Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Donald Trump in Perspective

Asian Americans Stump For Donald Trump | MSNBC:
Marty Yu 
I"m not pro-Clinton. I'm just less anti-Clinton than I am anti-Trump

Marty Yu 

But for the record, there is no reality where I could vote for someone who: - Centered a presidential campaign around building a wall on the Mexican border - Doesn’t believe human-caused climate change is real - Wants to repeal Dodd Frank, effectively deregulating Wall Street - Wants to dismantle the ACA, which has reduced the uninsured by 18 million, but has no alternate plan (replacing it with “something great” is not policy) - Wants to impose steep tariffs which will only serve to hurt the working poor and middle class, while starting a trade war with China - Wants to ban an entire religion from entering the US - Is anti-abortion - Believes in torture
My Response:

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