Thursday, 25 May 2017

Deep State Cover-Ups, Conspiracies & Lies

Never before in our history has it been easier to spot the traitor's in our Government. The truth is that most of our Congress and Senate are threatened, blackmailed or on the payroll of big pharma, big banks, big oil, big Defense Firms or some other big conglomerate like Monsanto or GlaxoSmithKline. The food we eat is Genetically Modified and filled with poisons, Toxins and Carcinogens. A recent study determined that 80% of Processed food sold in the US would be banned in other countries. Activist Erin Brockovich recently said that there are over 100 cities who's Water supply is as bad or worse than Flint Michigan. Most Americans would be shocked to learn that $10 Trillion Dollars are missing at the Pentagon. No explanation has yet been given by our clueless politicians . These Congressmen and Senators don't write the bills they vote on and in most cases don't even read the bills before they vote.

Donald Trump is a Nationalist and is surrounded by Globalist Traitors. This is bigger than Democrat vs Republican. Many of the never Trumpers are Republicans who are for everything Trump is against. John McCain and Paul Ryan head a long list of Neo Con's and globalist trolls who represent a party that purports to advocate for strong border security, less gun control, stopping the flow of illegals/ refugees, Tax reform and less Federal Regulation and control over the American People.

The Republican leadership are unashamed globalist traitors. Paul Ryan has to go. He enthusiastically worked with Obama on his agenda and is clearly not on the same page as Trump or "We the People". There is much evidence that "Traitor" McCain runs ISIS to pursue regime change in Syria for his masters in Israel. Billions of barrels of Oil have been found in The Golan Heights on Syrian land stolen by Israel that they have no intention of ever returning. A never Trumper, McCain has masqueraded as a Republican for years and after 10 years of living in Arizona I didn't talk to a single person who supported him. McCain was formally reprimanded by his own party in Arizona in 2014 for his liberal voting record and working to closely with the Democrats. What does it say about a man whos own State Party thinks he's a rat.

I certainly don't support everything Trump has done. His pick for the FDA Dr Scott Gottlieb has a long relationship with GlaxoSmithKline and his frightening support of strict enforcement of State mandatory vaccination laws are unconstitutional and a violation of the Nuremberg Code. As I write this the State of Oregon is threatening forced spraying of Poisonous Glyphosate on the crops of Organic Farms and threatening them with a court order unless they comply. This is outrageous! Is Dr Gottlieb behind this?

What will Trumps pick for the FCC Ajit Pai do on Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality activists are calling for the FCC to ban Alternative News websites. Banning free speech is always a must in a totalitarian Police State. Trump is a big supporter of the Men in Blue but says nothing about the roughly thousand people a year murdered by the Police, Most of whom were unarmed and posed no threat. Oh and dopey Jeff Sessions wants to restart the War on Marijuana. He maintains there is no medical benefit from Cannabis in spite of the Government holding several Patents for for Medicinal Cannabis. Go back to the 50's Jeff. And earlier this year a number of Jewish groups were successful in persuading Amazon, the World's largest bookseller, to ban nearly a hundred books that they disapproved of. How can a people that represent less than 0.2% of the World's population have so much power over the rest of us?

We are at a dangerous crossroad in our country's history. Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich says the Deep State is out to destroy Trump. These Globalist scum and the illegal Aliens they are allowing to flood our borders, don't care one bit for the American People, traditions or our culture. Our Economy has shown little or no growth in years and is getting worse every day while we spend $150 billion a year on Illegals. Few understand how bad things have gotten. Our Congress has stolen trillions of Dollars from Social Security over the years and now our politicians tell us it is unsustainable.We are illegally spied on and lied to at every turn.

I don't trust Robert Mueller to do much but take a long time to do little or nothing. How will Trump govern in the middle of this circus of distractions? Mueller has long been thought of as a fixer for the Deep State, or as the great Journalist Sherman Skolnick called them The "Bush/Clinton Crime Family". Many people have accused him of cover-ups at Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City Bombing. Mueller also worked on covering up Bush Sr's involvement in the BCCI and BNL Banking Scandals as well as the Bush/Daniel Noriega criminality and the numerous cover ups before and after 911.

If James Comey had a mentor it would be Robert Mueller. They are cut from the same cloth. Comey's involvement in a number of cases are troubling. You Might recognize some of them. Whitewater, the Illegal surveillance on Americans, the Benghazi gun running, the Fast and Furious gun running, the IRS targeting of Conservatives and a dozen more. He worked as a Director at HSBC when they were caught laundering money for Drug Cartels, and most importantly refused to enforce existing Immigration Laws. James Comey lied to Congress and has been caught. Will this make any difference? Don't hold your breath. Traitor James Clapper lied to Congress about the illegal spying and it was no big deal. In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. The Fact that John McCain and Lindsey Graham approve of Mueller should give Patriots everywhere cause for concern.

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