Sunday, 28 October 2007

Questions Remain Over B-52 Nuclear Weapons Flight

The Air Force, following its "investigation," is saying the same thing it said before the investigation: it was all a big "mistake"-the result of "widespread disregard for the rules" regarding handling of nuclear weapons.

A few guys at Minot "inexplicably" screwed up and loaded the nukes and then there were a chain of mistakes because no one else treated the nuclear-tipped missiles as if they were armed with nuclear weapons.

The trouble with this theory, or story line if you will, is that while nobody at Minot, supposedly, noticed what was happening-even though ground crew workers spent eight hours laboring to get the pod with the six nuke-tipped missiles mounted on the plane's wing. This despite the warheads are clearly visible and identifiable by the silver coating they exhibit when viewed through a little window in each nosecone cover, and because there are red coverings on the nuke nosecones-once the plane got to Barksdale, the ground crew there, which had no reason on earth to suspect it was looking at nuclear warheads, spotted them immediately upon going to the plane.

I am posting this story in light of the fact that 911 was an inside Job.

We should be extremely worried at attempts to initiate another war against Iran- especially if the protagonists plan on using a nuke. Questions still remain as to whether 6 nukes were recovered at Berksdale as opposed to 5. I can only hope that all the weapons were accounted for.

This is why arresting Bush, Cheney and others for their crimes against Iraq (or as suspects in the 911 attacks) is vital in preventing further bloodshed.

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