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A Historical Overview of US Intelligence Activity in relation to Australia being part of this 'community': A Cautionary Message (Public Submission to 2017 Independent Intelligence Review)

Dear Intelligence Reviewers,

As you are probably aware, our intelligence agencies form part of a "community" where the leading nation is the USA. Because of our intimate connections to the US it is necessary for outside reviewers to have some understanding as to the nature of the US intelligence services (namely the activities of the CIA) by reviewing their known history.

Understanding what they do is vitally important to Australia's National Security because our country often partners with the US when it comes to war and other conflict-related activities. As will be shown, the real world actions of US intelligence groups indicate they do not necessarily have the best interests of the general population in mind. This is the environment our intelligence agencies work within:

The fundamental problem we face with the US alliance is threefold:

1. That: US intelligence does not always (often) operate in the best interests of the public but in geostrategic interests that benefit narrow special interest (often moneyed) groups whose objectives are to further their own power and profits (often at the expense of the general population both in the US and overseas).

2. That: US intelligence services lie about the above situation via omission and through misinformation conveyed by the (now highly concentrated) corporate media, the entertainment industry, by (grossly misinformed) politicians, and various (misinformed) academics who are often members of ideologically driven 'think tanks'. There is a massive advantage in using distorted information to achieve your goals as any student of the Second World War will remind you.

3. That: during the course of 'Protecting the Nation' and furthering the power of narrow special interest groups the intelligence agencies involve themselves in high level crimes and cover-ups which include coups, assassinations and illegal wars.

The following incidents are easily found in open source literature (namely mainstream scandals, inquiries, and declassified official documents) and will give an outline of known US intelligence activities from the 1950s up until a few years ago.

This list is intended to give a flavour of what really goes on (a reminder of real events), as opposed to what we have told to think.

While one might justify some of this activity as 'necessary measures' undertaken during the Cold War these examples prove that (unnecessary) wars, assassinations, and the murder of civilians are all techniques that we should expect to see continued into this present day. This what we are dealing with:

1953 Iran - Operation Ajax (CIA), the overthrow of the Mosaddegh Government via a coup to prevent the nationalisation of the country's oil, protecting the interests of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now BP).

1954 Guatemalan Coup (CIA), that protected the interests of the United Fruit Company of which CIA Director Allen Dulles had been a board member and still owned a large number of shares (there were numerous other ties - conflicts of interest - to the Eisenhower Administration).

1962 Operation Northwoods (US Joint Chief of Staff), a plan to stage various acts of false flag terror (covert operations) to be blamed on Cuba in order to justify an invasion of the Island (after the failed CIA Bay of Pigs invasion). The only reason the plan didn't go ahead is that the military was blocked by the President and the Secretary of Defence.

1950s-80s 'Operation Gladio' (CIA), that set up 'stay-behind' paramilitary forces intended to harass Soviet occupation forces in the event of an invasion. The issue here is that these networks were used to carry out or support terrorist attacks in Europe that could be blamed on leftist groups in order to keep them out of power. The intention was to undermine public support for Communist and Socialist groups. This is a clear example of false flag terrorism carried out by Western Intelligence that killed many innocent civilians.

1950s-70s Operation Mockingbird (CIA), a program that was used to influence the media in the US and overseas. It established connections to key journalists and news organisations in order to distort information, to report favourably when it came to US actions. This activity was an extension of the pre-CIA Office of Strategic Services which took on the role of the Office of Facts and Figures (OFF), which was later renamed as the Office of War Information (OWI) - they organised propaganda during World War 2. This valuable activity, of influencing public opinion, likely never shut down as recently evidenced by German journalist Udo Ulfkotte who stated in 2014 that he and many of his colleagues were still being paid by US intelligence sources.

1973 Chilean Coup (CIA), where the US engaged in open economic warfare and covert destabilisation methods, including supporting the military, in order to remove the socialist President Salvador Allende who died during the takeover.

1980s Iran-Contra Scandal (CIA), where support for the murderous Contra rebels in Nicaragua was continued covertly after Congress implemented a ban. Hearings into what happened also touched on evidence that drugs, such as cocaine, were being shipped out of the warzone and sold in the US in order to fund the continuing arms shipments. The goal was to overthrow the Socialist Sandinista Government.

1990s 'Gladio B' (CIA), where, according to FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, Muslim fighters were run by US intelligence services through contacts in Turkey in support of US destabilisation efforts in former Soviet block states such as Yogoslavia and Chechnya. Al Qaeda-linked individuals were involved in such actions such as Ayman al-Zawahiri. Of further interest is the fact that Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset used during the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan during the 1980s and reported still had contacts to US intelligence at the time of the September 11, 2001 attack on New York.

