Thursday, 15 January 2009

Syria Blames Israeli Bombs for Uranium Traces

Syria's foreign minister suggested Wednesday that Israeli bombs may be the source of uranium traces that diplomats at the UN nuclear agency said were found at a suspected nuclear site.

Walid Moallem said the leaks by the diplomats about the traces found at the site that was targeted by Israeli warplanes in September 2007 were politically motivated and aimed at pressuring Syria.

"No one has ever asked himself what kind of Israeli bombs had hit the site, and what did they contain?" he went on, adding that the United States and Israel had "similar acts" of using bombs containing depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan.,7340,L-3622091,00.html

Mike Rivero at makes a good observation here:

A mass spectrometer will instantly determine if the traces of uranium are depleted (from an Israeli bomb) or enriched (Syrian reactor fuel).

It's more than likely that Depleted Uranium bunker buster bombs (GBU-28s) would have been used to breach the concrete walls of the building that was destroyed in Syria. Criminally these depleted uranium bombs cause radiological contamination of the target area. Iraq and Afghanistan have also been subject to these bombs, and heavy machine gun fire, repeating this process many thousands of times over.

This whole situation, the complacency and lack of understanding, is abysmal. Those countries using D.U. weapons must stop employing such devices immediately. Radiological contamination is a very serious issue. These materials remain extremely hazardous for THOUSANDS of years.

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