Monday, 20 August 2012

'US Classifies Torture & Punishes those who Tell the Truth'

Julian Assange's case has raised numerous concerns among journalists and activists who fear being prosecuted for doing their job. RT interviews author and journalist Naomi Wolf, who says the US government is especially tough on those exposing official wrongdoing.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 20th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


You would like to persuade people that there's something suspicious about the official story about 9-11. You want people to question whether or not they are being told the truth about a number of major stories going on in the world.

You want to do more than just 'preach to the choir,' as it is said, and get to people whom have not already questioned things.

In order to make people start thinking about these things you have been using RT (Russia Today) to present the 'left-wing' story about America that the American mainstream media has not been presenting.

From what I hear on "The Real News" , a Canadian version of RT, the Russian government prevents any discussion on RT of any criticism of Russia. In effect, it can only discuss the failings of the United States on RT.

This policy makes anything RT says suspect in the eyes of the very people you would like to see hear these stories and start to question what they hear from the MSM.

Why should an independent type person beliecve anything from a source that is dedicated to saying everything that's 'bad' about America? Why should they believe anything that "America haters" want to tell us?

This is to say that the Fox people pretend, at least, to be fair and balanced as a way of being reliable, whereas, the RT people don't even try.

I am very much interested in the stuff that RT puts out, but I am part of the choir.

The point being I guess that RT would be a more reliable news source for your purposes if they were allowed to discuss more than just the left wing critique of the US.


SpookyOne said...


I post RT because a lot of their stories address my anti-corruption concerns, rather than just a left point of view. The clips are short and very much to the point. They communicate certain issues clearly and that is why I favour them (+ they have excellent guests - US critics that PBS might have put on air ten years ago).

I hope that people watching these videos wil come away with a feeling they witnessed fair analyses rather than thinking they are looking at "biased" coverage.

If people chose not to look then I can't help them. I can try to pursuade them to look via the intro text, and my own comments, but I can't make them watch.

Yes, they are fairly soft on the problems of Russia. Almost every new source has its problems.


steven andresen said...


Again, I want to say that there are very few places whithin the United States where a leftish or even a moderate critique of U.S foreign and domestic politics is given a decent run for its money, and RT (Russia Today) is one of them

However, there is something not right about the Russians making this case for us.

It has to do with how easy it is for them to make this case, when they are, apparently, not allowed to mention the failings of Russian foreign and domestic policy.

I have just read the current article by Glenn Greenwald on this issue.

The issue for him involves easy but morally hypocritical it is to be an American and criticize the Russians for their treatment of dissenters. One of the reasons this is bad policy, and a sign of hypocracy, is in Chomsky's claim that one should only criticize one's own government or society because, presumably, as an American you can possibly be able to do something about te situation.

I think people ignore RT partly because they assume that RT will only say bad things about America. There is a presumed bias against the U.S. There is also the thought that they are somehow controlled too much by the Russian government, and so their reporting has lesser credibility.

So, even though I may think that it's only on RT that one can find the left wing argument succinctly stated by American critics, because it's on RT it will be unlikely that anyone but the choir will pay any attention to it.

So,l it's a mixed blessing.

I might think that the Russian government is doing its counterpart in the US government a favor by restricting what the RT reporters can say. Its actions make it easier to discount RT'c criticisms of American policy.

I have wondered about the fact that you use very few stories appearing on US networks. It's all foreign services.

I think the effect of this is to make the critique of American policy seem un-American.

I understand that the underlying problem is that American news and opinion is tightly controlled by a few companies and interests. And, none of these interests are wanting to provide any forceful criticism of what is being done in this country.

There is a conundrum, though.