Saturday, 11 March 2017

Turkish Military, FSA, Terrorists Capture, Mistreat Syrian Soldiers – Signs Of Coming Turkey-Syria Confrontation?

As Turkey marches forward in its plan to establish “Buffer Zones” in Syria, the nature of the Turkish-backed forces and the real purpose of the Turkish invasion are becoming more and more clear for all to see.

As many in the alternative media have realized for quite some time, Turkey’s military incursion into Syria is an attempt to establish the solidification of ISIS/terrorist staging grounds inside Syria as well as to prevent the solidification of Kurdish forces in both Syria and Turkey. While the mainstream media tends to present Turkish-backed forces as moderates fighting against ISIS, the truth is that the Turk-backed fighters are barely distinguishable from ISIS. In fact, in many cases, the groups are one in the same.

They do, however, provide a good pretext for claiming victories over ISIS, justifying, and maintaining a hold on territory seized by these terrorists after they have “driven out ISIS.”

Interestingly enough, Turkish-backed forces are reported by the Western mainstream corporate press as having doubled their ranks by conquering ISIS territory in Syria. Yet, in what other war does an army double its ranks simply by capturing territory? How would Turk-backed forces do so? That is, how would they do so unless ISIS fighters were joining their ranks as territory was “captured?”

Regardless, the nature of the Turkish-backed forces was recently put on display after the Turk-backed “Free Syrian Army,” along with a number of actual Turkish military forces, managed to capture a number of Syrian military soldiers after killing eight and wounding “tens” of soldiers. After capturing them, the coalition members then surrounded the Syrian soldiers, berating and slapping them throughout the course of the video along to the chant of “Allahu Akbar” so familiar to Neanderthal barbarians fighting against the Syrian government all across the country.

The Free Syrian Army, of course, is notorious for savagery and brutality as well as heinous war crimes despite being labeled “moderate” by the West.

The Turks need to get the hell out of Syria. If they remain the Russians should put sanctions on them or bomb them. The Turkish army is there uninvited and illegally. The Syrian State has a right to defend itself from military invasion:

Syrian War Report – March 10, 2017: Turkey Attacks Syrian Troops West Of Manbij  

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