Monday, 10 December 2007

Gates: Iran Causes Chaos ‘Everywhere’ it Turns

Pentagon chief Robert Gates lashed out at Iran on Saturday for seeking to cause chaos “everywhere you turn” regardless of the blood spilled and said its neighbors must demand that Tehran renounce any intention of pursuing nuclear weapons.

Unbelievable. It is the US that is causing chaos everywhere you turn.

The MSNBC article hides the fact that many Arab delegates strongly disagreed with the US Defence Secretary's views. Iran has not done anything overly destructive whereas the US has invaded 2 countries based on a pack of lies, these being Bin Laden's involvement in 911 (+ see here) and the threat from Iraq's non-existing Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Although not many in the audience would have been informed about the facts refuting the official story of 911 they would generally accept the position that the US had invaded Iraq under deliberately false pretenses.

And as for Iran, the US government and their submissive, largely uncritical, mainstream media has REPEATEDLY LIED about Ahmadinejad's comments on Israel, about Iran's involvement with the Improvised Explosive Devices used by the Iraqi insurgency, and about Iran's nuclear program in general.

Not all the delegates at this conference are fools for US propaganda.

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