Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Trump vs Hillary Neocon Clinton Debate Breakdown: Part 1 [Updated]

Good overall analysis.

One point about a minimum wage. Many countries have it, and it hasn't crushed job creation, otherwise this is a great deconstruction of the spin pushed by Hillary. He does also criticise Trump, but the real danger to wealth and peace comes from Hillary Clinton.

[Update] Many people do not fully understand why the US economy imploded and then failed to recover - it was mainly due to jobs outsourcing, combined with the housing bubble. Trump is correct with his approach to solving the lack of employment within US borders. It is wise to consider what economist Paul Craig Roberts has said when it comes to outsourcing:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses the decline of US economy

Note that the retention of internal productive activity, within national borders, is vital to creating and sustaining jobs. Profiteering, via outsourcing, only benefits a few. It is one thing to have cheap imported goods and another to have very few well paying jobs (or not enough jobs for the general population, ie high unemployment).

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