Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Truth Behind Depleted Uranium (DU) Contamination and Its Usage

It is the type of testing carried out by UN, WHO and other Government agencies that gives rise to grave concerns as to the authenticity of the resultant reports especially in regard to the medical aspects of the tests. As I have previously reported, one method used is the ICRP Biokinetic Model which primarily is used in conjunction with "Heavy Dose of Radiation Contamination" It is totally Unsuitable for testing "Low Level Radiation" especially in cases of inhalation and ingestion by humans.

Major failings of all those involved in such investigations is evident, as well as their use (in some cases) of totally unsuitable or obsolete apparatus. I can repeat this story time and time again, as in the case of Afghanistan and Lebanon but to no avail.

The US, NATO and IDF deny the use of DU in both countries and yet the same evidence still keeps coming to the surface.

Depleted Uranium weapons must be banned immediately. The evidence that they pose serious health risks is overwhelming. The full article here also describes the "clean up" of an ammunition dump explosion in 1991 wherein they treated the debris and soil as if it was toxic waste.

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