Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Donald Trump's Amazing CIA Speech CENSORED!!! [and Misunderstood]

The mainstream media is censoring and materially misrepresenting Donald Trump's epic speech at C.I.A. headquarters today in Langley, Virginia - where the President received a 5 minute standing ovation from members of the intel community. Here's what you need to know now.

Part of the CIA's primary mission is to control and influence the media. The CIA as a whole cannot be trusted - even by Trump who praises them here. This is why you must read between the lines when it comes to this address.

Remember, the media is also a creature owned by neocon/Zionist/Globalist(banking) interests and these hooks will be targeted by those loyal to the Trump Administration.

This trip of Trump to the Langley Headquarters looks like an effort to steer the rank and file away from their attacks on him, to help stop the media propaganda efforts.

Of extreme note was Trump's call for the people at the CIA to 'do the right thing'. He doesn't say this directly but he's calling on them to end their proxy war sponsorship of ISIS in the Middle East along with ending the domestic propaganda attacks on the President himself.

Trump  reminds the CIA, at the very start, that military leaders support him and that the new head of the CIA is one such person. The military is very much against ISIS, and Trump obviously wants the intelligence groups to fall into line on that issue.

And he gave them a big dose of American idealism too.


Trump Receives Standing Ovation After CIA Speech

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