Saturday, 10 October 2009

UPDATE: Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth- More than 900* Building Experts say 911 was an Inside Job
More than Nine Hundred experts now say that the attacks on the World Trade Centre Towers (and Building 7) were an inside job.

The reason for such a position is clear: there is overwhelming forensic evidence that demonstrates explosives MUST have been used on the buildings.

The official lies about 911 cannot be allowed to stand. Exposing the truth is necessary to stop any further staged attacks that could be used as an excuse to clamp down on civil liberties or as an excuse for a new War verses countries such as Iran. We live in dangerous times and we need experts like these to help fight against the lies.

Go to the AE911truth website and sign their petition. Become a sustaining member and donate money to further their operations. Use PayPal and give 10 dollars a month (or more if you can afford it). Don't let the criminals win.

The analysis provided by these Architects and Engineers MUST be used by honourable Law Enforcement, Judicial and Military persons in actions against the real suspects. Don't let the perpetrators of 911 go unpunished- spread the word about September 11 being an inside job !

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, October 10th, 2009.]


Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Want to wake up American's to the truth of 9/11? Here's how......

Make it go viral! Thanks!

Daniel Bland

SpookyOne said...

That is very scientific. A test with regard to Flight 93, so we can compare the wreckage.

Why not ?

All we need is a 757. Not such a difficult thing, since there's a lot of them around !

Thanks for the comment !