Early 2000s, Iraq War intelligence Lies (neocons, and select officials at the CIA, Pentagon), they deliberately distorted intelligence reports on Iraq's WMD capabilities and changed the conclusion of the now declassified October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq to say that Iraq was an "imminent threat" to the US. The unredacted NIE conclusion said that Iraq was only dangerous if attacked first. High level intelligence officials, who knew better, declined to blow the whistle on these lies at the time, although there were some dissenting voices lower down the ranks, notably ONA analyst Andrew Wilkie's resignation (in Australia) in protest of what was occurring. Further confirmation as to the deliberate nature of the WMD lies can be found from many later sources - notably the Downing Street Memos that stated "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" to attack Iraq.

2000s The NSA Wire Tapping Scandal (NSA), that revealed US intelligence agencies were recording not only global 'meta data' but also the content of the communications. This is an extension of the Cold War ECHELON electronic eavesdropping program.

2012 US Defence Intelligence Agency Report (involves the CIA) that stated "the West, Gulf Countries and Turkey" were actively supporting the insurgency in Syria where the leading fighting groups consisted of 'Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda in Iraq'. The report says that the motive was to block a Shiite alliance between Iran, Iraq and Syria. This report came out at a time when the US Government denied that the extremist groups were leading the fight in the Syrian War. The report also says the CIA was fully aware that weapons were being shipped out of NATO destroyed Libya into Syria [via Turkey] in a move that drastically escalated the war (and obviously benefitted the extremists). This story was completely ignored by the mainstream (Mockingbird?) media despite numerous attempts to broach the issue by independent journalists and bloggers. Only Al Jazeera and Russia Today, somewhat outside the Western mainstream sphere, repeatedly referred to the story - most notably the latter network.

There are two more general points to consider in terms of present day geopolitical facts on the ground, juxtaposed to what the intelligence experts, politicians and media portray:

1. That Russia is being vilified as the new enemy to serve neoconservative and military-corporate interests, to stop their intervention in Syria and justify US military budgets.

However, the Russian involvement in Syria is entirely legal, where their mission is to stop extremist forces from taking over the country - the same forces that have been supported by "the West, Gulf Countries and Turkey".

When it comes to Russian involvement in Ukraine the evidence shows that they reacted to a US-backed coup in Kiev. The head of the private intelligence group Stratfor described the situation as "the most blatant coup in history". The snipers that operated during the Maidan protests shot BOTH police and protesters, escalating the violence that lead to President Yanukovych's removal. The coup itself installed far right and known anti-Russian neo-Nazis into the parliament.

Anyone living outside the bubble of mainstream media reports can easily discover the truth about Russian "aggression" in Ukraine - from the idea that they annexed Crimea (it voted to join the Russian Federation), to the NATO claim that 40,000 Russian troops were on the Ukrainian border at the time - an NBC News crew toured (and filmed) the area, over the course of several days, and found nothing. Serious doubts also exists when it comes to the Western claims about the loss of MH17.

2.  When it comes to the functioning of the US Government serious attention needs to be directed to the claims made by NSA and FBI whistleblowers (Russell Tice and Sibel Edmonds) where they say the system is afflicted by corruption that involves large scale blackmailing.

According to these sources files are kept by the FBI, CIA and NSA on people in positions of power. Those within the judiciary, legislative and military are subject to surveillance where the promotion of corrupt individuals is favoured because they can be controlled by intelligence groups (and undoubtedly by Washington special interest groups in the loop). According to Russell Tice there was a surveillance file on Barack Obama before he ran for the Presidency - among other files on notable individuals. Of particular note is the recent trial of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert who admitted in court to being a child molester in 2016.

It is an open joke that the lobbying undertaken in Washington is 'legalised bribery' but the situation is much worse than described. Controlled individuals, especially the politicians (legislative) can be influenced into voting for war or passing laws that maximise corporate profits over the safety of the public (with worsening environmental laws or safety regulations).

Reviewers, this is the sort of situation we find ourselves in.

The bottom line is that the intelligence agencies and their proxies in the media, Hollywood, and academia routinely lie (including via omission) about what is really happening when it comes to 'power politics' and geopolitical events.

Today we are faced with unnecessary war, terrorism, and blanket surveillance which directly involves the actions of our intelligence agencies. We are part of this "community". 

This mess in which we find ourselves is a clear result of misinformation.

I have a note stuck to my computer that says "mainstream media facilitates mass murder". This is because the media is unwilling to remind the public of the facts I have just outlined.

You should not trust anything our intelligence officials say at face value - especially when it comes to wars and conflict. The interests of the public is put in jeopardy if left in the hands of these people. This is my cautionary message.

Thanks for Your Time,


Please note: I have over 10 years as a geopolitical news blogger/content editor, and more than 20 years evaluating aspects of US Government-involved corruption.


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