Wednesday, 27 August 2014

US Launches Surveillance Flights Over Syria: ISIS Eliminates Syrian Air Defenses

Right on schedule and as many researchers, including myself, predicted, the Western-backed and engineered rise of ISIS across Iraq and the most likely staged Foley beheading video is now being used as justification for the violation of Syrian airspace, itself only the precursor to “targeted airstrikes” inside Syria.

According to the New York Times, the Obama administration authorized surveillance flights over Syrian airspace over the weekend. Defense officials stated Monday evening that the US military is sending both manned and unmanned (drones) surveillance flights over Syrian territory. The drones will also be joined by U-2 spy planes.
Interestingly enough, the New York Times admits that the surveillance flights are the “precursor to potential airstrikes” in its own report on August 25, “Obama Authorizes Air Surveillance Of ISIS In Syria.”

In yet another example of
imperialist arrogance and lack of respect for Syria and the rest of the world, the administration stated that it did not intend to notify the Assad government of the surveillance flights.

For those who may not see the pattern – while the United States and NATO deliberated engaging in targeted airstrikes in Syria and the Syrian government subsequently states its opposition to those attacks and its intentions to shoot down the planes delivering those strikes if they do not coordinate with the Syrian government, death squads have effectively eliminated the air defense capability of the Syrian government in the east of the country.

After all, the Pentagon even stated that
one of the biggest threats to an airstrike operation in Syria is the Syrian government’s air defenses. Thanks to ISIS, those air defenses no longer exist in the east of Syria.

This was the end game of the ISIS battle to take over Taqba from the start – eliminate air defenses so that the NATO powers can launch airstrikes against the Syrian military and thus freeing up a launching pad for the terrorists to conduct attacks even deeper into Syria

The Western-Israeli plan has always been aimed at destroying the Syrian State. This is why there has been no real effort to bomb ISIS in Iraq, merely to contain them to the Western and Northern parts of the country. And considering the recent ISIS victories in Syria it is unlikely that there will be a direct US air bombardment - if there is it would more than likely target President Assad's forces than ISIS.

The deliberations in the mainstream media by the Obama Administration over whether to attack ISIS is theatre. ISIS is a tool of the Western military alliance. Their pick-up truck convoys could have been easily destroyed in the desert, but were not. There is no mystery as to what is occurring here.

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