Wednesday, 19 January 2011

US Military Stuck in Perpetual Warfare

Fifty years ago, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned United States citizens against the military industrial complex but it seems that warning was not taken to heart. Author Russ Baker says fifty years later, it is much worse than what Eisenhower warned against, it keeps us in a state of low grade panic all the time.

The guest here also mentions assassinations and mysterious deaths that surround the Washington power structure. A good interview, identifying key problems (ie media complicity) with a severely corrupted system.

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steven andresen said...


Baker mentioned at the beginning of his response more recent examples of strange deaths. Can you speak more about what he was talking about?

I remember there being a story about an unusually large number of strange deaths of microbiologists involved in biwarfare issues. This was around the time of 9-11. I wondered where that story was going to go as some people thought there could have been ties to the weaponized anthrax sent to congress-people and other stories about new forms of cholera in our bedclothes.

Puzzled in Portland...

SpookyOne said...


I have been following the news of these deaths on WhatReallyHappened in recent weeks.

It seems that people close the Bush Administration and/or the corrupt Washington power centre may have been knocked off. This might be an attempt to stop whistleblowing or it might be "politics" mafia style between different factions.

Check out this link on the recent death of John Wheeler, a Washington insider (read the comments):

Also the death of this woman connected to Rahm Emanuel (I believe the article does not state the connection but it was pointed out in a link at on Jan 10th):

Plus the shooting of the Congresswoman and Judge have stirred the pot here, even tho at present it seems the shooter could be a legit lone nut.
Coming after the John Wheeler death this caused some alarm and it was speculated it may have been an MKULTRA style operation with some programmed assassin.

I'm still concerned about the deaths of all those microbiologists too. I do not think it simply coincidental that so many have died recently.

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