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Political Collapse or War? - Paul Craig Roberts

Can the Epstein Pedophile Case Be Covered Up A Second Time? Or Will It Bring Down the American Political Establishment and that of the Western world, Or Will the Scandal Be Moved Aside By War With Iran? Will Israel Finally Get A US-Iran War?

We seem to face these dire alternatives, because the underage sex ring was created by Epstein for blackmail purposes by an intelligence service.  

How can the universal spying by the National Security Agency have failed to discover the pedophile ring and its espionage purpose?

Apparently, Acosta’s assigned role was to secure a conviction of Epstein while keeping the evidence out of court.

According to the Justice Integrity Project:

“New York Times, Acosta Resigns as Labor Secretary Over Epstein Plea Deal, Annie Karni, July 12, 2019. President Trump said Friday morning that R. Alexander Acosta, his embattled secretary of labor, will resign following controversy over a lenient plea deal he made with Jeffrey Epstein when he was a prosecutor in Florida.

“Mr. Trump made the announcement as he left the White House for travel to Milwaukee and Cleveland. Mr. Trump said Mr. Acosta called him this morning and that it was Mr. Acosta’s decision to resign. Acosta was plagued by controversy over a plea deal he made with Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of abusing dozens of underage girls.

“Under the Bush administration, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Alexander Acosta, arranged a sweetheart plea deal for Epstein, who pleaded guilty to state charges of solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution. The billionaire pervert served merely 13 months of a nighttime-only sentence in a minimum-security wing of the Palm Beach County prison for his felony guilty plea of soliciting prostitution from a minor. The New York Post reported (Massage Maven out of prison) that Epstein was permitted to have a mistress whom Epstein had described as his “sex slave” visit him in jail 67 times.

“Most shocking, Epstein was spared from any further Florida or federal charges. The non-prosecution agreement was approved by Acosta in coordination with Epstein’s high-powered legal team, which included Florida attorneys Jack Goldberger and Roy Black, Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz and former President Clinton’s Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who was dean of Pepperdine School of Law beginning in 2004.

“And, in yet another free ride for those VIPs who were present at Epstein’s orgies with underage girls, Acosta’s plea deal stipulated that neither Florida nor the federal government would charge anyone else for having sex with underage females. Normally, sweetheart plea deals are to encourage small fry to rat out higher-ups, not to protect everyone except one miscreant receiving a slap on the wrists.

“The honest police in West Palm Beach were so outraged by the sellout that they risked firing by anonymously posting on the web details (redacted to remove names) of the shocking specifics of Epstein’s crimes against the girls, who were primarily of junior high and high school age. WMR has inspected the court record in criminal and civil cases, and identified 104 separate “Jane Doe” victims of Epstein and his ring in one case alone.”


PCR asks a very good question.

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Trump Doubles Down and Suggests the Radical Dems Leave America (Styx)

He isn't a white nationalist, he's an American nationalist.

Sargon making some good points about this issue that captured the media and public's attention recently. His base and a lot of the US centre will agree with his nationalist bent (the Patriotic Americans).

The people seeing everything through the lens of identity politics are the real racist obsessed individuals in this debate.

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Trump's Statements Are Racist, But We Don't Know Why (Sargon)

Something something white supremacy.

This is another useful take on the issue from Sargon. Again he brings up a number of very good points. I personally believe that everyone should be treated the same. However in all countries there is such a thing as the dominant culture, and if you are not in it you are at a disadvantage (of sorts). However, through effort one can do better by joining the dominant culture, and via intelligence and skills. If one wants to have an intrinsic cultural advantage then stick to one's original culture. But, thankfully, we have a meritocracy in the West (but elsewhere as well) which generally helps people from different backgrounds

Best comments on You Tube:

Trump has targeted all people. He even told the pope to mind his own business

Doris Irene
It’s like those four absurd women CANNOT HEAR THEMSELVES SPEAKING. They have said the most racist things I’ve ever heard on media, period. Omar even intimated today that she doesn’t expect white folks to understand WHY the President is “racist”. If you switch the colors they use as adjectives, you get a sentence that hasn’t been uttered in polite public since George Wallace. It’s astounding.

