Tuesday, 4 October 2016

CrossTalk on Russia-US Relations: Increased Tensions

Going from bad to even worse: The very strident and harsh rhetoric coming out of Washington and directed towards Russia is unprecedented. Bilateral relations have reached a dangerous low. What happens now? CrossTalking with Gilbert Doctorow, Brian Becker, and Daniel McAdams.

In relation to the war in Syria, I do not think that US officials are split on pushing the conflict. It seems likely they are playing 'good cop, bad cop' where the objective is the same. The differences are theatre. While the guests state that the Pentagon wants to further the war, Kerry also pushed outright lies when vilifying Assad about chemical weapons and barrel bombs.

In terms of the US election and Russia relations, it's quite probable that Russian aircraft will be targeted in Syria, or US troops or aircraft targeted in a false flag so that the US will be in direct conflict at the time of the election (Cold War barriers go up, a huge split in international relations, economic turmoil). If that happens then  Trump will be portrayed as a Russian sympathiser and the election will be rigged to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, October 4th, 2016.]

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