Sunday, 4 September 2016

Syrian War Report – September 1/2, 2016: Syrian Army Overruns Militant Defenses in Aleppo/Heavy Clashes in Northern Hama

The Syrian army and Hezbollah have destroyed some 20 militant vehicles heading to the Ramouseh Neighborhood with supplies and ammunition. According to unconfirmed reports, the recent clashes resulted in deaths of about 50 pro-government fighters and up to 100 militants. The Russian air support played an important role in the militant casualties.

The Syrian army has also liberated Souq al-Jibs. This success allows the pro-government forces to pose an additional threat to militants in the northern part of the 1070 Apartment Project.
Meanwhile, the Syrian army and Hezbollah has taken full control of the Air Force Technical Base. Developing this success, the Syrian government forces are advancing further on militants in the Ramouseh Artillery Base.

The liberation of the Air Force Technical Base is an important victory that in addition to cutting off the road to Khan Tuman poses a threat of reestablishing of the Aleppo pocket. In general, the recent developments in Aleppo city can be described as a tactical success of the pro-government forces that could lead to a strategic victory in the area.

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