Friday, 22 April 2016

Still Report #805 - Trump Crushes in New York

The headline of the Drudge Report says it all. Trump Wins in a Landslide. In politics a landslide is a 10 point spread in vote percentages. A 55 to 45 win is a landslide. Well, Donald Trump crushed his competition yesterday in New York by a 36% margin, Trump 60.5%, Kasich 25%, and Ted Cruz 14.5%. As a result, Trump garnered 92 of New York’s 95 convention delegates, and Kasich got only 3. Ted Cruz got zero.
Trump now leads nearest competitor Ted Cruz by an 844 to 559 delegate margin.
The Trump margin of victory was so huge that it makes it a mathematical impossibility for the junior senator from Alberta, Canada to gain the nomination on the first ballot.

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