Sunday, 16 December 2012

Letter to Australian Media: Juxtaposing Corporate Media Sources with leading Alternative Media Sources

Dear ABC,

A great deal of your content is sourced from the relatively uncritical corporate press and state connected media, like the BBC - state media that also has close ties to the corporate world. One can image a bias creeping into news coverage and a lack of independence - just as we saw with the coverage over the lies concerning Iraq's WMDs. Today we face a similar situation with the rhetoric spewed forth about Iran.

Critical issues are simply not talked about - at least not in their proper context. I know this because independent online media sources, that have continued the tradition of investigative journalism, report on a number of matters that are MIA in the mainstream press. In the case of Iran all your news reports that feature Obama and sanctions should remind viewers that Iran is in full compliance with the IAEA and has done nothing outside what they are legally entitled to do.

In another example, thus time dealing with economics, many in the online press are not afraid to call the banking scandals - such as the LIBOR rigging, and the HSBC money laundering scam- criminal acts. Which they were. It is no good for the public to be treated to spin on this important issue.

Furthermore, the alternative media has also drawn attention to Obama's NDAA laws that allow indefinite detention without trial.

Clearly, the avoidance of these issues in the mainstream press represents a collective inability to tell the people the truth about matters that are clearly in the public interest (see your ABC Code of Practice) but are not in the interests of the big corporations or the military-security state.

Some of the ABC news producers and editors might want to look at the online 'alternative news media' competition. Various online news sources are soundly beating their mainstream competition. Two of the leading sites you should be aware of are: - a news and opinion/information site that regularly beats major US network online news editions and;

Russia Today - that, although it can be categorised as a 'state' media entity, has a great deal of independence and interaction with the alternative media. RT on You Tube is the number 1 news channel thanks to its critical views - most of it grounded in fact-based journalism, as opposed to simply airing the talking points of western politicians and/or western 'think-tanks' (or related academics).

The views of such news sources are refreshing and inspiring. Today I rarely visit ABC news sites because I know they are not providing accurate representations of what is going on out there. There is a huge geopolitical gap in your news reporting. People I have informed about the mainstream media 'problem' have also switched to alternative media sources. I even have my own blog I called SPOOKYWEATHER in which I post/paste stories I think are relevant to the public. It's an anti-war blog - like many thousands of others that have appeared in recent times.

Please make your news more relevant. The ABC does have the power to change events. You should use your power and simply report in more detail- and less superficially. Report news stories in context. For example, the armed groups in Syria have been funded and armed by the West since at least May 2011. Turkish newspapers have covered this issue (the whistleblower Sibel Edmonds reported on this). The violence in Syria is directly caused by Western intervention through training camps in Turkey. There is a propaganda campaign afoot just as we saw with Iraq.

Please consider what you are NOT doing.

ps. I'm posting this email to my blog. It'll appear in a few days time.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 16th, 2012.]

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