Thursday, 29 September 2016

Data Shows No Aerial Objects Approached MH17 from the East - Russian MoD

There are new details on the fate of the MH17 passenger jet accident, after Russia's Defence Ministry released radar data from the day of 2014 tragedy in Eastern Ukraine. According to the military, there's no evidence of a missile being fired at the plane from the territory controlled by anti-government forces.

This radar data is curious since it does not reveal evidence of a missile, where we have physical evidence from the crash site that shows the aircraft was hit by fragments from an explosive warhead.

The headline points out that no aerial objects approached the aircraft from the east. However, it says nothing about aerial objects approaching from other directions.

It is odd that there also no indications of other aircraft on this recording since multiple witnesses at the crash site reported seeing 'military jets' shortly after the wreckage came down - as reported by BBC Russia and denied by the Ukrainian Government.

A previous post on this site fully explored the evidence and concluded that the most likely scenario was that MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile:

Russian Arms Manufacturer Almaz-Antey Delivers MH17 Report [ft. Analysis and Observations]

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