Tuesday, 27 June 2017

There IS A Conspiracy And We Better Wake Up To It - FAST (Icke)

Pointing out that there is an elite click at the top, the less than 1%, continuing to influence policy in a direction that funnels wealth to the top while depriving the less well off. Icke uses the example of The Hunger Games to show the direction in which things are headed - a high tech elite class, with everyone else impoverished and controlled within a police state. The less than adequate response to terrorism and a fractured society (via mass immigration) is intended to lead to a break down in Law and Order which invites a draconian response.

Things are being made worse, and at a certain point a huge economic depression (blamed on 'outside forces'?) will be the excuse to impose stricter controls (on the poor) and undermine small business in favour of massive corporate/State entities. People will be monitored for security reasons (in a world of constant terror attacks) while the State will manage the masses who are unemployed or stuck in lower paying jobs.

Another example of our future may be something seen in The Running Man (where there is a privileged upper Middle Class). Ultimately, a broad, thinking Middle Class is the enemy of the elites. Icke notes the UN's Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

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