Monday, 22 June 2009

Obama Now Resembles Bush

Certainly, some differences exist.

The Obama administration, for instance, has released documents on global warming from the Council on Environmental Quality that the Bush administration sought to suppress. Some questions, such as access to White House visitor logs, remain a work in progress.

On policies that are at the heart of presidential power and prerogatives, however, this administration's legal arguments have blended into the other. The persistence can reflect everything from institutional momentum and a quest for continuity to the clout of career employees.
The Bush White House sought to keep e-mails secret. The Obama White House has followed suit. The Bush White House sought to keep visitor logs secret. The Obama White House, so far, takes the same view.

Petaluma, Calif., resident Carolyn Jewel and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a legal activist group, sued the Bush administration over warrantless wiretaps. The Bush administration said that the lawsuit endangered national security. The Obama administration now agrees.

Some relatively superficial things have changed, but any changes that will focus attention on US officials that have acted criminally, are being resisted.

At the very top of the US political tree the "anointed" leaders are not beholden to the will of the people but to the will of the corporations and other elite groups who put them in these positions of power. You can't get into the top job without money. As a consequence Washington IS run by special interest groups who help "their" candidate get elected. This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

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