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Trump Just Played Democrats And The Media Like A Fiddle (Tim Pool)

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Trump Is Trying to Force the Dems to Circle Wagons Around AOC, Tlaib, Omar, etc (Styx)

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Media Leftist Blames Democrats For Offensive Trump Tweet As Democrat Implosion Continues

wow  ... this is insane. This shows the corrosive nature of identity-politics political thinking. Trump throws gasoline on the fire.

Sargon also covered this matter:

Trump Flamethrowers AOC and the Progressive Democrats  

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The Myth of US Border Concentration Camps (Styx)

Styx giving a decades long history of the detention facilities, built after Bush W did nothing after Katrina, and used extensively during Obama's Admin, while attempted expansion and upgrades were recently blocked.

I personally know a number of working class migrants who HATE illegals because they worked hard to get into the country and they see all these other people getting a free ride (this is outside of the US).

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Democrats Preemptively Blaming Their Likely 2020 Loss on Sanders (Styx)

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RECAP: Debunking Russian Involvement in the MH17 Shootdown: Arms Manufacturer Almaz-Antey Delivers MH17 Report [ft. Additional Analysis, Evidence and Observations]

Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey is presenting the results of its probe into the alleged missile launch that may have downed the MH17 Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine, July 17, 2014.

These tests clearly refuted the 'Russian supplied BUK missile' hypothesis for the shoot-down, showing that if that type of missile (BUK-M1) hit at the angles observed in the wreckage of MH17, the damage should have been greater (1:03) and many distinctive 'butterfly' holes would have been present. Such holes were not observed. The presenters believed that only an older type of BUK missile, not used by Russia, may have been used.

It is more likely, considering the lack of penetrative power from the fragments in the MH17 debris, that another type of smaller missile was the candidate for the incident - perhaps an air-to-air weapon since military jets were seen by witnesses at the time of the attack:

The Dutch Safety Board presentation regarding this same incident (the 30 min video below) was extremely light on forensics (although they concur with the Russians on the location of the missile at the time of detonation). They did say that butterfly fragments had been taken out of some victims, but the question is, where are the butterfly patterns on the skin of the aircraft? The distinctive patterning seen in the Russian test was nowhere to be found.

Also, this Dutch presentation says there were no other aircraft on radar at the time of the incident, to rule out an air-to-air missile, whereas the Russians showed there were fighter sized targets on their scopes - backing up the witness reports that appeared in the BBC Russia news story (see the above video). And the Russians requested the US release their satellite images of the crime scene and Washington refused. The US satellite was right overhead at the time and would have easily seen the launch vehicle and the distinctive smoke trail from the missile. This smoke trail should have also been seen by witnesses for many miles around and would have appeared on cell phone videos and photographs - but wasn't.

We must remember that the Ukrainians, suspects in this crime, were party to the investigation. And regardless of whether or not you think Governments could lie about such things, we do have the problem of the forensic evidence. It doesn't matter what you assume - we have a fundamental issue with the raw data not matching the western account of what happened.

Related Info:

1. 'MH17 crash' test simulation video: Il-86 plane cockpit hit with BUK missile [where you can see the extent of the damage that would have occurred if MH17 was hit by a BUK at close range]

2. Ukrainian Government using doctored footage to show a BUK launcher in a 'rebel held' area [all such Ukrainian Government material, laundered on the internet, has been fraudulent in nature]:


Russian MoD Criticizes MH17 Investigation for Using Social Media, Not Witnesses (no missiles crossed the border and no missile launch took place on the Eastern side - MoD)

4. For further discussion and coverage of the shootdown including aspects of the cover-up search this site using the term MH17.

