Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hillary and Green Party Move Forward to Try to Overturn Trump Election Results (and failing)

Jill Stein’s quixotic quest for relevance appears to have come to an end although the mainstream media will still push her efforts in an attempt to de-legitimize both Trump’s election & the Electoral College. We look at the failure of the short term tactic and the longer strategy as well as how the Electoral College stands as a firewall against corruption and concentration of power in a few large states.

Latest update on what is happening. A very good assessment that also goes into how election fraud is conducted in conducted in the US.


Trump Considering Bilderberg Globalist for Sec State

Note: Patraeus was also involved in Bush Administration lying about Iran when he was active in Iraq. His efforts, along with the Bush Administration neocons, were sunk in late 2007 when the intelligence community leaked their National Intelligence Estimate on Iran that said they didn't have a nuclear program and were not a threat to the USA. Earlier claims that Iran had been supplying weapons to the insurgents (namely shaped charge explosives) had been debunked when a number of factories making the explosives were discovered within the country.

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