Wednesday, 19 May 2010

RECAP: 9/11 Truth from Former Director of US ARMY War College

The game is up.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 19th, 2010.]


Faith-R-Michaels said...

Hey Spooky ..Nick wrote an article on this in detail and I am linking this to that for it is the perfect link to that ..come take a look in a few minutes... Your right the game is up!

SadEnding said...

BLAME THE JEWS! Ah, so easy and so convenient! Why didn't we think of this sooner! Oh, someone did!! Woo-hoo! Wouldn't think you morons would still fall for this but anything to distract people from the REAL CULPRITS, aye?

Blame the Jews. It's getting old.

Faith-R-Michaels said...

Who said anything about blaming Jewish people?????
We are certain that the Israeli government does not represent the majority of the Jewish people!
Just like American government does NOT represent the majority of American People.
For you Profjoe to state that we are blaming the Jewish people shows me that you have not read the hundreds of articles that connect certain people here in American government with certain folks in The Israeli one.. along with many other connections as well. For you to assign such a blanket statement blame to this subject, shows that you have not been reading our blogs or you would know that the statement you just made is a blatant lie.
I personally find the fact that you think and publicly state that we here on this blog are blaming Jewish people for 9/11 or any other thing offensive.
Since it is quite clear that by their actions, that governments do not represent the thoughts, feelings and morals of the people they govern .... then to say that Israeli government people and American government people had a hand in 9/11 and other false flag operations ect IS NOT BLAMING JEWISH PEOPLE..Do you think you can understand that???? or is that to difficult of a concept for you?

Faith-R-Michaels said...

And while I an at it and on this subject... I would defend a Jewish person,a Palestinian person, a Buddhist, a Christian,a Islams ,ect ect ect..right to exist and believe and live the way that is good for them as long as it does not deny the freedom of others to the death... Would you????

SadEnding said...

Wow. I shudder at your display of bragidocio and courage! You're the kind of man I admire, there's no doubt. A tough guy at a computer, completley hidden from view. Oh, yeah.

Well, I certainly seemed to have struck a chord here. Okay, assuming your vitriol is NOT against the Jewish PEOPLE, one thing you fail, and most anti-semites fail to recognize, is that, to put in the vernacular, Israel is OUR bitch, not the other way around. Without the West (U.S. and Britain) Israel would cease to exist on the maps of the world. Without the West, Israel would never have come into existence.

Israel exists for one reason and ONE reason only--as a "front man" for Western (non-Muslim, mostly US and British) interests in the Middle East (read: oil)

That Israel, or Mossad, or however you want to phrase it, was responsible for 9/11 is furthermore, so absurd that it defies rational thought. How did Mossad convince the US defense to stand down? Does Israel conrol NORAD as well?
How did they plant explosives in all three towers?
How did they cause the Pentagon, the most highly defended building on the planet, to be left open to attack?
Did they force to Bush administration to lie about air quality at Ground Zero, causing hundreds, maybe thousands of additional deaths?

Now, they may have helped out their pimps (US) but 9/11 was totally and completely a neo-con (Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolflowitz, etc) operation, a U.S. false flag operation.


So go ahead and try to hide your anti-semitism behind circular and evasive logic. I know who and what you really are.

SpookyOne said...

Thank you Faith !

I believe Profjoe needs to seriously rethink some of the assumptions he carries with him.

Profjoe, the sort of rhetoric put out by yourself here is extremely unhelpful to say the least. It reflects a superficial appraisal of the entire situation. [No offense intended here, but "superficial" is an accurate way of describing your reaction.]

Indeed, Profjoe, I find your comment about the "REAL CULPRITS" very curious. Please tell me who you think these might be ? I hope you don't seriously believe that WTC7 was brought down thanks to fire and/or the work of Bin Laden.

You should reflect upon the forensic evidence found at the crime scene, and the circumstances surrounding the appearance of molten steel, Thermite residue, high tech explosive fragments and the various physical characterists of the collapses themselves (not to mention eyewitness reports of explosions- esp those inside WTC7).

If you click on the 911 tag at this blog you should be able to understand that the official story is a lie and that large quantities of explosive/thermitic material were in effect on the buildings on 9/11/2001.

Please note, the evidence I have cited is scientific fact, not conjecture Profjoe. Furthermore, the likelihood that agents of foreign Governments (Mossad, ISI) were involved is astronomically high. You need to do some more research.

SpookyOne said...

To Profjoe,

I posted my first comment before you left your last comment. This is in reply to your 2nd unfounded attack.

Hey dude, you appear to be framing the discussion here towards a false belief that we think 911 was solely a Mossad operation and that we are anti-semitic. Well, obviously that is a crazy assumption to make.

You say that Israel is firmly under the control of the USA and that 911 was a Neocon operation through and through.

So who are the Neocons ??

