Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Word Islamophobia is Newspeak Nonsense - Styx

Why no paganphobia, hinduphobia, christophobia, or atheophobia?

This guy is a student of religion and is against zealots whether they are Christians or Islamists or whatever. He is making a good argument about how religious texts are being INTERPRETED in various parts of the world and within societies. It's worth taking a few minutes just to hear the argument here and then think about it. (Independent minds can consider various arguments and can come to their own conclusions.)

Styx also points out that many moderate Muslims are very conservative and if they were Christians, their beliefs would be met with disapproval.

The big problem in the West is that there is a fear (on the left) that if we try to address the real issue here we will encourage bigots and racists, and so little or nothing is done. Ultimately a solution to this mess, of dealing with an expanded number of religious zealots operating in Western society, will be ugly and may involve internment camps and mass deportations. A large, and violence-threatening, section of society that seeks, the overthrow of secular society (those supporting Sharia Laws) are seditious and must be countered.

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