Tuesday, 28 July 2015

CrossTalk: Neocon Retreat?

As the Iran deal becomes a reality, Washington’s neoconservatives and their allies are bristling. A sanctioned and isolated Iran had long been one of their policy pillars. This is no longer the case. The neocon agenda has experienced a major setback. Is this a temporary reversal or a stunning defeat? CrossTalking with Fred Fleitz, David Swanson, and Brian Becker.

The Middle East in chaos is not a failure for the neocons but rather a desired outcome that divides and destroys the enemies of Israel. War and chaos also brings in money and power to the military-intelligence establishment.

And terrorist forces that run around the desert do not provide credible threats to neighbouring nation states.

The discussion in the clip centred on the recent Iranian nuclear energy deal. Even if the neocons can derail any agreements, Iran will simply move closer to Russia and China, with some countries in Europe splitting away. The US will find itself more and more isolated the longer these anti-Iranian shenanigans continue. The ultimate plan for the neocons is to destabilise and wreck Iran before this scenario, of diminished US-Isreali influence, plays out.

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