Tuesday, 27 September 2016

West Still Arming Al-Nusra in Syria, Peace Almost Impossible – Russia’s UN envoy

An emergency UN Security Council meeting on Syria has wrapped up in New York. It was requested by the United States, Britain and France amid the escalating conflict in the city of Aleppo. The meeting saw a heated exchange between the Russian and American envoys.

Western coverage of the war in Syria omit the actions of the extremist forces that are in control of East Aleppo. They are actively shelling Government areas. In response the Syrian Army is trying to destroy them. There is not an "indiscriminate attack" by the Syrian Government side against civilians as portrayed in the corporate mainstream media.

Furthermore, the Syrian Army offered surrender terms and safe passage out of the conflict zone for the militants operating in East Aleppo, which was refused.

Plus consider the conservative (non-conspiracy) Wikipedia page on the Battle of Aleppo. It names the opposition belligerents as the Free Syrian Army, and then lists all the other main groups which consist of extremists, who happen to work with the FSA (that the US openly supports).

The truth of the war is all about us, except that the mainstream western media appears deaf and blind to what is actually happening - strongly suggesting that 'our' media (at various levels) is operating as a propaganda tool for the criminal Governments supporting the terrorist forces.

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