Thursday, 15 December 2016

Syrian War Propaganda - Basic Facts to Counter Fake News (Professor Tim Anderson)

In 2016 an Australian academic released a book, The Dirty War on Syria, in which he deconstructed the propaganda surrounding the conflict. He explained that the conflict was a Proxy War and provided time lines and detailed information that thoroughly examined the situation on the ground.

To promote the book a series of articles appeared on the Global Research website. In these articles were info graphics that simply outlined what was going on. Three are reproduced here. They are valuable and worth sharing to social media to counter the pro-terrorist propaganda. The first info graphic is an overview of the war:

The second covers the truth about the various 'Government massacres of civilians' with a deconstruction of the 2012 Houla massacre that was actually carried out by terrorist forces:

The last graphic covers the truth about the Ghouta chemical weapons attack of August 2013, again carried out by terrorist forces and blamed on the Syrian Government:

Be aware that a key aspect of the war in Syria is the use of propaganda to facilitate it. Don't succumb to the lies. The terrorist 'activists' and their western partners have lied about the bombing of hospitals, and massacres and will continue to do so.

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