Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Weird Footage Prompts Claims of Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy

Why has the media reported that the police officer who was first on the scene of the Charlie Hebdo shooting was shot in the head when footage appears to suggest otherwise?

A round definitely struck the sidewalk but the question should be asked as to where the barrel was pointed when the AK was fired. Did the barrel point slightly ahead of the policeman, so the shot completely missed, or did the round travel through the victim?

There is an online video that points out the fact that an AK-47 uses a heavy 7.62 round that causes massive wounds. However, a common version of the AK-47 is the AK-74 that fires 5.45 round that causes less damage. If the barrel of the gun was pointed at the upper torso, and the round bounced off the spine, or another bone, then we may not see immediate signs of bleeding (or the bleed went mostly into the body cavity in the first seconds).

Regardless of whether this particular point of evidence was staged, the video here points out that a number of people were killed and that the whole incident was not faked as some have claimed. The question to be asked is who supported/facilitated these terrorists? Was there any involvement of intelligence agencies?

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