Monday, 9 January 2017

How the Left Pushes Pedophilia - Rebel Media

There is something seriously wrong with these people. There can be no tolerance for such criminals. They need to be removed from society and the causes for such behaviour discovered so this doesn't reoccur.

To be fair, most of those on left would be against these pedos, although it seems like the 'normalisation' of this activity is being pushed within certain leftist circles.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 9th, 2017.]

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steven andresen said...

I don't think what happens on Fox gets to be called leftist, no matter who the producers or their relatives contribute money to during elections.

I don't watch Fox, so I can't be sure that the left had a chance to see or have a chance to comment on any of this programming.

It seems to me a stretch to blame or even connect the left to any of this pedophilia as targeted in this video.

I can understand the desire to smash up the left. After all, it would resist the nonsense that Trumpists would like to put forward. And so, I understand this as throwing caca to see if it'll stick.

I don't think so.