Friday, 2 December 2016

Trump Chooses Former Goldman Sachs Partner as Treasury Secretary

It all depends on how Trump uses the people he has picked, regardless of their backgrounds.

Thus far a number of his present picks are worrying. The assessment in this clip is good and worth considering - except that Patraeus is a bad choice since he worked with the Bush W neocons in trying to launch a war against Iran. The leaked October 2007 National Intelligence Estimate sunk these attempts. And General James Mattis is another 'interesting' choice for SecDef since he also wanted military confrontation with Iran.

One final point about Trump. Despite his rhetoric on certain issues, like Iran, he's shown himself to be deceptive in terms of his ultimate aims. If he is against war, then the issue about going after Iran might simply be cover while he removes support for the extremists in Syria. His rhetoric will keep the pro-Israeli (neocon) mafia happy.

The issue with Trump is, if he is not actually being controlled/blackmailed, that we do not know what he is actually going to do.

I would take Trump's pre-election personal views, the insight provided by some of his insiders like Roger Stone, and most of his original policy positions as his real objectives.

One must remember that Trump is now surrounded by many potential enemies and that he's pitted against a largely corrupt intelligence/special interest establishment.

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