 mishandled emails with classified info and the cronyism/crookedness revealed in the leaked John Podesta emails.


The Donald Trump Jr "Scandal" of the New York Times Isn't a Scandal (Styx)

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