Key Articles:

Moscow Regrets ‘Baseless’ Accusations by International Probe Russian Military Complicit in MH17 Crash

Malaysian PM CRUSHES Dutch-led MH17 report, "no proof, only hearsay”

‘Politicised’ investigation of MH17: Malaysian PM says attempts to blame Russia Lack Proof

MH17 One Year On: What Really Happened and Why

Russia Didn't Do It - A Letter to Australian Senator Craig Kelly Over Comments Made About the MH17 Shoot Down

Pilots Heard Ukrainian Air Traffic Control Order MH17 to Change Route - Russia Accuses Kiev of Tampering with ATC Recordings

Russian Buk Missile Producer, Radar Producer Hold Presser on MH17

MH17: The Continuing Charade

MH17: Australia Say Russia Not To Blame, Evidence Tampered With

The MH17 Pilot’s Corpse: More on the Cover-Up

Dutch MH17 Investigation Omits US “Intel”

The DSB’s Own Report Confirms That MH17 Was NOT Downed by a BUK Missile – Latest Evidence

Calling Out Mainstream Media News on the MH17 Incident - A Letter to the Walkley Foundation

Serial Numbers of Missile that Downed MH17 Show it Was Owned by Ukraine - MoD

Ukrainian Government Offensive Blocks MH17 Investigation

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Documentary - Silenced: Flight 800 And The Subversion Of Justice

TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice. What really happened to TWA flight 800? This doc­u­men­tary displays that truth con­cern­ing the mys­te­ri­ous crash of TWA Flight 800 on Ju­ly 17, 1996. As you will see, Flight 800 was ac­tu­al­ly de­stroyed by a sur­face-​to-​air mis­sile. Ev­ery al­le­ga­tion made in this film is backed up with facts-​none more dra­mat­ic than those that come from the Fed­er­al gov­ern­ment it­self. You'll learn what the 736 of­fi­cial eye­wit­ness­es ac­tu­al­ly saw; why avi­a­tors re­ject the CIA "car­toon" ex­pla­na­tion; how the Feds crim­i­nal­ly sup­pressed re­port­ing; the crit­i­cal wit­ness draw­ings; the rigged NTSB hear­ings; the damn­ing radar da­ta and doc­u­men­ta­tion; the al­tered phys­i­cal ev­i­dence; un­de­ni­able proof of ex­plo­sive residue prov­ing a mis­sile strike; the sting­ing re­port from the ma­chin­ist union; and much more!

The linked video above provides clear evidence that the FBI, NTSB and US military worked to suppress any evidence that pointed to a missile causing the crash. The reason: It was no terrorist missile but an errant US Navy Missile(s).

The video ends by stating that a "mysterious" ship sped from the crash area following the shootdown. We now know that the mysterious ship(s) were US Navy warships that had been conducting missile tests in the area.


TWA Flight 800 Investigators Break Silence in New Documentary, Claim Original Conclusion About Cause of Crash is Wrong

TWA Flight 800: Response to Peter Goelz's Comments On CNN

TWA Flight 800 Independant Investigation (1999)

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Fire Conspiracy Theorists (Tony Heller)

US wildfire burn acreage is down 80% over the last eighty years. In this video, I show how climate alarmists have made up absurd excuses to ignore the inconvenient historical data.

Best comment at You Tube:

Smith-Mundt act of 1948 made it illegal for the US government to intentionally give bad information for propaganda purposes.
Then came the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. 2013 NDAA overturned a 64-year ban on the domestic dissemination of propaganda.

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Acosta vs Krischer: Untangling the Epstein, Palm Beach Plea Deal

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the resignation of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta on Friday, after receiving harsh criticism for his role in brokering a 2008 plea deal with registered sex-offender and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

According to Zerohedge ( Acosta held a press conference on Wednesday in which he suggested Epstein's deal was the fault of Florida state prosecutors, or possibly the judge, or anyone else but him - and that Epstein would have walked free without the deal he was behind.

Not true said former Palm Beach County state's attorney, Barry Krischer - who said that Acosta abandoned a 53-page federal indictment "after secret negotiations between Mr. Epstein's lawyers and Mr. Acosta."

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Concord Management and the End of Russiagate?

Don’t look now, but a federal judge in Washington, D.C., has just shut down half of Robert Mueller’s Russian-interference case.

In February 2018, the special prosecutor indicted a St. Petersburg troll farm called the Internet Research Agency along with two other companies, their owner, Yevgeniy Prigozhin, and 12 employees. The charge: fraud, traveling to the United States under false pretenses, and using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to “sow discord” and “interfere in US political and electoral processes without detection of their Russian affiliation.”

