Thursday, 9 March 2017

Drug Boss Escobar Worked for the CIA

The notorious cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar worked closely with the CIA, according to his son. In this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at the long history of CIA involvement in the international narcotics trade, beginning with its collaboration with the French Mafia to using drug money to illegally fund the Contras and overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. We also look at how drug profits are used to float Wall Street and the role big banks play in laundering huge amounts of illicit drug profits.

A must SEE video that provides a window into the heinously corrupted nature of the US intelligence (CIA) and banking system, with nods to corporate media corruption. This SHOULD be a red flag for anyone that (largely) accepts the superficial (and false) political views we see repeated on TV and in print. The clip here shows a severe level of corruption and cover-up.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 9th, 2017.]

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