Monday, 22 March 2010

Why the 911 False Flag Terror Operation has Failed

The staged attack against the World Trade Centre Buildings is the Achilles Heel of the entire 911 deception. The reason: there is obvious physical evidence proving that pre-positioned explosives brought down these buildings.

Although terrifying, the aircraft strikes and the subsequent fires (that constitute the official explanation for the "collapses") could NOT have caused these structures to disintegrate in the manner we observed. If we consider the World Trade Centre attacks dispassionately, it is clear that the Twin Towers were explosively pulverised from very early in their "collapses", whilst WTC7 fell at a freefall speed, exactly as if it had been professionally demolished. Such features are not possible unless explosives had been used.

Most critically, to the detriment of the official tale, we have a mountain of supporting forensic evidence (plus analysis) that requires only a basic level of scientific knowledge for people to realise the truth about the WTC attack.

The main obstacle to be overcome, in terms of understanding this material, is a psychological one.

Understandably most people carry a mental aversion to challenging information that does not fit with their strongly held beliefs or assumptions. When things extend well beyond one's own experience many will go out on a limb in order to deny clear evidence that undermines their present thinking. Such a reaction makes sense from a psychological perspective but it cannot be reasonably sustained in the face of overwhelming material evidence. This is why we see so many scientists and academics, people who are trained to be very skeptical of far fetched claims, coming to the sure realisation, after examining the evidence, that the 911 attacks HAD to have involved inside help.

In the case of September 11 the FORENSIC EVIDENCE proving the inside job is so strong that it's impossible to avoid and deny. As a consequence we now have thousands of educated people, from all over the world, who are now aware of the 911 lie.

For those involved in the crime and subsequent cover-up, we find that they continue to act as if they can bluff their way out of trouble via ridicule or obfuscation. They have miscalculated. In the past, where we might see similar inside crimes, maybe these people could have gotten away with such ploys- but not this time. This time they have overstepped the mark and face a mountain of unimpeachable evidence.

So, despite the best efforts of the official liars, and the complicity of a hostile and largely uninformed mainstream press, knowledge about the attacks continues to spread thanks to the freedom provided by the Internet. Sooner or later EVERYONE will come to realise what happened on 911 and action will be taken to rectify the current situation. The perpetrators of these treasonous attacks will not get away with their audacious crime. The 911 False Flag Terror Operation has Failed.

(To all 911 Truth Activists engaged in debating the doubters: Push the SIMPLE and straightforward forensic evidence, uncovered at the World Trade Centre site, of the Molten Steel, the Thermate explosive signature and the remains of actual high tech explosives which comprise the core scientific proof of the inside job. There is no way to reasonably counter this material.)

By Spookypunkos

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 22nd, 2010.]


steven andresen said...

Up till now, I thought the leading theories were either the "knew about it ahead of time and let it happen," or the "were in on it from the beginning, both planning and execution."

The business about the presence of explosives in the rubble allows for more, I think.

The Feds may have found out about the planting of the bombs and let it happen. Well, who planted the things?

Was it Arabs? I don't think they had access to the building,...I don't know for sure, but,..I doubt it.

Was it Israelis? I suspect they had better chances of access and better expertise in building demolition. Wouldn't it have taken serious experts to rig the things to come down so exactly in their footprint and so completely in small pieces...?

If it was the Israelis, then I can see why the Feds could not let this fact be known.

One could also see how the thing could be done without any story leaking out about it since then. All the technicians were taken out of the country and kept from speaking at that point.

There is some story out on about how the military now realizes that the Israelis did 9-11. This puzzles me. If the bombs in the buildings is a fact set in concrete. That's one part of the story, but, in order to camoflage that method of destruction there had to be some kind of alternative method that could be blamed on the Al Queda organization. And wouldn't the military have to have been in on that part of it. And wouyldn't they have had to know that it was all a fraud?

They had to have been in on the stand-down.

So, who could have rigged the explosives, when, and how?

Anonymous said...

thank u........................................

SpookyOne said...

Great comments !

Steven - you are right on the money. If you have been reading then you have a fair idea about what may have happened.

We know that the WTC was undergoing an elevator modernisation program in the months leading up to the attacks and that the security was being run by a company that included a member of the Bush crime family.

The buildings were essentially wide open.

If the bomb material was in a gel form then it could be mistaken as a insulating or fireproof type substance. Other forms of explosive could be disguised as anything from plaster sheeting to ceiling tiles to part of the electrical system. For instance, I could grab a block of C4 and put a cover on it with a label saying "danger electricity" or anything ... Only people who were looking in the box or specifically looking for explosives would recognise the item. If it looked similar to something else most people would not know what it really was.

According to various reports concerning the intelligence community, there is an understanding that 911 was a Mossad/CIA operation involving corrupt US generals and various neocons like Cheney, Rumsfeld etc.

Outside the intel world most people are not aware of the inside job- but more and more people are learning the truth. Ordinary folks in the military (including higher ranking officers) are starting to cotton on.

So what we have with 911 is a relatively small group of people organising the event from the highest levels and having the Al Qaeda cover story go into effect straight after it to stop people asking questions. The demolitions themselves were deceptive ones- most people did not recognise them because of the aircraft strikes and the fires, but from the explosive forensic evidence, and a fresh consideration of what we actually witnessed, it is clear what happened.

Also, people seeing the collapse of WTC7 would get suspicious immediately. Like myself - but only some years after believing the official account.

I still kick myself for my lack of knowledge (and lack of internet experience at the time) for not realising what happened much sooner.