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Dutch-led ‘Investigators’ Came With New Accusations Against Russia Over MH17 Tragedy

After failing to provide any comprehensive evidence that will allow to blame Russia for the MH17 tragedy, Western diplomats and ‘investigators’ have come with a fresh batch of PR tricks to picture the situation like they have some evidence.

On November 14, the Dutch-led joint investigative team (JIT) claimed that new recordings of intercepted telephone calls that show rebels in Ukraine requesting military support and political guidance from “high-ranking” Russian political figures in the period before the MH17 incident in eastern Ukraine.

The JIT claims that the aforementioned rebel leaders are linked to the MH17 tragedy. The suspects accused by the JIT are former Russina intelligence officer Igor “Strelkov” Girkin, Sergei Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov and Leonid Kharchenko.
“Recent analysis of witness statements and other information revealed that Russian influence on the DPR [the Donetsk People’s Republic] went beyond military support and that the ties between Russian officials and DPR leaders appear closer,” the JIT said.
“There was almost daily telephone contact between the leadership of the DPR and their contacts in the Russian Federation,” the JIT added. “They spoke with leaders in Moscow, near the border with Ukraine and in Crimea. Communication mostly took place via secure telephones provided by the Russian security service.”
At a weekly briefing in Moscow on November 14, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova questioned the JIT claims.
“What are they (the conclusions) based on? Publication of materials, some of which immediately turn out to be fake, and some of which don’t check out? We’ve been through this already,” she said.
Over the past years, the JIT and Western states, including the Netherlands, have demonstrated an unprecedented level of hypocrisy by manipulating facts and using rumors and fake news in an attempt to paint Russia is the side responsible for the MH17 shoot down.
On July 17, 2014, a Malaysian Boeing 777-200ER aircraft was conducting a scheduled passenger flight (MH17) from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. During a transit flight over the territory of Ukraine, the Ukrainian air traffic control charted the plane directly over the conflict zone between government forces and units of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.
At 13:20 UTC, the aircraft was shot down as a result of a fire damage from unidentified forces.
The Ukrainian side, with Western support, immediately blamed Russia for the incident. In turn, Malaysia, expresses deep concerns over the accusations against Russia and the course of the investigation.
In September 2019, the Netherlands even admitted that that it is not a neutral side and is not interested in an objective investigation of the MH17 tragedy.
It seems that from the very start, the Dutch government has been aware who was really responsible for the MH17 crash. Therefore, it has contributed every possible effort to distort the course of the investigation and hide key evidence related to the case. For instance, the Dutch side may have manipulated data from the MH17’s black boxes. According to an independent technical expert Yuri Antipov, “the Dutch are deceiving everyone by” wiping “the last seconds of the recording of this fundamental parameter.”

Under international law (as well as laws of a majority of the states), the concealment of facts related to the crime is a signal of complicity in the crime. The Dutch government, which is allegedly a neutral side in the MH17 case, is de-facto impeding the objective investigation of the tragedy.

In this situation, the Dutch-led JIT attempts to invent some fresh justification to its posture in the MH17 case. However, as it can be seen, once again the released “evidence” is barely related to the main question that should be asked: What side did shoot down the MH17 and what side was interested in it?

While the Russians did coordinate with the Donbass separatists and sent personnel into the conflict zone they had nothing to do with the shoot down of MH17. The forensic evidence points to an air-to-air missile strike (see link below). We can also show the bankruptcy of the Dutch led investigation since they ignored witnesses to military aircraft in the area, the damage to the airliner is obviously consistent with a small warhead, not a large BUK missile, that they used doctored footage of a BUK missile carrier, they used doctored audio from separatist fighters on the ground who only assumed they had shot down the aircraft, the debris from the claimed BUK missile was from Soviet inventory that never left the Ukraine while they claimed the murder missile system had crossed the border from Russia etc).

For extensive information on this matter visit this link:

RECAP: Debunking Russian Involvement in the MH17 Shootdown: Arms Manufacturer Almaz-Antey Delivers MH17 Report [ft. Additional Analysis, Evidence and Observations]

The best working hypothesis for what happened is that in the face of rebel successes in shooting down Ukrainian attack aircraft the Kiev Government decided to frame the rebels by shooting down an airliner to put international pressure on them. They likely used a MIG-29 that flew low on the Ukrainian side of the border, under Russian ground-based radar beams, that then looked upwards with its on board radar to paint the airliner against the sky. Shooting down the airliner would have been easy. The missile used was likely an R-27R, equipment that is currently produced in Ukraine.

