Sunday, 1 January 2017

'It Would be Worse than a Nuclear Bomb': Allied Troops and ISIS battle for Collapsing Mosul Dam that Would Send 45-foot Tidal Wave Hundreds of Miles and Kill 1.5MILLION People if it Breaches

Allied troops and ISIS are set to battle for a collapsing dam that would spew nearly 600 times the water of the River Thames onto Mosul if it breaches.

Engineers from an Italian company have been tasked with fixing the Mosul Dam's foundations to stop more than 11 trillion litres of water (11.11 billion cubic metres) from flooding Mosul.

Experts are warning their work could be in vain, and should the catastrophe happen, it is estimated 1.5 million people could be killed by the floods in an impact described as 'worse than a nuclear bomb'.
The danger posed by the demolition of the Mosul dam has been known about for some time. If ISIS are the ruthless killers we know them to be, then they'll have already rigged the dam with many tons of explosives.

Stopping this action might require drastic measures. The only measure that might prevent such an action is a concentrated gas attack on the dam on a calm night followed up by the deployment of airborne troops to secure the area. Only the USA or Russia could successfully conduct such an operation.

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