Thursday, 6 July 2017

Kiev Regime Conducted Special Operation to Destroy Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

The Sovershenno Secretno newspaper (Top Secret) continues its investigation into the crash of the  Malaysian Boeing over the Donbass. The newspaper has published another portion of documents that establish Kiev’s guilt in the tragedy.

Newspaper journalists have obtained a map, namely a secret flight plan, that was made and personally signed the day before the flight, on July 16, 2014, by the pilot of the 299th tactical aviation brigade, Captain Vladislav Voloshin. The plan was also approved by commander of the A4104 military unit, Colonel Gennady Dubovik.

Ukraine persistently claims that there was no military aircraft flying in the area the day when the tragedy occurred. Yet, the newly published documents prove that Ukrainian officials lie.

Pravda.Ru held a brief interview with Sergei Sokolov, editor-in-chief of the Sovershenno Secretno newspaper.

“This time, the material is very extensive, there are scanned copies of documents and transcripts of  conversations with pilots of the Ukrainian aviation. It became known that Ukraine was using its warplanes on the tragic day. What does the newly discovered information say?”

“These documents show that there were orders given to use combat aircraft. Conversations with servicemen of the Chuguev Airborne Division testified that there were sorties made. We try to be objective in this, but we know that the version promoted by the international commission in the Netherlands prevails. According to that version, it was a Russian Buk missile system that shot the plane down. We believe that this version of the investigation is biased and not credible, because the documents that we publish testify that there are other facts that need to be taken into account and carefully analyzed by the international commission in the Netherlands.”

Witnesses on the ground at the time of the shootdown saw military jets in the area plus the damage done to the aircraft is consistent with a small warhead and not from the larger BUK missile. The Russians appear to have been framed for this incident that led to sanctions placed upon the country. 

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