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Trump To Steal Syria's Oil - Sowing The Seeds Of Blowback? (Liberty Report)

President Trump again swore yesterday that the US was in Syria to take its oil. Even as his staff scrambles for a more legal justification for the presence of US troops in the country. Meanwhile a new conservative veterans group is lobbying Washington with a simple demand: Bring Our Troops Home! Who will come out ahead?

Trump's 'get the oil' rhetoric is so transparent, and crazy, that it seems he is inviting people to criticise the illegal US occupation of Syria. His rhetoric is beyond stupid. My guess is that his talk is designed to put pressure on getting the US to withdraw from the country. A lot of the things he does actually makes him look like the neocons worst friend ever. It's just stupid stuff politically for them because it is blatantly truthful.

And Trump is not stupid. He realises the consequences of his actions.

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Syrian War Report – November 13, 2019: White Helmets Founder Dead, Israel Struck Damascus

The White Helmets co-founder and former MI-6 operative, James Le Mesurier was found dead near his home in the Beyo─člu district of the Turkish city of Istanbul on November 11. He was found with fractures to his head and legs, Turkish media say, and is believed to have fallen from his balcony. Le Mesurier received the Order of the British Empire from the British Queen in 2016. According to media reports, before the death the MI-6 operative was experiencing severe stress and was taking psychotropic drugs, including injections. The White Helmets “rescue organization”, notorious for its cooperation with al-Qaeda-linked militant groups and the involvement in chemical provocations in Syria.

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Even the Guardian Admits Mass Immigration is Killing the NHS (Sargon)

The Guardian gets based and redpilled.

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Keiser Report (E1462): Cash and Debt Pile

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss Warren Buffett’s $128 billion cash pile. In the second half, Max talks to Professor Steve Keen about the rapidly climbing pile of U.S. debt now over $23 trillion and whether or not it matters.

They point out that the stock market people usually celebrate market highs, but not this time. This time a number of these people are worried (because of the debt).

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There Is No Climate Crisis (Tony Heller)

There is no climate crisis. There is no ocean acidification crisis. The Extinction Rebellion is based on superstition, not science.

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MoonFaker: How Flat Earth Liars Mooned The Private Space Industry

Moonhoax proponents fighting against Flat Earthers.

The Flat Earth movement seems so stupid that the intelligent leaders of this idea must know that they are being dishonest. Like this is some form of deliberate disinformation program, which begs the question as to why would such an effort be necessary?

The solution to the moon landing debate would be to directly image the landing sites with Earth based telescopes. So far we can reasonably postulate that it is possible that all the NASA images could be fakes and we know the images of the landing sites from other countries do not show anything meaningful.

The Flat Earthers and like the 911 No Planes proponents.

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Friday, 15 November 2019

Ukraine 2016 Election Collusion Inches Closer to Obama White House

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the numerous, documented meetings between the Obama White and Ukraine-DNC consultants during the 2016 US presidential campaign.

Detailed visitor logs reveal that a Ukrainian expert Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor that was hired by the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election, visited the White House 27 times.

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Devon Nunes Sends a Clear Warning to Schiff and Pelosi

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Devon Nunes sending a clear message and warning to House Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the entire cast of "resistance", deep state characters, propagating the ridiculous Ukrainegate, Trump-Zelensky, transcript, impeachment hoax.

Another good video from The Duran going over the DETAILS and the CONTEXT that the MSM tends to omit - they, the MSM, just parrot what the Deep State globalist mafia pollies say.

If you don't take the time to check out these critiques and compare them with the MSM coverage (if you are following this) ... then you might be misinformed. This whole thing is a distraction to steer people away from real crimes and to protect CIA-connected political crooks. This does not mean the Trump gov does not consist of corporate cronies!

