Friday, 30 May 2014

Pathetic Ukraine Interview by Tony Jones 28/5 - Another Complaint Letter to Australia's ABC News

Heinous misinformation has again appeared on the ABC's Lateline program, so ANOTHER email had to be sent. (please note, I'm responding to points raised in the interview which can be viewed here

The Letter:
The Interview with your Ukrainian guest was telling.

Tony Jones obviously had no knowledge of the events or background to what was happening politically in Kiev and just soaked up what was being said.

It really was pathetic.

In the interests of balance you need to interview a critic of the Kiev Government.

The man interviewed stated that he was a member of Yulia Tymoshenko's "Fatherland" party. These right leaning groups are connected to the same western sources that encouraged/facilitated the coup in Kiev. The alleged 'terrorists' in the East reacted to this coup because the interim Government contained right leaning anti-Russian individuals.

If you go to there is an article that explains the fact that there are neo-Nazi types within the present Government.
[Note this piece gets its facts wrong about the Russian intervention in Georgia and Crimea.]

The Defence Minister, one of those responsible for the attacks on Donetsk, is one of the extreme right 'bad guys' listed in the linked article.

The new Ukrainian President is just another pro-western stooge who seemingly lied to the voters when he said he wanted dialogue with the East of the country.

After all the mess initiated in Kiev, no wonder there are now fighters coming from outside the country siding with the indigenous separatist movement in the East. Interviews with the people in Donetsk and Odessa show that they are all aware of the extreme right influence in the capital.

Plus the rejection of Kiev in Crimea was legal according to International Law - as are the breakaway movements in the East of the country. The situation could be reversed through dialogue, and the removal of the right sector from the Government in Kiev.

The Lateline program, when it comes to reporting on the crisis in Kiev, at least on 28/5, was a joke. The host, Tony Jones was poorly briefed and the whole interview came across as anti-Russian propaganda - at least to the informed viewer.

Around the world people are awake to the Western media spin on Ukraine. Various German members of Parliament, and independent political commentators on both sides of the Atlantic are awake to what is going on. How can the ABC remain so ignorant of the political situation here ? Your interview was a disgrace.

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