Monday, 23 July 2007

USA set for Another 911 False Flag Catastrophe and/or Attack on Iran.

US neo-conservative leaders appear to have things set up for another, probably worse, 911-type false flag catastrophe. The following indicators are quite troubling and point to an new attack coming in the near future (which will probably blamed on Iran).

1. FEMA has recently established a number of detainment camps throughout the US, in preparation for any number of upheveals. According to the report, many camps are staffed and ready to go, although they lack inmates. In relation to this there are contingency plans for drafting American males into the armed forces in a time of crisis. Those that refuse would be subject to incarceration (jail) and could be sent to the FEMA camps. The key question is- why all this effort to build these empty camps unless someone plans to use them ?

2. US citizens protesting the Iraq War can now have their assets confiscated if they speak out thanks to new Executive Orders signed by President Bush. Previous Executive Orders have eliminated the right to a fair trial. Perhaps we will see War dissenters (along with draft resisters) sent to those FEMA camps, without trial, for an indefinite time.

3. Recently Vice President Dick Cheney and Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff have gone on record as saying they have fears and a "gut feeling" (Chertoff) that new terror attacks are likely this (northern) summer. The first attack (911) was an Inside Job, and it looks like we might be getting another. If there is going to be a new attack then these guys should know, especially Cheney. This time the fear mongering might be real considering the Executive Orders, the FEMA camps and the increased rhetoric against Iran.

Along with an attack on the US mainland, it is likely we will see a staged attack conducted on US warships in the Persian Gulf, that will be blamed on Iran.

To avert this crisis we need independent US Military, Judicial and Law Enforcement Chiefs to take action NOW and draw up a list of suspects- US neo-conservative officials including the President and Vice President, and certain US military officers - and hold them as Unlawful Enemy Combatants in relation to the terror attacks of 911. The US Constitution demands such action- defend your country against threats both foreign and domestic. This may be the only way in which to avoid the next 911 and a war with Iran.

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