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Propaganda Concerning the US Election and the War in Syria - A Letter to ABC Australia's 7:30 Program

You do realise that when it comes to the US election the people you are talking to are essentially establishment spin doctors - people who have had their heads in the political trough for decades - and that they are skewing what is really happening?

In an interview with the former Democrat Governor of Maryland (12/10) your guest put out the false canard that Trump had made racist comments concerning immigration, and that the net amount of people immigrating from Mexico was zero. Trump is talking about illegal immigration. Pointing out the real problems with illegal immigration and the violence brought by the drug gangs operating on the border is not racist. Please use this wiki entry as a basis for determining what is happening:

Also, Trump's comments about putting Hillary in jail are valid. It's not simply a bully boy threat.

What he actually said is that Hillary should have been locked up if we follow the same standards of Law concerning the handling of classified documents applied to everyone else. A 'lack of intent' to cause harm is not a defence, despite what FBI Director Comey stated. Both the specific wording of the Law, 18 U.S. Code § 793(f), and past precedent (see General Patraeus and Google the various whistleblowers who have been locked up), proves the argument.

And it's not just 'hardcore supporters' that support Trump. Trump has broad support among the population who dislike the establishment. Your guest's claim that people are not happy in the present 'recovery' because of stagnant wages growth, and the loss of some manufacturing jobs, hides the fact that the US never really recovered from the recession, and that real unemployment (according to is closer to 20% rather than 5%. Even the official U6 unemployment figure has the unemployment rate at 10%.

Ordinary people in the US are not completely stupid. They know it is a lie when the professional politicians (Congress has an approval rating of just 9%) are saying that things are going well.

Trump is promising a strategy to bring back outsourced jobs that includes imposing trade tariffs (the US already has tariffs on Chinese steel). All you have to do to understand why ordinary citizens are still supporting Trump, in large numbers, is to watch a number of his rallies and focus on what he is actually saying about the country and what he plans to do about it.

And consider that Trump holds multiple rallies daily that have upwards of 10,000 people in attendance. Juxtapose this with Hillary's infrequent rallies in which only a few hundred attend. Then consider what Trump's real support base is like compared to the mainstream media spin and their rigged polls (they have been caught rigging the polling). I recommend you examine this Bill Still You Tube report that cites the most accurate poll that got the last election results right:

Also, in terms of Trump's crass remarks about women. It is being dismissed by his broad support base (by people doing it tough in a run-down country), and juxtaposed to Hillary's actual crimes and the actions of Bill Clinton (who is essentially a sexual predator). You should watch the following analysis by video blogger Stefan Molyneux (who I personally don't like, but find much of his analysis sound):

Plus consider that Trump has the support of Bill Clinton's rape accusers:

Your US correspondent, Zoe Daniel, also distorts what is happening. It seems she is feeding off the US corporate media 'perspective'. She should know better because she is directly exposed to what is happening on the ground.

Recently she said that after the 2nd US Presidential debate Trump was essentially back to talking about himself. This is false. Although the manner in which he speaks does focus on himself (as the candidate) she leaves out the subjects he raises which are substantive. Unattached (to the establishment) economists like Dr Paul Craig Roberts support much of what he is saying about the US economy - an important part of his speeches.

This is the problem with your news coverage. You are simply regurgitating whatever the biased corporate media has to say about the election. You are omitting important facts. This is not good enough and you should know better. Don't forget the ABC's Code of Practice.

When it comes to the war in Syria you need to start reporting truthfully - that Assad is fighting against terrorist forces that are not secular, and not really moderate either.

When will you air stories that gives a balanced view of the war and exposes the propaganda cooked up by western media outlets?

I recommend you watch the following clip titled (and investigate the material cited):

URGENT: MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED...Before It's Too Late

And I highly recommend you see the interview with independent journalist Vanessa Beeley on what is happening in Aleppo:

I'm kinda getting sick of writing these corrections to the ABC that go unacknowledged. I am beginning to think you people are completely disingenuous when it comes to reporting accurately about world events.

You are picking sides over truth and not acknowledging that the corporate-media-political system we live in is broken.
Every opportunity I get I post information and comments online (via blogs, Facebook etc) that undermines the content appearing on ABC news. I have noticed recently that more and more people on social media are waking up. They are sharing independent media sources rather than content from the ABC or other mainstream networks.

You are fast becoming irrelevant and disrespected. This can change, but you need to correct your present 'journalistic' approach. Thanks for your time.

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