The charge was both legally dubious and heavy-handed, a case of using a sledge hammer to swat a fly. But Mueller went even further in his report, an expurgated version of which was made public in April. No longer just a Russian company, the IRA was now an arm of the Russian government. “[T]he Special Counsel’s investigation,” it declared on page one, “established that Russia interfered in the 2016 election principally through two operations. First, a Russian entity carried out a social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Second, a Russian intelligence service conducted computer-intrusion operations against entities, employees, and volunteers working in the Clinton campaign and then released stolen documents.”

“Prigozhin,” the report added, referring to the IRA owner, “is widely reported to have ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.” A few pages later, it said that the IRA’s efforts “constituted ‘active measures’ … a term that typically refers to operations conducted by Russian security services aimed at influencing the course of international affairs.”

Thus, the IRA played a major role in the vast Kremlin conspiracy to alter the outcome of the 2016 election and install Donald Trump in office. But now Judge Dabney Friedrich has ordered Mueller to stop pushing such stories because they’re unfair to Concord Management and Consulting, another Prigozhin company, which astonished the legal world in May 2018 by hiring an expensive Washington law firm and demanding its day in court.

Silent on IRA-Kremlin Connection

Contrary to internet chatter, Friedrich did not offer an opinion as to whether the IRA-Kremlin connection is true or false. Rather, she told the special prosecutor to keep quiet because such statements go beyond the scope of the original indictment and are therefore prejudicial to the defendant. But it may be a distinction without a difference since the only evidence that Mueller puts forth in the public version of his report is a New York Times article from February 2018 entitled “Yevgeny Prigozhin, Russian Oligarch Indicted by US, Is Known as ‘Putin’s Cook.’”

It’s a case of trial by press clip that should have been laughed out of court – and now, more or less, it is. Without the IRA, the only argument left in Mueller’s brief is that Russia stole some 28,000 emails and other electronic documents from Democratic National Committee computers and then passed them along to WikiLeaks, which published them to great fanfare in July 2016.

But as Consortium News pointed out the day the Mueller report came out, that’s dubious as well. [See “The ‘Guccifer 2.0’ Gaps in Mueller’s Full Report,” April 18.] The reason: it rests on a timeline that doesn’t make sense:
•June 12, 2016: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announces that “leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton” were on the way.
•June 15: Guccifer 2.0, allegedly a stand-in for Russian military intelligence, goes on line to claim credit for the hack.
•June 22: Guccifer and WikiLeaks establish contact.
•July 14: Guccifer sends WikiLeaks an encrypted file.
•July 18: WikiLeaks confirms that it’s opened it up.
•July 22: The group releases a giant email cache indicating that the DNC rigged the nominating process in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.

But why would Assange announce the leaked emails on June 12 before hearing from the source on June 22? Was he clairvoyant? Why would he release a massive file just eight days after receiving it and as a little as four days after opening it up? How could that be enough time to review the contents and ensure they were genuine? “If a single one of those emails had been shown to be maliciously altered,” blogger Mark F. McCarty points out, “WikiLeaks’s reputation would have been in tatters.” Quite right. So if Mueller’s chronology doesn’t hold up, then Assange’s original statement that “our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party” still stands – which it plainly does.

Going Up in Smoke

Bottom line: Russiagate is going up in smoke. The claim that Russian military intelligence fed thousands of emails to WikiLeaks doesn’t stand up to scrutiny while Mueller is not only unable to a prove a connection between the Internet Research Agency and the Kremlin but is barred from even discussing it, according to Friedrich’s ruling, without risking a charge of contempt. After 22 months of investigating the ins and outs of Russian interference, Mueller seems to have finally come up dry.

“Revenge of the oligarchs” might be a good headline for this story. The IRA indictment initially seemed to be a no-lose proposition for Mueller. He got to look good in the press, the media got to indulge in yet another round of Russia-bashing, while, best of all, no one had to prove a thing. “Mueller’s allegations will never be tested in court,” noted Andrew C. McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor turned pundit for the rightwing National Review. “That makes his indictment more a political statement than a charging instrument.”

