Monday, 17 July 2017

'911 Research for Grown Ups' - Ry

A good summary of the Saudi connections to the 911 hijackers with reference to the heavy CIA and Israeli involvement.

Note: Some viewers are likely to take issue with the narrator's slagging off against those who have focussed on the forensic evidence that proved the buildings in New York were brought down by controlled demolition. His negative reaction to the forensics is due to the heavy disinformation that has tried to obfuscate what is very clear cut evidence. If you don't fully understand or appreciate the validity of this evidence, and can't get over the obvious disinformation (plus those that are suckered by it), then having such a negative view on the material would not be surprising - especially if your area of expertise is in another field (official documents, open source [news] information).

However, for many with science or technical backgrounds, the basic physical observations provide the BEST and SIMPLEST proof to show the attacks were an inside job - that it was not simply a matter of "letting" Al Qaeda operatives do their dirty work. From that basis these people can go forward.

A real 'grown up' view would be to accept the valid work of groups like, comprising of scientists and engineers, whilst acknowledging disinformation, and then pushing the background information we have from FBI reports and other sources that show the Saudi and Israeli connections to 911 (acting in a complimentary fashion).

Ry should note that to counter disinformation on what happened at the Pentagon he (actually) released videos going through the forensic evidence, explaining the physics of what happened. He did this to dismiss the disinformation. The exact same thing is true of with the Twin Towers and Building 7. They cleared up what was true and what were misunderstandings.

Another thing is that even Richard Gage, the head of has acknowledged (somewhat) to the roles played by the CIA and the Israelis (he did so recently on the Richie Allen Show and in other instances), but has largely left that side to other researchers. Rather that fight each other people like Ry need to quit slagging off at the building forensics, since such behaviour alienates many people that would more support him, and continue his good work in pushing the role played by the neocons (drumming up an increasing number of allies along the way).

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