Saturday, 23 May 2015

CrossTalk: China’s South Sea?

Beijing and Washington are not mere ships passing each other in the South China Sea – they are the two countries vying to play the commanding role in Asia. While China seeks to redress what it sees as violations of its sovereignty, Washington does have policy options, but are any of them effective?
CrossTalking with Pepe Escobar, Zachary Keck and James Bradley.

The problem with China's expansion in the South China Sea is that it is infringing on the territory of its neighbouring countries. The very fact that it is 'making facts on the ground' via its actions does not make it right, anymore than what the west has done in the past.

Look at the map of the areas claimed by China. The are unfairly claiming territory off the coast of South Vietnam down to Malaysia, and territory right off the coast of the Philippines, in violation of accepted international conventions:

Nevertheless, despite the Chinese stepping on regional toes, the US military presence, as a 'protector of trade routes', could still be replaced by regional powers, including the Chinese, so long as they restrain themselves from making territorial grabs.

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