Saturday, 8 December 2007

House Judiciary Leader, Democrat Congressman John Conyers, Says 'NO' To Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

"There aren't the votes there, period," said Conyers, who was in Dearborn for the American Civil Liberties Union's annual dinner. "You need 218 in the House to impeach and 67 in the Senate to convict, and 218 and 67 just aren't there," he said, peering over his glasses.

Conyers is talking crap here. An impeachment investigation is held BEFORE there is a vote.

So what if the resolution is likely to be voted down ? The important thing is such investigations will expose the serious misconduct (crimes) that has occurred over the last 7 years. The American people are entitled to hear the evidence as the case is built during public hearings.

By doing nothing Bush and Cheney are getting a free ride with no one even attempting to hold them accountable or put them under the spotlight.

This lack of action goes to show that the Democrats, even the supposedly good ones, have no backbone. History will not look too kindly upon this episode in US politics.

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