Thursday, 31 December 2009

Mumbai Suspect is US Double Agent, India Claims

David Headley, a Pakistan-born American national arrested in Chicago in October, is alleged to have carried out reconnaissance missions in the run-up to the Mumbai attacks, in which 166 people were killed.

He is also believed to have been present in the terrorists' "control room" in Pakistan where their handlers directed the killing spree over an open telephone line.

According to Indian officials, Headley travelled to India again in March this year, with the knowledge of American agencies who did not inform their Indian counterparts. During the trip, Headley is alleged to have collected intelligence for future terrorist attacks on civilian and military targets, including India's National Defence College.

Indian officials are desperate to question Headley but have been frustrated by American refusals to grant them access. A team of Indian investigators travelled to Washington shortly after Headley was arrested in October but soon returned after their American counterparts told them they would not be able to meet him.

They want to question him about the Mumbai attacks involved Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency in any way and the role of Indian extremists in providing logistical support.

Notice that the Indian investigators, rather than simply focusing their case on the Pakistan connections, have followed the evidence and allowed for involvement of Indian extremists and intelligence agency meddling.

Considering this Headley suspect was a known drug informer (see later in the article), it makes perfect sense that he might have ties to the CIA, an organisation known for continued drug running. No wonder the Americans are not co-operating.

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