Monday, 30 June 2014

The Truthseeker: Ukraine Gangster State Calls for 'Nuclear Strikes'

Parliament moves to quit Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; Nazis 'regular reconnaissance visits to nuclear power stations'; Billionaire governor, whose Privatbank is top recipient of new IMF bailout, being placed on international wanted list for 'banned methods of warfare and aggravated murder'.

The IMF is looting Ukraine on behalf corrupt murderous elites inside and outside of the country at the expense of the people. President Poroshenko is part of the process being crook himself. Once again the game being played comes down to stealing money and gaining power.

This is a very good episode that deals with the corrupt players connected to the Kiev Government and their association to the USA.

With crazed neo-Nazis running around Ukraine showing an interest in nuclear facilities plus bioweapons, the entire region is under threat.

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Unknown said...


I read an article in The Economist about the situation in the Ukraine. To the Economist's point of view, whatever the Russians say is propaganda and we, the American people, would be fools to believe any of it.

So, is all this argument about the Ukrainian elements expressing a desire to use nuclear weapons false and misleading used in order to counter what the west says about Ukraine?

Are there no facts about these supposed developments?


SpookyOne said...


The facts should be self evident to anyone closely following the crisis.

We have film showing what happened with the Odessa Massacre, we have websites and film showing that some of the people in the Kiev Government are actual neo-Nazis, we have leaked phone calls about nukes and the Maidan sniper attacks, we have on the record comments about ridding Ukraine of Russian speakers, we have the recorded speech of Victoria Nuland admitting the US had spent 5 billion on "democracy"programs in Ukraine, we have an NBC film crew report on the Crimean border showing no military activity revealing blatant NATO lies about that situation, and we have the mainstream chronological record about how the entire coup took place (barring the sniper attacks) that shows the actions in the East and Crimea are reactions to the right sector/oligarch coup in Kiev.

The Russians are not completely clean in all this I'm sure, since the pro-Moscow Yanukovych was corrupt and they are likely facilitating entry of fighters into the east of the country.

On balance, there is a lot more truth in the Russian account than the western account which is a huge distortion of the primary evidence. People who check western claims with raw information will find that the claims are most often inaccurate.

The Economist characterisation of events appears to be erroneous - at least from what you have reported. The term unfounded rhetoric springs to mind.

Yes, there are plenty of facts that support all the developments we've seen regarding Ukraine and they fall strongly in favour of the Russian account.