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Trump Impeachment Opposed by Swing State Voters in Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania

HA Goodman points out there is no evidence of ANY impeachable offense going from the hearsay testimony thus far presented. The accounts are second and third hand or worse. Furthermore, he points out that the hypocrisy in this case is important. Democrats, like Biden and Clinton, have actually done things that are criminal, or clearly worthy of criminal investigation, and yet nothing is being done. Yet with Trump we see a concocted case based on nothing pushed as 'evidence' of serious crimes.

Also, when it comes to what is happening now, Goodman points out that Trump should never have won. Everyone was against him. The media, the Deep State, everyone. And yet he won. Those (globalists) that wanted to install Hillary were not happy. They could have rigged the electronic voting machines to allow her to win (aka Bush v Kerry), but I suspect they didn't think it was necessary.

If you know people that don't know much about what is ACTUALLY happening with the impeachment, and most people don't (who watch MSM), then show them this video.

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Democrats Desperation Is Tearing Apart This Country, Today's Impeachment Hearings Are Proof (Tim Pool)

Democrats Desperation Is Tearing Apart This Country, Today's Impeachment Hearings Are Proof. Today was the first day of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. For the most part we learned very little other than unelected officials feel their opinion on foreign policy supersedes the president's. But we also learned that much of the testimony presented in the press is second, third, and even fourthhand information.

None of these witnesses have even talked to the president.

The Democrats will likely impeach Trump but the Senate will likely not convict. So what is the point of all of this? It seems the plan is to generate as much negative press about Trump as possible in the hopes people vote against him instead of for Democrats.

but if the impeachment goes to the senate for trial it means that many of the 2020 democrats will be pulled off the campaign trail and will be unable to present their ideas to the people. In a senate trial they won't even be able to speak.

Democrats are facing a huge backfire over this but it seems they think it is all worth it if the bad press helps them even a little bit. They are shaking confidence in our government all for a small chance at winning back some power in 2020.

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Media FINALLY Noticing WAVES Of Explosions Rocking Sweden, Ask Whats Going On??!

Sweden didn't have to bring in ANY of these people. Immigration is not a right.

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Do You Want to Eat Some Pesticide? - #PropagandaWatch

The propaganda shills of the corporate GMO frankenfood pushers are finally putting their mouth where their mouths are. How? By eating pesticide, of course! Get the skinny on this PR stunt and what it tells us about the nature of biotech propaganda on this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

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Absolute Proof Aliens Have Visited Earth! Part 2 of 3 - Translocation/Physically Missing Abductees

Sources/More Info:

Part 1:

Absolute Proof Aliens Have Visited Earth! Part 2 of 3 - Translocation/Physically Missing Abductees

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The NHS is Dying (Sargon)

Britain's #NHS is constantly underfunded and the services are failing. Why?

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The Chilling Reality Of Lying To Children - Tony Heller

Another video showing the systematic disinformation about climate being taught to schoolchildren. This time in Iceland.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Turkish-led Forces Resumed Advance In Northeastern Syria, War Report

Over the past days, Syria’s northeast has been the main point of instability in the war-torn country.
On November 10, the Turkish-backed coalition of militant groups, the Syrian National Army, announced that it was resuming it offensive in the area. The group justified this move by claiming that the Kurdish People Protection Units and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which are the core of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, violate the safe-zone agreement reached by Ankara and Moscow. According to the Turkish version of the events, Kurdish rebels did not fully with draw from the border area and continued attacks on positions of Turkish-led forces and civilians.


Syrian Democratic Forces' Short-Term Thinking Problem

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Bolivia Coup: Is Washington Pulling The Strings? (Liberty Report)

Does it seem like we've seen this movie before? Populist Latin American leader on the outs with Washington finds himself facing a coup? This time it's Bolivia's Evo Morales, who resigned the presidency on Sunday and was granted asylum by Mexico. Is Washington involved? And why bother with relatively unimportant Bolivia?

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Democrats Are Going INSANE Due To Politics, Survey Shows EVERYTHING Makes Them Angry (Tim Pool)

But the question is really about trust in media. Republicans are less angry because they just assume the news is fake mostly, Democrats believe it all and are being driven mad.

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Youtube Is OVER, New Terms Will Ban Channels For No Reason Or For Not Being "Commercially Viable" (Tim Pool)

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