Gee, they seem to go hand in glove with the Israeli right wingers who want control of the Middle East. They seem to have VERY similar agendas.

Any reader here can see that you are flying off the handle for no reason Profjoe!

Tone tone down your "anti-semitism" tirade. You are grossly oversimplifying things.

Quote: "Did they force to Bush administration to lie about air quality at Ground Zero, causing hundreds, maybe thousands of additional deaths?"

What the hell ? Of course not. We are talking about a hand in glove type thing. The whole operation would never have worked if not for the neocons and their agents.

Profjoe, your bad manners make you look like a troll trying to smear the reasonable comments made in the video.

Yeah right, I'm sure the Mossad had nothing to do with the operation ...

SadEnding said...

Oh, no! I'm being reprimanded for having bad manners by a courageous blogger! How will I sleep tonight?

Well, who can make sense of your rantings as to who was responsible for 9/11? Anyone? Mossad? Neocons? Israel?

Listen, gals, I'm a life-long NYC resident. I have spent the better part of five-years talking to first responders, firemen, engineers, chemists, etc, researching for myself, what happened on 9/11 and there is no doubt in my mind that it was the result of rogue elements withing OUR government. If agents of Israel, or Syria, or England, or Scotland, or Tierra Del Fuego were involved, well, I don't give a damn. All this talk about Mossad can have one result and ONE result only: to place the blame on Irael and to divert attention away from, as I said, the real culprits.

And, Faith, I would LOVE to read a piece by you condemning Israel for it's cruel treatment of Palestinians.

Okay, cyber-toughs. Bye for now.

Faith-R-Michaels said...

UHHH dude...I am a woman,not a man and I am most certainly not"hidden"
behind a keyboard. That assumption is ludicrous really.... and Israel is "your Bitch"???????
Wow. I am astonished at your presumption. You can call this anti-Semitic untill the cows come home as the old country saying here goes... and that will NOT make it so... I walk my talk brother and it seems to me that you are the one "hidden " and hiding here not me.
I have Jewish people I treasure in my family son; so do not dictate to me your erroneous presumptions.. and I would like to point out that you still have not answered my questions.

Faith-R-Michaels said...

The real culprits are walking hand in glove with each other..The People who call themselves NeoCons within the American government and actively call for a new world order instead of a global oneness... are the ones who gathered together the elements to deceive and among those elements were Israeli connections..either one can critically think or one cannot... and if someone cannot use their natural given brain skills to tell the difference between rogue governmental elements and and the People of a Nation.... then they "should get some learning" as the people of the street here would say.. so that they can understand the very clear difference between the two.

Among my family members are firefighters,first responders,paramedics,police officers,and I hear you there... but really you should read the blogs more often because if and when you do ,you will discover that blaming Jewish people ,nor Israel alone.... are what we are saying at all.

SpookyOne said...

To courageous "Profjoe",

Thus far it seems like evidence and logic is not your strong point.

You're still obfuscating valid lines of inquiry with false accusations of "anti-semitism" and now this: "Well, who can make sense of your rantings as to who was responsible for 9/11? Anyone? Mossad? Neocons? Israel?."

They are connected.

I have already gone some ways towards clarifying your confused outlook here. You don't seem to "get it."

It might help if you addressed my question as to who are the Neocons (the guys YOU finger as involved in the 911 crime)?

I provided a link to make it easy for you. Any reader watching the video at the link would understand that the Neocons and the Israeli rightwingers are intimately involved with each other in terms of a broader Middle East policy (including control of oil).

So now we have the role of the Mossad. You admit they could have been involved that "they may have helped out their pimps (US)" yet find it impossible that they could have been involved in the demolition of the WTC buildings.

You appear to have overlooked the fact that there were arrests of Israeli nationals shortly after the attacks, that some of them were in New York to "document" the 911 event. Some were driving around in vans packed with explosives according to reliable reports:

I'm sure you will claim there is not such thing as the Israeli Lobby in the US. That AIPAC is a "Bitch" to US politicians, and/or the military industrial complex.

If you believe that then we have a disinfo problem here. You forget that the internet educated generation will not be fooled by the spin you are pushing.

Note to Profjoe: So far you have not addressed any specific points of evidence put forth.

Tell me again, who are the "REAL CULPRITS" ?

Perhaps you can also tell me whether you agree that the WTC buildings were explosively demolished ? Are you a LIHOP fella ? Perhaps the whole attack was down to incompetence and the buildings fell over simply because of fires ?

Before you write anything more on Neocons or the Mossad, tell me about the forensic evidence we have from the WTC buildings.

Also Profjoe, you play very loose and inaccurate with your language/ terminology etc. You don't sound like any Professor I know of ...

Please be more specific and less general, or more to the point, stop confabulating different issues when answering. It will help if you do a bit more basic research.