Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Declassified DIA Documents Confirm the Proxy War in Syria: A Letter Pressuring the Mainstream Media to Act Against the Conflict

The following Letter was sent to various media outlets in Australia in an effort to have them report on, and ultimately help stop, the Proxy War in Syria:


If you have not already done so, you need to report on the recently declassified US Defence Intelligence Agency documents, from Aug 2012, that reveal the leading fighting groups in Syria are 'Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda in Iraq', and that these extremists are supported by "the West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" - a direct quote.

This proxy war situation is something the alternative media has reported on since late 2011. I implore you to visit this link ( where you can see excerpts from the declassified material and consider that there would have been no rise of ISIS if not for this outside support. Furthermore, the proxy war explains the lack of any real action taken against ISIS today, with the phony air campaign doing little real damage (as opposed to the airstrikes we saw in Libya and the campaign in Yemen).

You, as journalists, can stop the fighting in the Middle East if you start to seriously investigate, and report to the public, what is occurring from a geopolitical perspective. The evidence is all around. Those in power don't care how many are killed (and those that do care feel it would be 'politically unwise' to speak out). What we've seen thus far, in terms of ISIS running amok, is no accident and simply serves the interests of the political elite ruling multiple countries in the region (and outside the region). Take action and stop these heinous 'games'.

Ps. The mainstream researchers and academics that have covered the conflict are not doing a good job and are part of the problem. I would be investigating why they have not given a straight story on the conflict, falling for the chemical weapons false flag attacks in Syria, whereas respected sections of the alternative media did not.

Please SHARE the content of the link above with the mainstream media and also on your social media networks. WE can stop the wars, but the truth must be pushed widely so that no one is left in the dark.

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