Monday, 25 April 2016

WISCONSIN GOP PRIMARY 2016: Comparing Candidates’ Vote Shares in Hand- Counts versus Machine Counts (Vote Fraud)

The final results of the Wisconsin Republican Presidential Primary on April 5, 2016 were announced as Cruz 48.2%, Trump 35.1%, and Kasich 14.1%. Wisconsin is unique in that a Government Accountability Board, , makes available detailed information that defines how votes are tabulated at each precinct. In the following report, each candidate’s percentage from manually- counted votes were compared to those from machine- counted votes. The difference is shocking.

-In the 31 counties where hand counted and machine counted votes were used, Trump received 48.5% of the popular vote in hand- counted precincts (80,000 total votes) but only 42.7% of the machine-tabulated votes (130,000 votes total)- a loss of 5.8%! This shows that the machine counts are rigged to steal almost 6% from Trump and give to the other candidates.

More anomalies:

-In the 11 counties that use only hand- counted votes totaling 34,000, Donald Trump won EVERY county by an average o 14.7% (51.9%, Cruz 37.2 %, Kasich 10.5%).

- Cruz won ALL of the 11 largest counties with zero hand- counted ballots (53.1% to 34.2%) and 22 of the 30 by an average margin of 50.5% to 32.6% for Trump.

- Trump won EVERY county with at least 30% precincts that rely on hand- counted votes (29 counties) by an average of 49.2% to 39.0% over Cruz!* Although the official results show Cruz as narrowly winning Waushara and Grant Counties, detailed analysis in the supportive material shows Trump actually won both if the votes were had been honestly counted.
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