Then came the unexpected. Concord Management hired Reed Smith, a top-flight law firm with offices around the world, and demanded to be heard. The move was “a real head-scratcher,” one Washington attorney told Buzzfeed, because Concord was beyond the reach of U.S. law and therefore had nothing to fear from an indictment and nothing to gain, apparently, from going to court. But then the firm demanded to exercise its right of discovery, meaning that it wanted access to Mueller’s immense investigative file. Blindsided, Mueller’s requested a delay “on the astonishing ground,” according to McCarthy, “that the defendant has not been properly served – notwithstanding that the defendant has shown up in court and asked to be arraigned.”

Prigozhin was forcing the special prosecutor to show what he’s got, McCarthy went on, at zero risk to himself since he was not on U.S. soil. What was once a no-lose proposition for Mueller was suddenly a no-lose proposition for Putin’s unexpectedly clever cook.

Now Mueller is in an even worse pickle because he’s barred from mentioning a major chunk of his report. What will he discuss if Democrats succeed in getting him to testify before the House intelligence and judiciary committees next week – the weather? If his team goes forward with the Concord prosecution, he’ll risk having to turn over sensitive information while involving himself in a legal tangle that could go on for years, all without any conceivable payoff. If he drops it, the upshot will be a public-relations disaster of the first order.

As skeptics have pointed out, the IRA’s social-media campaign was both more modest and more ineffectual then the Mueller report’s over-the-top language about a “sweeping and systematic” conspiracy would suggest. Yet after Facebook Vice President Rob Goldman tweeted that “the majority of the Russian ad spend happened AFTER the election,” he was forced to beg for forgiveness like a defendant in a Moscow show trial for daring to play down the magnitude of the crime.

But it wasn’t Goldman who shaved the truth. Rather, it was Mueller. Thanks to the unexpected appearance of Concord Management, he’s now paying the price.

Daniel Lazare is the author of “The Frozen Republic: How the Constitution Is Paralyzing Democracy” (Harcourt Brace, 1996) and other books about American politics. He has written for a wide variety of publications from The Nation to Le Monde Diplomatiqueand blogs about the Constitution and related matters at

If you even look at a Russian you are guilty of conspiring to overthrow the democratic process! All sides of corrupt US politics have had dealings with either the Russian Gov or corrupt oligarchs, in order to make a deal ($$$$$).... Trump's nationalist-pro military team is likely guilty of opening a back channel to Russia about the Ukraine sanctions (started by the obvious CIA-State dept coup) and the war in Syria, where General Flynn helped spill the beans on CIA-Turk-Saud support for ISIS, via their release of Defence Intelligence Agency documents. The US military was not too happy about having to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria where their allies, and the CIA were supporting them. Does anyone remember the CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya? Arms being shipped to terrorists in Syria? etc etc? Some people were pissed off. Not everyone in the Pentagon are pedo cover up artist intel spooks. Some people might have thought it was a good idea to end the conflict games with Russia.

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The Scam Of The Century - David Icke

Israel, Palestine, Jared Kushner, and the Trump Administration.

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Mixed News On Ebola Epidemic in Congo (Styx)

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Another Phony Scandal: Trump Organization Did Not Commit Campaign Finance Violations (Styx)

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Caution - High Fire Propaganda Danger (Tony Heller)

The US has many less forest fires than it did in pre-industrial times, or 90 years ago, or a decade ago. But fire makes for effective propaganda, and is useful for creating fear by climate charlatans.

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SCARLETT JOHANSSON attacked by “PC Culture,” and FIGHTS BACK. Get ‘em, girl! (CAPS)

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Oil Tanker War Between UK and Iran Reaches Dangerous Level

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the escalating oil tanker war that is playing out between the UK and Iran.

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Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists

In the 1st half I go over Epstein's Foundation and its investments into genomics and mapping the brain for AI.
Next I look at Robert Maxwell - father of Ghislaine Maxwell - who allegedly partnered with Epstein in business. What are the other Maxwell children up to now?
All of this is viewed through the lens of medical ethics and the cultural subversion that happened in the US starting right before the breakout of the second world war.

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