Friday, 19 November 2010

Dr Kelly was Murdered: British Experts

Drugs experts leading an inquiry into the death of Britain's former weapons inspector in Iraq, David Kelly, say his death was “murder” and not suicide.

Experts also called on the police to launch a murder inquiry into Dr Kelly's death, casting serious doubt on the official claim the scientist overdosed on painkillers.

According to Dr Andrew Watt who is a top clinical pharmacologist, Kelly could have only take a “safe” dose of coproxamol painkiller tablets as there was so little of the substance in his blood after he died.

“I reported to the Thames [Valley Police] force that I believe that the death of Dr Kelly may have been murder. I have received an acknowledgement and they have given me an incident number,” Watt said

Dr Kelly was a weapons expert who was blowing the whistle on the false claims made about Iraq's WMDs. The critical point highlighted by his murder is that the underlying intelligence on Iraq's WMD capability was not "mistaken" or "faulty". The only thing that was at fault was the political impetus to misrepresent the intelligence so there could be a war. People on the inside knew Iraq had no significant biological, chemical or nuclear weapons capability and they silenced the dissenters.

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