Saturday, 24 October 2015

CrossTalk on Syria: Sulking Superpower

The sulking empire: Washington’s Syria policy lies in tatters with the Russian military making short order of illegal groups and other foreign-paid terrorists. The West's so-called “moderates” are merely a rebranding trick. Today the Beltway political caste are no longer the wizards of the universe – should we cheer, or expect more irrational behavior from them? CrossTalking with Hafsa Kara Mustapha, George Szamuely, and Sam Husseini.

The US policy in the Middle East is entirely rational from a neocon perspective - that wants to see nations in that region dismembered. The goal is chaos, increasing terrorism, and war. This is done at the expense of US personnel and people living in the region. The main beneficiary is Israel because their Nation State enemies are erased and replaced by ragtag extremist groups that the USA pretends to attack. The US military-industrial-complex is happy with this ongoing situation because they have a replacement for the Cold War.

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